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Title: Learning Quest Making
Post by: Phanjam on August 14, 2019, 01:30:52 am
(first post, woo!)

Hi I am starting a journey to teach myself quest-making.  Last time i did this was for My Blender Journey ( thread.  That went well i think (learned enough Blender to contribute a little to the TL1 armors porting project of Anarch16sync), so ima try it all over again on this new topic ;)

My work/learning outline

1. Make a custom quest dungeon
2. Make a dungeon entrance (not a map portal) in an overworld area
3. Make an interactive shrine and place it at the bottom level of the quest dungeon

For the dungeon making I will just walk through the Runic dungeon making tutorial ( to make edits to a clone of the Wellspring Temple dungeon

For the overworld entrance I have a good idea of how to do it thanks to @Kva3imoda .  Also thanks to Kva who showed me it will probably be easiest to work mainly in GUTS for this project (I tend to try and work in text-edit first, but the .LAYOUT files involved are just too long ??? )

For the interactive shrine I will adapt the mechanics of how the Nether Brute is spawned when you try to free that Estherian they're about to sacrifice in Wicker Grove.  After defeating the spawned dungeon Boss, an NPC will give you your reward.
Title: Re: Learning Quest Making
Post by: Phanjam on August 21, 2019, 02:46:04 am
I started a youtube playlist of dungeon making tuts i found there...

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I began with @Slacker 's videos but later switched to the tuts by hermeticcharm (no offense Slackerlife!) because hermetic's seemed more noob-friendly :D and fit the way i like to learn things (from the end working back).

So i'm starting with cloning a dungeon (done) then look at what it uses (rulesets) and learn those, then look at what those use (chunks/layouts) and learn those :P