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Lord Nyriox's Playground / [TL1] Converting boss models for pets
« on: March 09, 2017, 07:10:34 AM »

Disable "hardware skinning" in the options to enable these pets to work. 

Original Post:

Next time I need to be a little more thorough in my testing prior to posting… 

Primarily I want to know how to make the Ordrak ("bosses\ordrak\ordrak") model from TL1 and the Vyrax ("bosses\boss_dragonlive\tower_dragon") model from TL2 both load as TL1 pets. 

I am getting a "crash to desktop" at the main menu whenever I try to load either of those as pets. 

Lord Nyriox's Playground / [TL1] Ember-eater class
« on: March 02, 2017, 04:31:11 PM »
Due to the complexity of this project (as well as my inexperience modding), I am putting this idea on the backburner. 

Before I go, however, here are my findings regarding the planned core mechanic: 
  • Potions that provide permanent health/mana boosts use a special independent field within the player character file.  I have not yet checked whether this can be applied to other stats, though it looks like it may be possible. 
  • Skills can target items within player inventory, but the only built-in filter for this functionality is "any item" and "unidentified item".  In theory, I could use "unidentified item" to handle filtering (since lore-wise unidentified items are enchanted with Ember), but that would put a serious crimp on the skill "flavor".   
  • The effect data for shrines is not stored within the shrine object itself.  I suspect it is stored somewhere in the terrain layouts instead, but I am not familiar enough with that format to be certain.  I was hoping to examine the internal effects of Enchantment shrines to help derive the item destruction effect. 

**  NOTE:  This project is for Torchlight 1 only (at least for now).  ** 

All right, this might take some explanation. 

A few weeks back, while I was walking home one evening, I had the brilliant (or not so brilliant, depending on how you look at it) idea of a lore-friendly alternate-leveling class—inspired by the stories of arsenic-eaters, of all things. 

This class, which I shall for now call "Ember-eater", would not level in the traditional fashion.  Instead, it would gain power by eating copious amounts of raw Ember. 

Note that by "power", I do not mean experience, but raw stat and resistance points.  For instance, if I eat a "Cracked Fire-Ember", I get a permanent [+1] to Fire-resistance.  If I eat a "Cracked Core-Ember", I get a permanent [+1] to Strength.  On the other hand, if I try to eat, say, a pair of boots (by the same method), nothing will happen.

The way I originally envisioned it, the entire logic tree for consuming Ember would be handled internally by a single starting skill.  Disabling of experience would be handled by a separate (passive) skill. 

For further explanation, see this thread: 

Due to the complexity of this project, I have several major questions regarding TL1 skills: 
1. Is there a way to make a skill able to target certain kinds of non-equipment items, but not others?  If so, how? 
2. Is there a way to make a single skill behave differently depending on the name of its target?  If so, how? 
3. Is there a way to make a skill override an entity's internal properties (for example, the "invincible" flag)?  If so, how? 
4. Is there a way to change a skill in TL1 so it uses stats instead of levels as a prerequisite?  If so, how? 
5. Is there a way to make a skill check the properties of the current area, such as whether town-portals are allowed?  If so, how? 

Note that all these questions are part of my actual plans for this class mod, and getting them answered is critical to making this class actually work. 

Thanks for your help,
– Lord Nyriox,
TL1 Tinkerer 

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