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February 24, 2018, 09:51:54 PM


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Author Topic: Item Affix Randomizer (Bound Saves)  (Read 186 times)

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Item Affix Randomizer (Bound Saves)
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:32:37 PM »
Idea by *Yuki*:

Quote from: *Yuki*
Recently I got some new idea for fancy mod, but, at the very begining, I wanna ask: does item ID change, if you rebalance vanilla weps?

There is a deal - if you change something in vanilla stuff and then remove such mods - everything on you, that was changed, will be removed. I though about some sort of trick to avoid that - randomizer NPC.
Basically - he will have sort of stash. You put stuff in, press "lock in" button and it remember IDs of items, you put in (since locked, you cant retrieve your stuff back). Then you can press "randomize" button, that will give you items with same IDs, as locked stuff had, but stats will be generated from zero, like if you got another item of same type. So - theoretically, if you used to get rebalanced items with vanilla IDs, locked them in and then disabled mod, which used to alternate stats of your swags - your items wont vanish completely, just get different stats.

What do you think, guys? Will it go, or impossible, with current modding tools?

Quote from: *Yuki*
Quote from: steffire3
However this basically sounds like a Transmuter:


1 Mod Helmet = 1 Vanilla Helmet

Nope, concept is different.

In that case, you save in not whole item, but just its ID, which, if torchlight dont do some weird things with them, should remain same after disabling mod, that alters vanilla items (as so - you can put items into randomizer, lock them in, logout, disable mod, load game back and get items with same IDs from randomizer).

Problem is that I have no idea, if its possible. From what I heard from doudley, you can add some things to your character's savefile (basically thats how settings for different mods save). But what I described is kinda different, since it require you to save item IDs not into your character, but into NPC's pocket (which, I assume, belong to world). So - I have no idea, if it will work.

Quote from: *Yuki*
1. Some custom UI with few slots for items. You put your guns and armor there and can freely get back, until "lock" button is pressed.
2. Lock button. Basically what makes this concept. Once you press it, you cant get stuff from filled slots anymore. Since, technically, this NPC dont even have your items anymore. Instead, when you pressed button, it saved IDs of items, you put inside.
3. Randomize button. Stay inact, until you press lock button. Once everything is locked, you need to press it and in slots, filled before, will appear items with same IDs, as you thrown in. But stats and everything will be generated like if you got them from trader or found somewere (in short - be different)

= = =

My question is how viable is this plan and what issues or limits would have to be worked around?

Can items really be protected this way from bound character mod saves?

I feel this is basically about turning a modded affix into a vanilla one on the same item (save item ID?).
« Last Edit: February 21, 2018, 10:09:44 PM by steffire3 »
At this point after playing Torchlight 2 for 4 years original and modded... ignorant of mods and now wise with compatibility... the one thing I value the most-

-is being able to have "support" from the author of any mod.

I think the only advice I can give is that you don't burn yourself out. ^_^


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