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June 04, 2020, 09:38:26 PM

Author Topic: Combined Stat Totals not listed  (Read 758 times)

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Combined Stat Totals not listed
« on: June 29, 2019, 08:06:12 PM »
Load the game and look at the upper right corner where the settings button is located and look under details and change "floating damage and text" to "verbose" which will allow the player to see almost all the number events such as total "Life Steal" when used on a target dummy or foe.

Although in spite of this the game still has some un-listed stat totals that will have to be counted manually I'm sad to say since it has hindered my stat building many times.

This Discussion is therefore written for everyone who needs to know which Stat Totals need to be manually calculated.

= = =

"Verbose" will show certain numbers on targets struck by your weapon yet the Arcane and Character Panels will not list the % totals of certain traits.

= = =

Combined Stat Totals not listed below:

Damage Reflected % (shows ranged damage reflected but not melee damage),
% to Fully Heal Self on Kill or Hit,
% to inflict a Status, % to cast a skill from gear, gem, and weapon,
Secondary Damage %,
Charge Rate Gained or Loss Reduced %,
Run Speed (total is listed as a number yet the % sped is not listed),
-X to all Armor per Hit,
Knock Back Resistance %,
-X% damage per monster within X meters,
Total Health gained (from ember skull enchants),
+X% boost Melee or Ranged weapon damage bonus,
Pet and Minion Damage- Speed- Health- Armor- boost %.

"X% and X Health or Mana Stolen" totals can be seen when striking foes yet the actual totals are not listed on any of the panels.

= = =

Again these things are listed individually on the gears, gems, and weapons yet not the combined totals.

= = =

Most of the important stat totals are shown in the game yet if you ever need to know certain % totals from usable gear combined then lots of manual math will be needed.

Or you could just use stuff that has lots of affixes and sell anything that doesn't look very math heavy... that usually works for most stuff.

And if you ever start relying on a particular stat then simply start searching and keeping the gear that has that stat or find a way to boost it with enchants or with the points gained with levels in the Character Panel.

= = =

I hope this helps!
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