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February 25, 2018, 01:36:43 PM


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Author Topic: [IDEA] TLA Game Modes  (Read 1060 times)

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[IDEA] TLA Game Modes
« on: September 17, 2014, 07:09:55 PM »
Just a place to store and brainstorm game mode ideas. Some of these ideas might not be possible to do and most of these are not my own ideas, but taken from other games.

Bounty Hunter

Objective: Have the most gold at game end.

Teams: No

All player start with X amount of gold. Once a player is killed, it will drop the gold it has for others to pick up. (All of it or just a % of it?) If the player killed has zero gold, it will drop a small default amount of gold.  The player with the most gold will have a special unit theme, marking it as a high value target for the rest of the players.

It would be nice if the HUD could display what each player is worth.

V.I.P. Escort

Objective: Escort an NPC from point A to B with in the time limit.

Teams: Yes

Each team takes turn escorting an NPC from point A to B, while the opposing team is trying to kill and/or stop the VIP from reaching its goal.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

Classic CTF
Objective: Capture the flag in the opposing teams base and bring it back to your own flag in your own base to score a point.

Teams: Yes

Description: This is the classic version of CTF we all know. One flag in each base. If a flag carrier is killed the flag is dropped at that location. The flag will remain in the dropped location until another player of the same team picks it up. If player picks up his/her own flag which is loose, the flag returned to the base again.

One Flag CTF
Objective: Capture the neutral flag in the middle of the arena and bring it to the opposing teams base to score a point.

Teams: Yes

Description: This mode has only one neutral flag in the centre of the map. The teams needs to take the flag and bring it to the opposing teams base to score points. If a flag carrier is killed, the flag is dropped at that location. Any team can pick up the flag at the dropped location and try to score in the enemy base.

Attack & Defend
Objective: Each team takes turns attacking or defending. The attacking teams objective is to take the flag in the defending teams base and bring it back the the home base to score a point.

Teams: Yes

Description: Only the flag in the defending teams base can be captured. The flag in the attacking teams base can not be taken. A defending player can not bring their flag back home if a flag carrier is killed and the flag is dropped. The flag will stay in the dropped location, until an attacking player picks it up or the round is over.
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Re: [IDEA] TLA Game Modes
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2014, 10:17:56 PM »
Am rushing off to work so this'll be short, but i would think you can get the hud to show gold as the "more hotkeys" mod was able to use / display the gold value.


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