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Title: [TOOL] TL2 Translation Utility
Post by: Phanjam on November 06, 2019, 07:11:09 AM
Would like to call attention to yet another great labor of love and skill from @Kva3imoda and Abramof, the dynamic duo of TL2 modding!  Presenting...


Here is the description from Kva's Runicgames forum post (now gone sadly)...

The program scans all DAT-files in mod, finds all <translate>strings. Then finds all new - those that do not have a translation in TRANSLATION.DAT- file.

You can translate all text manually or use the built-in feature of automatic online "machine translation"(we use Yandex service. Machine translation might require user correction).

Then this utility generates code for TRANSLATION.DAT- file. You can add these new strings to the original file TRANSLATION.DAT or create a new one. Later, you can make a new stand-alone translation-mod or add/repack the original mod.

The tool is housed in this torchmodders google drive folder...
which contains the .zip archive of the utility files and Abramof's post explaining how to use the tool, transcribed into google document form.