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Title: Requesting a mod: anybody to help?
Post by: Giallo on February 01, 2019, 03:29:07 PM
is there any modder here that could do a mod for the 4 basic classes? I dont know if this is the right place to ask it, if not, Im sorry for mistake and will move the post.

This would be what I'm looking for:

This mod is intended to work with the "Class Skills as Spells" mod by RnF, here:

why keeping four classes? To have each one its own charge unique type, giving more build possibilities!

but why this mod?
I like the idea of generic classes, it expands a lot the possibilities in game. I was inspired by Classy Classes mod and Jack of All Trades mod.

I like the first one, as it is almost a new game, but it's not playable in multiplayer game, and that's a major down for me and my group of friends who enjoys these type of games most for the multiplayer part.
The second one mod of JoaT, it's pure genius, it makes torchlight anew again, really liking the skills as spells part, but the big limit of having 4 spells slots makes for very restricted builds.

My goal is to have best of both worlds. But I'm not a modder, at all. Though I like a lot theorycrafting and numbercrunching so I'm willing to commit my time to do a lot of graphs and tests, also I can convince my wife to play multiplayer games to do testings. And I would like to try playing TL2 again with this mod, I'm quite sure it will give new potential to the game

So, anyone who can do it? Or maybe someone with lot of free time to teach me? I have a fulltime job, and have a family so my scheduling can be busy, but I'm willing to commit and do it with anybody that will take his precious time to do the same.

These are the links for the two mods I'm refering:

Thank you very much for your time and effort reading this, and hopefully receiving an answer. I know you all people are really busy here and in life with other projects and, well, life in general. I appreciate your dedication to this game.

Title: Re: Requesting a mod: anybody to help?
Post by: lolesch on March 10, 2019, 08:22:07 AM
Hello @Giallo, I support your base Idea and its not that hard at all to realize...
To think ahead, you want to remove all active skills so fighting is weapon based only with the procs of passive skills, right?

I'm working on something similar but it will take more time to finish since I want to introduce several new passive skills and a therefore a much larger skills menu and such...
I can definitely help out when you get stuck but I suggest you try to step right in, starting with creating s merged skills menu and link that to the 4 classes. most of what you ask for can be done in the Unit - players - editor (e.g. removing active skills)