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Author Topic: TL1CP Bug Report  (Read 4959 times)

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TL1CP Bug Report
« on: December 13, 2018, 04:35:48 am »
Hi @Phanjam , @Anarch16sync

It looks like I found a bug in TL1CP Vanquisher class - "Seek and Destroy" skill. When we kill the enemy marked by the skill, will we also get damage? because when I kill an enemy marked by that skill I get damage (even though it's very small damage). :D

And when using all three TL1CP class I sometimes crash when I want to add status points. And also there is a crash that occurs when I switch weapons from weapon 1 to weapon 2. It happens either just using the TL1CP mod or when using TL1CP + other mods (Synergies, Torchlight II Essential, Variant class, FEP +, Variant Pet). Even though it happens quite rarely, but it's pretty annoying especially when it crash in the middle of the game.
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