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Modding Questions / Re: Diablo II Charms possible in Torchlight II?
« Last post by Waves_Blade on November 11, 2019, 05:40:43 PM »
Edit: NVM, just saw discord.

I didn't particularly intend to get into modding more than this one thing, so its better that someone more experienced handles it rather than me risk goofing it.
Modding Questions / Re: Diablo II Charms possible in Torchlight II?
« Last post by Anarch16sync on November 11, 2019, 03:01:45 PM »
Here is a short checklist/guide of what you would need to do create the charms and the charm inventory:

Fist check this guide to get familiar with the parts of the GUTS window:

Now, this may seems like a lacking explanation, but GUTS as a lot of features and it's not really all that documented, so modding requires a lot of leg work from the user, with trial and error, and checking existing stuff and modify it slowly to understand what does what... So the learning curve is steep. And for the stuff I say next the best you can find would be tangencially related info.

Actual things needed for your mod:
- Create a new unittype, for example, CHARM. For this you need to go to the Unittype Editor in the Data editor menu.
 You can see how the unittype editor works in this video: It's about class creation, but there is no specific unittype tutorial written yet. In your case you would want to give your unittype the inheritance of something equippable, like Trinket or Socketable.

- Create a new slot, in the slot editor under inventory, in the same Data editor menu, this should have Equippable checked, and allowed unittype CHARM.
- Create a new container, for example PLAYER_BAG_CHARM, and add your slot to the slot list with the number of slots you want in your bag.
As far as I now there are no written tutorials for this either... but the editors are pretty simple so there is not much room for error.

- Then you need to create a new UI or edit one of the already existing ones. This one is harder and more intimidating since there is a lot of stuff and properties, but once you find what you need to edit is pretty straight foward.
 One way of making this easier is downloading this mod: unpacking it and just editing the gem bag (in player_inventory.layout or something like that) to use your containers and slots.
Here you can see a screenshot where I marked what you would need to change to your new container for it to work (In my example I selected the weapons & armors inventory slot, in your case you should search for the gem bag inventory)

- Then the las part would be to create the actual items in the unit editor.
Here you can find a basic tutorial for item creation but applied to a weapon:
Modding Questions / Re: Diablo II Charms possible in Torchlight II?
« Last post by Phanjam on November 10, 2019, 01:14:39 PM »
Hey WaveBlade. The idea floated in the discord about this (a new container of type "body" with its own UI) is theoretically possible, but has never been tried before.
Modding Questions / Diablo II Charms possible in Torchlight II?
« Last post by Waves_Blade on November 09, 2019, 01:36:07 PM »
Is it possible in the TL2 Engine to create charm like objects that give buffs for just being in your inventory?

Would make for a crazy mod.
Tips & Tools / [TOOL] TL2 Translation Utility
« Last post by Phanjam on November 06, 2019, 07:11:09 AM »
Would like to call attention to yet another great labor of love and skill from @Kva3imoda and Abramof, the dynamic duo of TL2 modding!  Presenting...


Here is the description from Kva's Runicgames forum post (now gone sadly)...

The program scans all DAT-files in mod, finds all <translate>strings. Then finds all new - those that do not have a translation in TRANSLATION.DAT- file.

You can translate all text manually or use the built-in feature of automatic online "machine translation"(we use Yandex service. Machine translation might require user correction).

Then this utility generates code for TRANSLATION.DAT- file. You can add these new strings to the original file TRANSLATION.DAT or create a new one. Later, you can make a new stand-alone translation-mod or add/repack the original mod.

The tool is housed in this torchmodders google drive folder...
which contains the .zip archive of the utility files and Abramof's post explaining how to use the tool, transcribed into google document form.
Lord Nyriox's Playground / Re: [SCRIPT] Automatic Mesh Rebuilding
« Last post by Phanjam on October 31, 2019, 05:58:39 PM »
Hi @Lord Nyriox . I made a readme for myself, from the info in the OP.  Sharing it with you here (attached) in case you can use it ;)
Tips & Tools / Re: [Tool] Item Unit file maker Script
« Last post by Phanjam on October 21, 2019, 01:36:42 PM »
Hi @Anarch16sync and @Vkoslak ! So ive been using this script to build-out the unit files for some custom mesh weapons. It works fantastically well i want to tell you! But i'd like to make an added feature suggestion if i may ;)

Is it possible to assign the str, foc, dex and vit requirements via this script? I ask because i noticed the base files for the items i'm building out (greathammers) all have requirements of "0" except for the base_normal file. So the unit DATs will inherit that 0, which is probably not what most builders have in mind :P

Maybe the requirements could just be randomized from a Min/Max range that is appropriate to M, U and L items? It wont be perfect but at least builders wont have to add all the requirements by hand.  I dont mind entering the DISPLAYNAME and DESCRIPTION by hand tho; i think those have to stay with the builder ;)

Thanks for listening!
Modding Questions / Re: Will these plans be even possible to do?
« Last post by Saber on October 15, 2019, 06:13:17 PM »
Sorry for double post but omg that's one fascinating mod! If my plans fail I'll definitely use it!
Modding Questions / Re: Will these plans be even possible to do?
« Last post by Saber on October 15, 2019, 05:15:07 PM »
Hi Phanjam here aswell. Yeah I joined there few days ago.  ;D

Will check the link. However I haven't played any game that has such system. MU Online goes to closest I believe. The idea came from playing a lot and havent seen many difficulty increasers for my taste. Everything is about to buff enemies, but I'm looking to improve Vanilla experience by nerfing the classes a bit. Or probably not pure nerfing, but making more build options viable. Nerfing the strongest skills and builds mostly.

Also by adding cooldowns will change the gameplay into auto attacking, kiting and comboing instead of "press and hold 1 to kill eveything in seconds."

General Passives and FEP+ mods made me want to start this project.
Modding Questions / Re: Will these plans be even possible to do?
« Last post by Phanjam on October 15, 2019, 02:55:12 PM »
Hi @Saber welcome to torchmodders!

Being flexible about ur ideas is a good mindset for modding! But i do think what u want is doable. The hard one will be the "points for passives only". Can u share what kind of player experience ur after, that makes u want to do the passives that way?

Also have a look at @doudley 's Skills Expansion mod; it might give you more ideas...

Finally feel free to use the tm discord for quick q&a type discussions (the link is right under the shoutbox in the righthand panel, on most forum pages).
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