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April 26, 2018, 06:55:30 PM


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Author Topic: Time to say Hellopers :D  (Read 1626 times)

Offline Madlampy

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Time to say Hellopers :D
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:35:17 AM »
First up a quick intro.

Alan in real life, Madlampy on steam and some other places and often hiding under the name Vonbek/RaaR/Pingu in many games/QA notes/Test Logs/unreleased items.

To anyone that's ever played WoW on EU servers...

You might also remember Flaargle, Madpingu, Odin ( Aerie peak and shadowsong ), Raarmoo, pretty much all the Vons ( Vonbek, Evilvonbek, Vonhelsing, Vonhammer, Vonbaer, etc etc etc ), Moarpowah ( because some sod beat me to dwarfpowah ) and a few others besides.

Also to anyone that ever raided in Vanilla or TBC with the guys from Paragon or SiGMA I was that Scottish voice on Vent telling you to get out the damn fire ;)

New to TL2 ( had torchlight and played it vanilla on and off for years ), not new to hand editting and QA for mods and games both in a hobby/support format and also in quite a few instances Tech Alpha/QA Beta format for some big games and others that died a death either before launch or not long after, and while not usually seen as an author credit have support credits for quite a few mods for a few bigger games out there.

I'm still getting used to GUTS so bear with me, and also the tiering priorities... but at the same time I'm a vet for things like hard editing LUA and SCAR over multiple game engines so it's a matter of time more than anything else rather than can I grasp the format and tools.

I've got a fair amount of time just now due to a family bereavement and also a couple of injuries so any QA/Test requests can usually be handled, but bear in mind due to paperwork for Dads' will and appointments it may be a few days before I can reply with results unless you catch me on Discord and I can say yes or no to testing right there and then.

Always up for advice and tips, and usually able to help as long as folk explain what they need.

Special Skills :
  • Previous QA, early design and balance, and Modding experience
  • Vanilla to WoD Raider/Raidleader playing several classes at HC/40 ( now called Mythic ) and others at either 20/Normal if anyone needs help with skill handling/class core skills/class lore or behaviours
  • Brain that will actually listen to other people
Current plans :
  • QA test for Viz for Variants to see if any broken skills are there
  • Help Viz with WOW Paladin if needed
  • Show ignorance of game and mods by proposing a set of bundles to make MP play more consistent ( preferably that play nice with TLE and Synergies ), and also full documentation with them stating what mods not to use with them due to being uneccessary
Catch you all here or discord ;D

Offline doudley

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Re: Time to say Hellopers :D
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 02:08:56 PM »
Wow, great intro Madlampy! And welcome to TL2 modding! ;D

What I've seen around the mod scene on Steam. Most modders do not play MP, so making compatibility is a hit or miss. Specially me, I have not or tried multiplayer mode---probably why I had invested so much effort on pet mods.

The most notable issue with Variant mod on MP, is the nethermancer class. At first, I assumed its because of improper composition of its unittype but turns out, the issue could be more than it seem. A skill that goes haywire when another class is on the field or perhaps a triggerable action that is not set properly. Or worst and as I initially suspected, the issue could be on the unittype that uses multi-class benefits or dual-class benefits...(e.g. warchief that can equip berserker stuff). We can safely say that the reason why Synergies Classes works on MP so well, is because its classes are not multi-class types, meaning a paladin can only equip paladin equipment.

The only reason why my BiA: Warbound is MP friendly, is because I was blessed with subscribers that are willing to test stuff for me in MP. These people are rare and mod feed backs are a shortage nowadays.

Offline Phanjam

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Re: Time to say Hellopers :D
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2017, 01:29:56 AM »
Sorry for the late reply @Madlampy ! Impressive gamer credientials those  8)

glad u mentioned the "mutiplayer combo-mod" - i think promoting MP in the community is important.  Maybe after theory-crafting it a bit more (maybe with @Viz too), we can decide if it should have its own sub-forum.

For now i think i'll just start a thread for it ;)


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