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June 04, 2020, 08:35:23 PM

Author Topic: Big Quality Mod List  (Read 260 times)

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Big Quality Mod List
« on: June 29, 2019, 08:18:03 PM »

Part 1
Some players and modders feel that the original unmodded game is too easy or too limited and there have been attempts to mod harder or extended options.

Some of these options are still being updated monthly while some have stopped.

Some mods only work for single player. I will note them below.

Back up, copy, paste your character SVB files from the modsave folder to an outside folder before adding new mods just to be safe.

Mods will not affect the unmodded game.

= = =

More advanced system of companions.

May not work with Better Inventory Mods (unless made by the same author).

= = =

Improved "vanilla" menu and UI with options to toggle these feature "on" or "off".

Designed to be compatible with Warbounds.

= = =

This Pack contiains a few easier items but otherwise improves certain features of the game.

= = =

This Pack contains mods that boosts the original game hopefully in a balanced way.

= = =

Lots of mod features combined which will make the game easier although some sense of balance has been kept.

= = =

The most balanced of the 3 "Draco Packs" in existence currently that works in multiplayer and Synergies if required.

= = =

Camera and Enemy Vision Extender.

= = =

Extends the game to New Game +33. Makes certain changes to the game.

= = =

If you want a harder New Game and minimal changes.

Can be activated and deactivated without save issues.

= = =

Part 2
= = =

Only use this with "Torchfun Part 1" since it adds hundreds of powerful gear.

Do not use with "LAO III" mods. Only with "LAO 2.0" mods.

= = =

This pack isn't the most compatible but it will work with small mods and it offers many features although it is more powerful than balanced.

= = =

Not the most balanced but powerful and fun.

= = =

This is a mod pack by "Mamba" which is designed to be loaded with other mods by "Mamba".

"Mamba" mods work best with other "Mamba" mods as a result yet they offer many nice extended features when used together.

= = =

Note that Darkthan Class Pack Mods may not work with Synergies.

The most bug free and polished mod class pack on the Workshop currently.

Or if you can ignore the first by only using the second version instead:

They can not be used together.

= = =

Single Room Dungeons accessed from the "Mapworks":

= = =

Excellent extension of the Mapworks Maps with a crafting system to access harder maps.

= = =

This mod has some bugs and will not work with certain mods however it is a very good extension of the original classes.

= = =

This is a good overhaul mod that makes many changes and is probably not compatible with most other mods unless proven otherwise.

Doudley's Note
Quote from: doudley;133261907147375206
Any mod can work with BiA: Warbounds. As long as you put my mod above them. Inventory mods have changed existing inventory panels (could be pet, player, stash, or merchants), these mods won't affect the warbound's inventory panel because it is an addition and not an existing inventory. These added slots and pages to the inventory panels are irresponsible in my honest opinion, *Yuki*'s idea for a portable stash or lyravega's stash scrolls are the best solution to all of these --- the stash can have 999 pages for all I care. Inventories of player and pet, should not be modified very lightly because many modders would want their own interpretation and layout of it.

P.S. This reminds me that I need to make a sur-amount of slots to the player's stash and make it themed to the other inventories I've done already. Portable Stash idea is still a puzzle to me, can't come up for a smooth way to implement it yet. :(

Part 3
= = =

This ensures that only Blue and higher quality Items will drop or be for sale:

= = =

This adds several mod classes together fixing bugs and saving space for mod load orders.
= = =

This adds 7 asian themed classes and 100's of new items and fixes bugs.
= = =

This mod is meant to be used with Additional Classes above as a fix and together adds many of the mod classes on the Workshop including fixes from FEP+.
= = =

This adds a survival dungeon game with wave bonuses.
= = =

A decent mod pack that includes some nice extensions for the vanilla game D2 style.
= = =

A mod pack that increases difficulty and requires strong mod characters to survive.
= = =

A massive Pet Pack that adds great compatibility towards many mods:
= = =

This on top ensures that no mod class will get stuck on missing achievements:
= = = 

Part 4
= = =

This gives twice as many points to invest with. Very useful to explore more of a Class:
= = =


May still crash skills even with vanilla classes. Fun mod yet use at your own risk.

Extended Acts and Towns in the Mapworks.

Will not work with certain mods... use Mod Class and Higher Level mods only.
= = =

This resets Skill and Stat points for any Class from the Skill Respec Vendor.

There may be lag however players report that restarting the game solves the issue:
= = = 
At this point after playing Torchlight 2 for 5 years original and modded... ignorant of mods and now wise with compatibility... the one thing I value the most-

-is being able to have "support" from the author of any mod.

I think the only advice I can give is that you don't burn yourself out. ^_^


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