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Author Topic: Torchlight Arena (TLA) - Project Description  (Read 3625 times)

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Torchlight Arena (TLA) - Project Description
« on: August 17, 2014, 12:27:41 pm »
Torchlight Arena - where heroes are forged -

Once it's complete this mod will feature:
  • All new classes, designed and balanced for PvP.
  • Specially crafted Weapons and Armor sets for all classes.
  • A reward system where you earn Gold, Trophies and Items by fighting in the Arena.
  • Merchants where you can buy new Weapons, Armor, Gems and Spells.
  • Enchanters who can add sockets and enchantments to your gear.
  • Arena maps designed for 1 vs 1 and Team vs Team PvP, where you can duel your friends.
  • Different objective based game modes, such as Capture the Flag, Stop Watch and Control Point.

TLA is a total conversion mod. This means that it will not exist alongside the vanilla quest-line. You will not be able to pop in and out of the Arena with a questing character. Nor will you be able to use any of the vanilla classes in the Arena. Only classes created for TLA will be available to play and only Items and Gear created for TLA will be available to use.

The motivation of the game will be to climb the ranks in a leader board. And to gain fame and fortune when you duel or fight for the game objective. Gold and items you earn when you fight can be used to purchase better gear and additional items, enchantments, potions, gems, etc. So you can craft/forge a better hero as you progress.

The idea is that you should be able to jump in and play a 15-20 min match. And perhaps join a longer objective campaign, which may last up to an hour or so.

TLA will have more in common with class based FPS shooters such as Team Fortress and MOBA games like LoL, than the vanilla TL2 experience. Though TLA will not be a MOBA.

The current classes in Torchlight Arena are:

Hexhunter (Ranger) - Element: Fire
A 'Witch Hunter' class, using Ranged Weapons and Claws.

Nightshade (Rogue) - Element: Poison
A 'Combat Rogue' class, using Daggers and Hand-Crossbows.

Spellblade (Mage) - Element: Ice
A 'Battle Mage' class, using Staff, Wands and Shields.

Stormborn (Warrior) - Element: Lightning
A 'Savage Fighter' class, using Hammers, Axes and Shields.

Some more information with screenshots and videos are available on the TLA Steam Workshop

Additional developers taking part in this project are currently: Phanjam, Slacker and gytefunke.

If you want to join this project as a developer, post a message in these boards, or send me a PM.
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