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Mod Showcase / Re: FEP+
« Last post by Sch123 on Today at 03:20:56 PM »
Can you also check the Toggle method in the Prophet class in the Variant class mod, because in that class there is a skill tree that contains the toggle skill. If the method used in the Prophet class is different (does not cause crashes) like other classes, maybe the methods in the Prophet class can be used for other classes that have problems in crashing when playing multiplayer. ;)
Mod Showcase / Re: FEP+
« Last post by Sch123 on Today at 01:35:46 PM »
Hi @Viz

I recently read comments on Steam about classes that crashed through Warp Gate when they played Multiplayer. One of them is the Mongol Archer class.

Mongol Archer

I don't know if this can solve the problem causing the crash in the Mongol archer class or not. I have an idea to overcome the Crash that occurs in the Mongol Archer class when playing multiplayer. One of the causes of crashes in this class is because of the active toggle skill when passing through the warp gate.

I don't know why that could happen, so I have an idea that might solve the problem.


- Making the 3 existing toggle skills changed to Passive skills with certain conditions to activate them, in this case is the requirement to use one of "type & name" of the weapon used (Bow & Crossbow).

- Make three types & name of Bow & Crossbow, and when we use one you can activate certain skills that match the bow & crossbow type & name you use.
As far as I know, there are Bow weapons intended for this class, maybe it can be taken from there.


I got this idea from the weapons of the Ronin & Kensei class which had their own weapons besides the other weapons that were available, by giving their own type & naming weapons so that certain skills could be active according to the type & name of the weapon used. ;)

Name 3 Bow & Crossbow:

*Weapon Name [Type]

- For skill Eagle Eye, Active when equip weapon Bow / Crossbow | *[Crypt] name idea from Hades
- For skill Relentless Assault, Active when equip weapon Bow / Crossbow | *[Tempest] name idea from Zeus
- For skill Dynamic Prowess, Active when equip weapon Bow / Crossbow | *[Mystic] name idea from Poseidon
Modding Questions / Re: Skills on weapons
« Last post by F430 on Today at 09:39:02 AM »
Funny you should say that @Phanjam

I've already learned to have at least 2-3 fallback ideas when dealing with the editor.
Anywho, gonna work on final class-themed weapon soon, a shotgun for outlander that spawns netherling brute on kill, 5% chance or so.
Already analysed wand chaos shadow bat proc for basic skill-to-proc conversion template, as well as main skill data for the shadowling brute.

The only advice I can ask from you, since you're awol from modding - what sort of affixes/data I can ditch from the skill and affixes it adds, which bits of info I can integrate into summon's main data file: health? Armour? Damage ranges and/or graph use?

Also, should I make it, a) timer-based and invulnerable BUT relatively weak? -or- b) isn't bound by timers and can be killed, BUT would also be kinda powerful ?

Other ideas for balancing would be appreciated, not direct help, just general tips etc, since I'm already torn after playtesting gauss wand, since it turned out....possibly more OP than vanilla prismatic bolt with maxxed focus :v
Maybe not as badly, but it's still a meat grinder in the dungeons, though that kinda is the point of all 4 class-inspired guns.
Modding Questions / Re: Skills on weapons
« Last post by Phanjam on Today at 07:46:47 AM »
oh hey @F430 i posted elsewhere that im taking an indefinite break from modding, so i'm sorry but i wont be able to help you out directly with test edits and such.  I'll still be around, so tips and advice I can still offer ;)
Classless Character - Public Board / Re: indefinite modding break
« Last post by Phanjam on Today at 06:56:46 AM »
hey thanks @DeeZire , @doudley and @Aherin ! I should add that it's not anything serious really, just a re-prioritization of things to reflect my IRL responsibilities (and age too! :D ) And like i said, i'll be visiting here and the discord still :)

And i gotta whole boat-load of half-finished mods, models and stuff like that.  So if there's something you're looking for just ask in these forums - if i have it (and can share it without violating some other modder's rights ;) ), it's yours!
Classless Character - Public Board / Re: indefinite modding break
« Last post by Aherin on Today at 05:35:55 AM »
I wish you all the best Phanjam!  :)
Skills Expansion Mod / Re: Skills Expansion: Bugs Report & Ideas
« Last post by doudley on Today at 02:29:22 AM »
Yup! Sorry for that, I forgot to remove the TARGET_HEALTH_BAR UI. I was trying to get some codes from that and forgot to remove it afterwards. But don't worry, what we have right now is just a test mod. The final product shouldn't have anything like that. And thanks for the quick info/feedback about it.

I also like to give my opinion regarding mismatch animations. Steffire3 and I are aware of the mismatch or more specifically lack of animation for other weapon types. Most of these skills, only have one to three version of animation(s). Like in Rapid Fire skill, originally intended only for pistols (right hand), rifle (right hand), and bow. Unlocking this skill for all weapon types would give us inappropriate animations. The easiest workaround for this is to make alternative animation links, on which we will assign temporarily until we will have a custom made animation for them. Its either I try making them or wait for someone to provide for us.

I attached the mod files, for reference and if steffire3 would be able to build it later.
Classless Character - Public Board / Re: indefinite modding break
« Last post by doudley on Today at 02:05:37 AM »
Thank you for the notice and good luck with your endeavors.
Classless Character - Public Board / Re: indefinite modding break
« Last post by DeeZire on October 14, 2018, 08:12:06 PM »
Sincerely hope everything is ok and works out for you, look forward to seeing you back 'full time' :)
Skills Expansion Mod / Re: Skills Expansion: Bugs Report & Ideas
« Last post by Sch123 on October 14, 2018, 07:17:44 PM »

As you know, I use other Mods like Synergies & Torchlight II Essentials and put the Skill Expansion on top of them. In the old Mod Skill Expansion there is no problem with the UI but in the latest Skill Expansion there seems to be a problem with the UI. It looks like the latest Skill Expansion changes the UI to the Original UI. Can it be repaired? so it doesn't interfere with the UI.

As you can see in the picture below, the UI for information on enemy health bar, attack elements, opponent's weaknesses, placement of monster names, etc. is far different from one another. In the Old Version, UI that comes from Torchlight II Essential is not overwritten. Whereas in the New Version, UI which comes from Torchlight II Essential is overwritten and changes it to become like the Original UI.
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