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Etherhead's Playground / Statistics Improved and MORE.
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:25:13 am »
What this means should be fairly apparent. I would like to add customized graphs, beta tested and working according to the community's likes. As a whole, this should prove to be more sweeping in change than at first it appeared. There isn't much I can do about the STAT POINT system. Although it can be edited, I prefer to leave it alone for the most part, and instead I want to focus on the graphs... Different MP, HP, and such for each class. That's one of the first things I want to do right now. Questions about how this is going should be discussed further. Please post your concerns and comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Also, remember, Castana may directly answer you. She is my only collaborator, and I will only allow contributions to be submitted. I am not taking any chances which may endanger the integrity of the Vast Improvement Project. Thank you for understanding.

If you're a beta tester, this board needs your input especially, and I will give you a discord rank over at which is the Permanent Grind discord channel, fitting of your title. Have a good one.


Etherhead's Playground / Embers of Twilight
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:12:55 am »
I am the author of a new mod called "Stats Improved +". That mod is going to be split between Embers of Twilight and Potions Improved +, because while it is a great mod, and my most popular, it doesn't mean "STAT POINTS IMPROVED," it means Statistics Improved... PLUS extra stuff. For instance, there are a lot of characters in Embers of Twilight which use the same graph/skills/weapons/so on and so on. They are merely placeholder character sheets for now, and I don't want to leave it unfinished. So, to go ahead with Embers of Twilight in its own Phase II - I do everything in Phases... I-III, and Steps - one of however many - now, Potent Potions will be a split mod, between a FIXED Potent Potions mod (using a separate, easy to understand graph instead of the horrible system now) and a Potent Potions Enhanced. Those two mods each will take me quite a few little tricky steps to get both right the way I'd like them to be. Potions need to be working in ALL mods I add them too, and very compatible. Therefore, this will be my first step! Right now, I am experimenting. Tonight, or rather, tomorrow night will be a big rollout of most of my mods, beginning a 4 step process of enhancing the game first, then I will gather what is working together and put them in an All-in-One.

That's about it. Check back for updates.

Etherhead's Playground / Order of Business
« on: July 21, 2017, 09:31:51 am »
I will outline a list of steps I am going to take here for you all to follow my progress.

The super mod project, VIP, or Vast Improvement Project - a long process - will be a larger mod than I at first thought it was going to be.

Where I started was in the charts, so that's where I am going to return right now. The Embers of Twilight mod is, itself, a large mod.
What I want to do is this: layout each and every individual class I have chosen, and start making custom charts for each of them.
Female players may have slightly different stats, as they grow in power, than male players (or characters, if you will).
Lastly, for the Embers of Twilight mod, it needs to be integrated with Potent Potions, which I will soon revisit, in order to correct a mistake I made as I was creating the Statistics Improved mod. Which is why Stats Improved + was a little newer as an idea, for me...

So, in the next topic, what I am going to do is lay out on the table all available ideas (or pieces of ideas) that I've got started so far.
This will go a long way in developing VIP as a whole.

Thoughts and ideas welcome! Testers needed. Encouragement always appreciated.


P.S. - Also, from now on, I will be gaining assistance from my lovely girlfriend, Castana. She is also a Super Mod, herself, on

Modding Questions / A Balancing Act...
« on: July 20, 2017, 06:36:21 am »
What do you guys know about the hierarchy editor?
The latest working build can be found here:

It's pretty straightforward, but what I'm trying to do with my hierarchy mod, is allow one player to exist in a hierarchy of classes, like a class tree. All I've managed to do so far is make one player another class... while this was interesting, he/she can only equip their own class items if that class IS their class, which ISN'T their character, currently, it's their CLASS character.

So, there are only 2 classes instead of 4 :( Unintentional, but maybe promising? Idk.

What I'm thinking is this...
I like the idea that Character-any can and will inherit properties of the Player-character-any-et c. above, if their Base file's base is that Player's Base's child... a "title" of a UNIT TYPE's Character, or "CLASS".

so, if this makes sense to ANY of you, would you think that I could take these UNITTYPE Files:
CLASS (Character)
GROUP (Type Guarantor)
TYPE(Class Inheritor)

and make something of them?

This is in addition to all the CLASS_CLASS unit types, such as BERSERKER_CLASS, BERSERKER_FEMALE...

Any idea?

If not, I hope to impress without needing help. At any rate, it's tough to imagine, easy to chart, and like second nature by now... just about to run through a first phase of integration.

Classes & Skills / Class Grouping
« on: July 19, 2017, 01:16:09 pm »
Well, I'm new on this board, and have never really scripted before. I have just created a trick of the trade. Instead of being one of four classes, in my Alpha called HIERARCHY, would you like to be a Magical Class? No problem, just choose Outlander or Embermage! Instead of being a magical character, would you enjoy taking on the big jobs and carrying the best weapons & armor in game? No problem! Just choose a Martial Class, either an Engineer or the Berserker. Either way, you can be Any Class! All with the click of a button. BUT! (and that's a big but), I need Beta testers in order to get through Phase II: including all the weapons currently in-game in this new mod. They all need to be either one, the other, a specific character's item requirement, or any (or no requirement). That takes time and attention from others' input driven comments. Please allow me time to get back to you as I think this mod idea is more than just a topic. It's a game changer!

For info, see:
&/or to be a Beta Tester, just shoot me a pm here on this forum.

So, how do you guys feel about this? Is this a good change to the game?
Would you like to see more? How about pics... and what of? New classes and such?

All right, in nomine pace.


Help Wanted / Vast Improvement Project
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:05:50 pm »
Hi there. I'm the creator/lead designer of the VIP which centers around a hardcore-veteran/elite experience and aims to make casual the new hard mode.

My main work can be found at
- and my project is linked below -

If you'd like to help, I'm looking for many different positions, but mainly a tester or three to take my girlfriend's position once she returns to college next month...
...I live in the United States. Please discuss things you like or concerns you have about my mod(s) below.


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