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Modding Discussions / Displaying a stat on a skill description
« on: March 18, 2015, 11:18:39 pm »
Ok, here is another question.

For item triggers, I can display a stat on the item by using this:


When I attempt to utilize the same method for a skill, it does not reveal the stat amount. It just says <stat:kingslayercount> in the skill description. Any ideas?

Wow I keep putting my posts in the wrong area. Oh well.

Modding Questions / Skill question
« on: March 18, 2015, 05:20:41 pm »
Ok, so I wanted to change one of my Myrmidon's skills to work as follows:

Marathon - Right click to run in target direction. As you run, your speed will continuously increase. Once you cease running, your next 15 attacks have their damage and speed increased by how far you ran.

Everything works perfectly except this one issue. In order to count the steps you take, I need to set the stat CHARACTER STEPS TAKEN to 0. I have set it up as a predefined int and it applies the bonuses at the end of the effect properly, but any attempts to set it to 0 or subtract numbers from it do not work.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Mythos - Public Board / Class: Myrmidon
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:51:02 pm »
Charge system: Hubris
Whenever a God skill is used, hubris is generated. As hubris increases, your hero gains additional benefits offensively and defensively. If hubris reaches max, your character is penalized and weakened drastically for one minute. Hubris does not decay over time but there is an innate % chance on killing enemies to reduce your hubris.
Lore: In Greek Mythology, Nemesis was the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the deities).

Skill Trees:

Focused around moving quickly.
Marathon- Runs in target direction. The speed at which you run increases the longer you hold this skill down. Once the run is terminated, the next 6-20 attacks will have their damage and speed increased by the distance you have run.
Arrogance- Toggle. Damage and attack speed are increased by move speed. Increases fumble chance by 25% and mana costs by 10%.
Vital strike- Has a chance to apply random status effects to targets (bleed, stun, blind, slow, reduce dmg, etc.).
Annihilate- Leap attack and stun. Damage increases the more run speed you have. Chance on kill to reset cooldown.
Charge- Dash attack that knocks enemies back. Increases damage the more run speed you have. Increases run speed for each unit killed.
Impale- Crit chance and crit damage increased massively for this attack. If enemy is killed, increases move speed for a short duration.
Wrath of titans- Toggle. Grow in size. Drastically increase physical damage and armor penetration. Every unit killed further increases the benefit of this ability while toggled on. Reduces armor and block by 25% and increases mana costs by 10%.
Praxis- Increases move speed modified by dexterity.  Chance on hit to increase dodge for a short duration. 
Heartseeker- Reduces fumble chance. Increase crit damage bonus. Chance on crit for an additional attack.
Might of Achilles- Dexterity now modifies damage and armor penetration. Increases damage by the number of enemies within proximity.

Focused around defense as offense.
Vengeance - Shield attack that deals damage modified by block and armor. Absorbs target's armor (stackable).
Perseverance- Timed. Adds trigger when crit, increase life regen and dodge (stackable).
Courage- Timed. Chance on hit to increase all armor and status resistances for a short duration (stackable).
Paragon - Toggle. Increases your damage by your armor. On block, increases your move speed for a short duration. Reduces crit chance and crit damage by 25% and increases mana costs by 10%.
Bulwark- Timed. Increases your block. On block, stuns enemy. Chance when hit to increase your armor for a short duration (stackable).
Radiance- Toggle. Adds trigger that on block, blinds enemies around you and deals aoe damage modified by block. Reduces move speed 10% and increases mana cost of other skills 10%.
Phalanx- Toggle. Increases physical armor and block. Adds missile reflect. Slows move speed 25% and increases mana cost of other skills10%. Grants a chance on block to counter attack and break enemy's shield.
Unstoppable- When hit, has a chance to increases physical armor for a short duration. Stackable. When hit, and below 15% life, increases health regen and dodge.
Veteran- Armor, max health and health regen are modified by Strength
Aegis- Armor types now modify DR of their corresponding types.

All God skills consume hp
Blessing of Artemis - 1 minute buff. Increases attack speed by 2-30%. Chance when crit to summon 1-5 hawks for 4-10 seconds that will attack enemies and attempt to blind them.
Blessing of Ares -  1 minute buff. Adds physical damage 1-15 and increases physical damage by 2-30%. Chance on kill to permanently increase the damage bonus of this skill.
Blessing of Athena - Charge up skill. Adds a damage absorbing shield and increases armor modified by how long charged up.
Blessing of Hephaestus - 1 minute buff. Adds fire damage 20-90 and increases fire damage 2-30%. Adds a chance on hit to explode the area with fire and knock enemies back.
Blessing of Poseidon - 1 minute buff. Adds ice damage 20-90 and increases ice damage by 2-30%. Adds a chance on hit to summon a whirlpool that stuns enemies around you and explodes after a few seconds, dealing additional damage.
Blessing of Hades - 1 minute buff. Adds 20-90 magical damage and increases magical damage 2-30%. Adds a chance on kill to resurrect a fallen myrmidon to assist you for 16-30 seconds. The Myrmidon gains new skills every 5 skill points invested.
Blessing of Zeus - 1 minute buff. Adds 20-90 electric damage and increases electric damage 2-30%. Adds a chance on block to summon a storm of lightning around you.
Blessing of Kratos - Attacks steal damage, crit chance, and crit damage from enemies. Stackable.
Blessing of Thanatos - % chance to perform a fatal blow to targets below a certain life %. Targets killed by this are resurrected to fight for you.
Blessing of Persephone - Harvests the souls from enemies slain. Grants +10 to your total hp and +1 to your total mana every 450-100 enemies slain (amount decreases as you invest points).

Mythos - Public Board / Mythos
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:49:22 pm »
Here's a brief summary of what I'm working on so far:

3 new classes:
1. Myrmidon
2. Einherjar
3. Pharaoh

New world beyond ACT4 that integrates an open-world concept (example: elder scrolls games) and incorporates 3 regions and their corresponding mythologies.
1. Midgard/Valhalla
2. Aegina/Olympus
3. Egypt/Duat

New items associated with the cultural mythology theme.

Decision making system that allows the player to affect the story and their position within it.

Story-Arc skill tree: Decisions/Quests in the story provide an ability to unlock skills on a unique skill tree. Not all options will be accessible and will be determined by a chosen path.

New item level-up system:
1. Certain 'Mythical' items will be given this property. Basically, the item has criteria it must achieve in order to level-up and obtain new stats (a modification of the augmentation system). Once the first level-up is a achieved, a new criteria is placed on the item in order to achieve the next level-up. There will be numerous types of criteria including but not limited to: kills, hits, crits, stuns, being hit, being crit, completion of certain quests, etc. Here are some image examples of a test item I previously posted some information about:

Images reveal random stat value properties as well. No item will have the exact same stats. Here's the initial item:

Mastery I achieved:

Mastery II achieved:

More regions and corresponding mythologies and mythological-based classes will be added later.

I originally had 4 classes and 4 regions, but with how slow my development has gone thus far, I trimmed it back a bit and put some other stuff off until later.

My intention is to get the classes finished up first and then begin working on the regions and stuff. I've already added about 30 new weapon models and a couple armor models into the mod as well.

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