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Weapons & Armor / How to change the scale of a weapon in GUTS
« on: April 06, 2017, 12:33:17 am »
I know this subject has come up a few times over the years.  Not sure I have seen a GUTS solution before so here it is.  This solution does not change the actual mesh file, I believe you would need 3D software for that.  It just creates a .layout file that will override the mesh file of the weapon.

Steps to increase the scale of a specific weapon in GUTS

1. Open Item Editor within GUTS - Find the item/weapon you want to scale

2. At the top left of the item editor, Click on the Magnifying Glass (Mesh Viewer)

3. Under the Properties area (right hand side) find the "Mutators" Options and change Scale X, Scale Y and Scale Z to what you want to resize

4. Save the file to your mod folder. This will create a .layout file that can be attached to the weapon that will replace the mesh file with the resized version.

5. Attach the new .layout file to the item in the Item Editor under the "Attached Layout" area with the media file path... ie MEDIA/MODELS/WEAPONS/AXES/AXE02.LAYOUT

6. Save the weapon. And you are done!

Screen shot of re-sized weapon done in this manner

Textures & Graphics / TL2 - Particles - Missiles - Resource
« on: March 28, 2017, 09:29:08 pm »

Particle Missile Resource

I recently started a particle missile resource for myself that I thought would be useful for other modders, so here it is! Hope someone else finds this useful.

Missile file paths can be hard to track down since the path folders/files names can be different than the Missile Name.  This resource will help you find where these files are, as well as being able to visualize what the missile effects look like.

All the videos are named with the correlating Missile Name, you will also see the file path at the top of the video where they can be found.

This is an ongoing project.

As of 3/28/2017 I have completed all the missiles located in the Media/Missiles/Monsters file path

I plan on doing all the missiles located in the Media/Missiles folders

Legendary Add-ons (LAO) 3.0 / Weapon Balance and Quality Differences
« on: February 17, 2017, 09:13:31 pm »
So one thing that is bugging me  about LAO III is that Normal, Magic and Unique weapons are useless vendor trash compared to the Legendary weapons.  I have nerfed them too much and made Legendary weapons too powerful.  Basically there are ton of items that will never be used because of this.

The way that items are set up is that with every quality increase (Normal > Magic > Unique > Legendary) there is a both a damage increase by increasing the damage rarity and an increase in the number of affixes that can spawn on items. 

For weapons, this weakens the lower tiers dramatically compared to the upper tears.  One good Legendary weapon will last 20+ levels or more.  Making it a waste of time to even look at lower tiered weapons.

With armor in LAO III, this is actually ok, because the differences are not as dramatic in most cases.  I find that I wear a pretty good balance of different tiered armor quality, even green items can be very useful especially with enchanting.  I look at every piece of armor before selling them... with weapons I just sell them off without needing to look because they are junk.

So here are my two main ideas on how to resolve this.

1. Set every weapon tier to have the same base Damage Rarity, essentially giving them all the same base damage.

2. The main difference then becoming how many affixes the items can have.  The higher the tier, the more affixes the items can have.

By doing this, it can potentially make every weapon useful to some degree at some point.  The way to improve weapon damage comes through higher level items (encouraging a player to progress further in the mod), affixes, enchanting, socketables, and stat investment.

This will also more than likely lead to an affix overhaul which I will most likely do at the same time. Taking some ideas from my item overhaul mod such as 1h weapons and 2h weapons being able to spawn different affixes.

I have other ideas, but this is what I will start with.

Before I add any more new weapons, I think I need to deal with this issue first.

Been working on Throwing Axes for LAO III, they are pretty much complete, have both 1h and 2h variations.  Used the TL1 1H Axes and 2H Polearms items.  They can "throw" a missile axe and swing like melee weapons.  Holding shift down will fire the "throwing missile", otherwise the character will use them like any other melee weapon.

I have decided to make them Dex based. 

With my Dexterity Ranged Damage Bonus I have added into LAO III, it should be a nice compliment for that Dex change.  Which brings up balance/overhaul issues for all weapons especially Claws and Polearms since most of them rely heavily on Dexterity.

I have figured out a way for items to be considered "ranged" and "melee" at the same time. This allows melee items to get a damage bonus for using the Dexterity Stat without breaking skills that require "melee" items.  It also adds a bit more variety in builds for players to go for to increase damage and not have to rely solely on Strength to do so.

To do this, I will need to restructure the stat requirements on most weapons.  This kind goes back to my item overhaul mod that was never finished.

Dexterity Based Weapons - All Strength/Focus stripped off and replaced with Dexterity/Vitality.
1H Throwing Axes
2h Throwing Axes

Strength Based Weapons - All Dexterity/Focus stripped off items and replaced with Strength/Vitality.
1H/2H Axes
1H/2H Swords
1H/2H Axes (non throwing)

Focus Based Weapons - All Strength/Dexterity stripped off and Replaced with Focus/Vitality.
Staffs (remove Melee weapon designation, add Ranged/Magic Designation)

I also plan on adding the following for Focus based weapons from TL1 items - casters don't really get a lot of weapon choices
Create 1H Ember Swords(1h swords that fire like a wand)
Create 1H Ember Maces (1h maces that fire like a wand)

Do you think this will be a problem for Outlanders or other classes, who need to invest highly in Dexterity to gain access to gear?  Without there being a flat damage increase per point investment like with Strength and Focus, Dex based builds will be at a disadvantage in damage output when needing 3000+ dexterity stat points to access high end gear. 

The two simplest ways to fix this would be

1. Apply a "free" +damage bonus affix on all ranged items that scales with item level to boost damage output.  Probably more balanced than option 2.  I can make a 1h version and a 2h version.

2. Increase Damage Rarity per item Tier (every 100 level increase) that basically increases damage on all ranged items. (easiest way by far)

Other possible fixes

3. Change Dex based weapons/armor to use Strength instead (my least preferred fix) and basically marginalizing the need to invest in Dexterity for any class.

4. Add a damage bonus to the Dexterity Stat like gytfunke did with my Item Patch mod I was working on.

Will I need to do something?

Mod Showcase / LAO III - Start at 100 - Addon
« on: January 16, 2017, 08:32:50 pm »
I released a companion mod for LAO III that starts a new character at level 100 and forces a current character to level 100.  This is for those who don't want to grind a character through the first 100 levels to reach the end game content. ----->> looking at you @Phanjam haha

This also starts dungeons at level 100 as if you were starting NG+3. 

There are so many NG+ levels to play through, this is my preferred method to reach LAO III end game content, especially when starting a new character ;)

This mod is is designed to be a companion addon mod for LAO III


Non Steam Version Here

LAO III must be installed to play with LAO III content.

- Load this above LAO III (otherwise dungeons will be level 1)

This mod will mark your character as a cheater
Reason - not enough game time/experience to be level 100

Mod Description
It provides a means for accessing end game content for LAO III right now, without needing to go through the grind of the first 100 levels.  There is plenty of grind left when making your way to Dungeon Level 999!

This also offers a different gaming experience by starting a game with very little to your name, at level 100.

There is a chest in the start area that drops basic normal gear, from there you will need to earn your gear! This a variation to the Adventurers Starting Gear mod originally made by Bandit

If you just want a level 100 character for testing builds, it works for this as well.

Your character will retain Level 100 if the mod is disabled, dungeons will be reset back to NG+0 levels though.

[h1]Mod Changes[/h1]
- Forces any character (new or current) to Level 100 as soon as a game is started either online or in singleplayer games.
- Starts game monsters/dungeons at Level 100
- Extends New Game Plus modes to NG+31 (to Level 999)
- Adds a chest to the start area with Normal Armor and Weapons as well as some potions

Mod Showcase / LAO III - The "Endless Game" Mod
« on: January 13, 2017, 05:02:40 am »
Mod Downloads
Part 1 - Steam
Part 2 - Steam
Part 1 and 2 - Non Steam

Companion Mod
Unearthed Arcana

Start at Level 100
Non Steam

XP Penatly Added Back In
Non Steam

Stats Overhaul - BETA
Non Steam

Mod Description

LAO III extends ITEMS to 999 and DUNGEONS to Level 999 plus it enhances game play difficulty and adds some game balancing.

The mod has two parts - mainly to help reduce load times
Part 1 extends Items to level 499
Part 2 extends Items from level 500 to 999

Part 2 is NOT required to play Part 1
Part 1 IS required to play Part 2

*Max Character level is NOT extended beyond 100, doing so breaks multiplayer.

WARNING - This mod will bind to your character and mark you as a cheater

Mod Load Order
LAO III Part 1
LAO III Part 2
Unearthed Arcana

- IF you want to change something with LAO III, place those mods above LAO III

For Best game play experience play with the Unearthed Arcana Mod made by DeeZire

DOWNLOAD Unearthed Arcana

I DO NOT recommend playing with Synergies or Torchlight Essentials

 **This mod can take a couple minutes to load based on your computer, it is normal**
LAO III is also NOT compatible with any of my other LAO mods. If you are using those mods, installing this version will probably cause you to lose or break all your items.  Please backup your saves before subscribing and loading LAO III, in case you want to go back to those.

Some of the Changes
- Extends All Items to Level 499 (working on Part 2 that will extend items to 999)
- Extends all Dungeons to Level 999
- Extends NG+ Modes to NG+33
- Extends Mapwork Maps from 1-999
- Re-balanced Monster Health, Damage and Armor (harder) for all game modes
- Re-balanced all weapons and armor to be more class specific
- Re-balanced Stat and Level Requirements on all items (harder to obtain)
- Re-balanced Normal, Magic, Unique and Legendary Items (all are more useful now)
- Added a ton of Legendary Items
- Unique items now spawn random item bonuses
- Added various other items
- Staffs now are no longer Melee weapons
- Added Throwing Axes (1H and 2H)

Mods merged and included with LAO III
- Cthon's Armor Fix Mod
- lyravega's Mod Unbinder
- Waybacks Item Affix Mod
- Waybacks Champion Names Mod
- Runics 8 Player Mod
- Blanks Landmarks Mod
- Abe's Extra Chunky mod

Mod Showcase / Power Leveling (Diablo II style)
« on: January 06, 2017, 04:56:30 am »

Place this mod on top of your mod load order.

Enables Power Leveling with online games.

High Level Players and Low Level Players can now join the same games without any XP penalties.

Players have to be in the same area to actually earn XP from kills.


Or go to STEAM to Subscribe


Place this mod on top of your mod load order.

Mod Changes

1. Dungeon Level Changes

Changes dungeons to start at either level 51, 81, 100, 120 or 150, while staying in NG+0

This mod DOES NOT reset the Main Story Line Quests when activated.

When a player moves onto the next NG+ Mode, they isolate themselves from playing with anyone online that is not in the same NG+ mode. This mod is designed as a work around. A player can stay in NG+0 and still level without having to solely rely the Mapworks to level up.

Just inactive this mod to go back to NG+0 leveled dungeons to join lower level games.

Of course, your low level friends could join your higher leveled game as well and can be used as a means to Power Level other players. See number 2.

2. XP Changes

This mod also enables Power Leveling with online games.

High Level Players and Low Level Players can now join the same games without any XP penalties.

Players have to be in the same area to actually earn XP from kills.

Legendary Add-ons (LAO) 3.0 / Starting Levels - Opinion wanted
« on: January 04, 2017, 08:53:12 pm »
Thoughts about being able to start at level 100 with level 100 dungeons?

With LAO 3 extending Loot and Dungeons well beyond this, would you want to start at level 1 and work your way up, or be able to start at level 100 and go from there?

I have created an add-on mod that will force a new character to be level 100 as well as the dungeons (a current character would probably be leveled to 100 as soon as it logged in).  I played like this last night with a buddy of mine and it was really fun.  Kind of a way to re-start with out having to really "re-start". 

I think there may be some frustration trying to get to my end game content once the mod is released or the desire to start fresh would be rather daunting. Just trying to look at all the options to allow people access to the content.

Playing this way also makes the game MUCH more difficult until better gear can be found, so it probably won't be for everyone, but I enjoyed it a lot.

This mod is going in the direction of a conversion mod haha.


Finally did a test on trying to do a multiplayer game of a new NG+ mode beyond NG+5 and the results are not good.  The person who creates the game crashes when the other player tries to join.  It appears that the same issue that occurs when the character level goes beyond 100 happens when NG+ levels are added as well.

This should have been the first thing I tested...

What to do, what to do?  Mod is still fun as a single player mod, but was hoping it could be played online as well.

Do you think Runic would even be interested in fixing this issue?


It is something else in my mod that is crashing multiplayer play.  NOT the NG+ mode additions.  I was able to trouble shoot with my brother.  I created a mod with just the NG+ expansion graph.  We were able to join a NG+7 (level 200 dungeons) game together!  So my mod isn't completely broken after all...  More NG+ modes are 100% possible online.

However, I still need to find what is causing this issue. I suspect it is one of the many graphs I recently changed. But I am relieved :)

We were not even able to join with level 1 characters with out the mod crashing.  I have been able to join games before with others.  So some recent changes are the cause.

Would it be possible to change the mechanics of Fame to reward Stat points instead of Skill points?

With my item mod expanding loot to level 999 I am exploring other ways to make gear improvements less of a grind.  If I expand player levels past 100 it breaks multiplayer, so that option is out.  But Fame doesn't seem to matter in this regard, and theoretically, I should be able to allow fame levels well beyond 100, even for multiplayer.

So if I could find a way to have fame reward stat points on level ups, players can continue to "levelup" their characters and work towards better gear by keeping the character level at level 100.


Modding Questions / Creating Curved Graphs in GUTS
« on: December 19, 2016, 08:21:53 pm »
I can make linear graphs in GUTS, but for the life of me I can't make a curved graph.  Does anyone know how to do this and can point me in the right direction?

Legendary Add-ons (LAO) 3.0 / LAO 3 Mod Info and Downloads
« on: November 26, 2016, 01:27:47 am »

Change Log

Bug/Balance Fixes
- Fixed Various Bugs and balance issues

- Players of all levels can now join the same game without any XP penalties

- Reduced Legendary Item drop chances with bosses and boss chests, was too high

- Item Level Requirements have been increased
- Item Stat Requirements have been increased
- Monster Damage/Defense/Health Graphs changed from a curved graph to a straight line graph.  Makes the game harder at beginning/middle levels.  At level 100, the graph ponts are the same as vanilla. But the middle levels will be much tougher, finding good gear will be key to survive.

- Fixed Female Animations, was using incorrect one
- New attack sounds for staff attacks - by Phanjam!

- Fixed issue for Mapworks Dungeons that was causing multiplayer games to crash
- Maps now scale to NG+ Dungeon Start Level player is currently in
- Map vendor sells maps again!
- All Maps available at all levels
- All Maps now have 4 floors before getting to boss (was set at 6 floors)

Mods Added into LAO III
- lyravega's Mod Unbinder
- Waybacks Champion Names Mod
- Runics 8 player Mod
- Blanks Landmarks Mod
- Abe's Extra Chunky Mod
- Sandman53's BigBagMod


Change Log

- Changed Staff Animation, no longer swings like a melee weapon
- Added Missiles to Staffs so now they fire projectiles like a Wand
- Staffs have a longer range than Wands
- Physical Damage Staffs also fire a projectile (spinning blades)

Boss Drop Changes
- Reworked Boss Chests - they will now always drop a Legendary item and other good loot!
- General Boss Drops are not quite as good - some drops moved to Boss Chest

Map Dungeons
- Changed all maps from 8 floors to 6 floors, 8 floors was too much of a grind

Tonic Potions
- Reworked Dex, Vit, Foc, and Str Stat Tonics - they are now respec tonics for stats
- Added +5 Stat Tonic - used to gain 5 stat points - found from boss drops, quest rewards and can be purchased (level 99+)
- Added +1 Stat Tonic - used to gain 1 stat point - found from normal drops, boss drops and as quest rewards (level 99+)
Identify Stone
- Added an Identify Stone with unlimited use that can be purchased

- Extended Monster Damage/Armor/Health Graphs to level 999
- Extended Player Stat Graphs to 3000 points
- XP Level Sharing penalty has been removed - power leveling has been enabled
- Extended other various Graphs


- Reworked Boss Chests - they will now always drop a Legendary item and other good loot!
- Boss Drops are not quite as plentiful - some loot drops moved to Boss Chest

Tonic Potions
- Reworked Dex, Vit, Foc, and Str Stat Tonics - they are now respec tonics for stats
- Stat Tonic - used to gain 5 stat points


Added new potions called Tonics
- Dexterity Tonic - Permanently adds 1 point to Dexterity - available at level 100+ dungeons
- Strength Tonic - Permanently adds 1 point to Strength - available at level 100+ dungeons
- Vitality Tonic - Permanently adds 1 point to Vitality - available at level 100+ dungeons
- Focus Tonic - Permanently adds 1 point to Focus - available at level 100+ dungeons

- Ice Tonic - 25% to Ice Armor for 15 Minutes
- Fire Tonic - 25% to Fire Armor for 15 Minutes
- Electric Tonic - 25% to Electric Armor for 15 Minutes
- Poison Tonic - 25% to Poison Armor for 15 Minutes

Fish Adjustments
- Duration of buffs - Increased to 15 minutes

Item Bug fixes (some items had the wrong item level)

Adjusted Legendary Affixes, some were to powerful.


Mod Renamed To LAO 3.0 Part 1 and Part 2

Mapworks Changes
- Mapworks is now available anytime through a scroll sold by the General Goods Vendor found in all towns
- Mapworks Maps now available through the General Goods Vendor in all towns (scales with NG+ level)
- Mapworks Maps now available from level 10-999
- ALL Mapworks Maps now have 8 floors to fight through before getting to the boss
- Mapworks Town now Scales properly with NG+ Level
- Mapworks Map Vendor no longer sells maps, get them through the General Goods Vendor (Map Vendor is broken, wont scale with NG+ Levels)
- Mapworks Bosses have a slightly lower chance to drop Legendary Items then regular game play bosses

Quest Reward Changes
- Reworked End Game Class Rewards for beating Act IV and the TrillBot Quests.  Each class now has 5 Legendary Weapon options and 1 Shield Option
- Mainline, Random Events, Random Quest and Side Quest Reward options have been increased (Mapworks Maps, Spell Scrolls, Socketables, Potions, Identify Scrolls and a chance for a Unique Item have all been added as options)

Fish Changes
- 5 minute Transformation Fish increased to 30 Minutes
- 15 Minute Transformation Fish increased to 1 hour
- Permanent Transformation Fish decreased to 24 hours

Published v.19

Change Log


- Split mod into two parts to help with loading performance.
- Part 1 Loot and Dungeon Level 1-499
- Part 2 Loot and Dungeon Level 500-999
- Increased stat requirement graphs for items.  It will now be harder to meet stat requirements on items ;)
- Balanced Boss drops loot tables for more control
- Adjusted colors for various loot to help it stand out more
- Increased drop rate for general socketables
- Increased drop rate for Spell Scrolls
- Increased spawn rates for Random Dungeon Enchanters

Change Log 11-27-2016

Socketable Changes

Extended to Level 999
-Blood Ember, Chaos Ember, Iron Ember, Void Ember, Ice Ember, Flame Ember, Venom Ember, Spark Ember
- Changed loot color of these socketables - light purple to make them stand out - |cFF7866FF (light purple)

Increased drop rate for some socketables
-Blood Ember, Chaos Ember, Iron Ember and Void Ember

Created a new armor item bonus for Chaos Ember
- Chaos Ember now has a chance to spawn stat bonuses for Dexterity, Focus, Strength and Vitality
- Only spawns on Level 100+ Chaos Embers

Enchanter Changes
- Increased spawn rate for random dungeon enchanter merchants

Potion Changes
- Increased drop rates of RejuvinationPotions
- Changed Drop Text Colors for Health, Mana and Rejuvination Potions

Health |cFFFD3737 (light red)
Mana |cFF5682FF (light blue)
Rejuvination |cFFFF56ED (light pink)

This is on Steam, but is private for the time being.  If you would rather subscribe and get automatic updates when they are released, please message me with your Steam name . I will friend you and get you on as a "Contributor" so you can see it.

This mods increases Dungeon Levels and most Loot Levels to 999

Character Max Level is still 100 - This mod DOES NOT increase character level

I have also included separate folder that is not part of the MOD with Level 100 Characters, all classes, both female and males for either NG+3, NG+4 or NG+5
NG+3 = Dungeon Levels starting at 100, NG+4 = Dungeon Levels starting at 120, NG+5 = Dungeon Levels starting at 150
These can be used for either testing or if you just don't want to start over with a level 1 character to play this mod

** MOD can take a few minutes  to load in TL2 due to the high number of items added into the game

* I used items from the mod "Unearthed Arcana"  (with permission) to hopefully create compatibility with this mod. UA has so many great additions to TL2, I highly recommend you play my T9 mod with the UA mod.  Get UA here ---->

Mod Features and Changes

- New Game+ modes have now been extended to +33, which is Level 999
- Most Armor, Weapons and Maps have been extended to Level 999 (Excludes Tags, Collars, Spell Scrolls, Some Socketables, Potions)
- Over 90,000 items are now in the game (around 4500 in vanilla)
- Tons of Legendary Armor and Weapons have been added
- Legendary Items get reworked Item Bonuses (needs balancing)
- Unique and Magic Items have been nerfed to make Legendary items more powerful
- Unique items are generally limited to only two item bonuses (can be enchanted with more though)
- Better Legendary Drop Rates from Bosses, Champions, Golden Chests and regular monsters
- Class requirements have been removed from all items - at higher loot levels the stat requirements create a natural class barrier
- Torchlight 1 items have been added
- Two Handed Weapons get a slight damage boost over 1 Handed Weapons
- Class Specific Quest Rewards have been reworked to include new loot
- Chthon's Armor Fix mod has been included - no balancing has been worked on yet, so armor might be too good ;)

**Known Issues
- Some Level 90+ Pet Tags/Collars are not usable due to Required level being above 100 - Removed altered Pet Items for now 11/26/2016
- Drop rates maybe a bit high, this is for testing purposes, but feedback is welcome in regards to this
- Most boss specific drops are not adjusted to scale with dungeon levels yet.  Only General Grell items have been tuned for this - still in testing

Legendary Add-ons (LAO) 3.0 / Introducing "LAO 3.0"
« on: November 20, 2016, 02:43:43 am »
Hello all, it has been a while since I have ventured down the TL2 modding road. Things have changed for me (in a good way) and I have a bit more time to mod once again.  This mod has been on the back burner for awhile and now it is becoming a reality.

Just wanted to give you a sneak peak at what I have been working on the last few weeks.   I think you will like this.

LAO 3.0 Extends Dungeons and Loot all the way to Level 999

Character Stays at Level 100 though


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