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Custom Armor and Rigging

By: Vkoslak (Original post:

Are you using Blender? I learned a something that has really sped up my process.

I was just about to do this for an armor set I was working on so I will take some screen grabs. This is for TL1, but it should be similar for TL 2.

I keep a base mesh that already is rigged and weighted the way I want. Then I copy that mesh to be my new base for an armor class.


I hadn't parented the new mesh to the bones yet.


Several pieces have not been weighted yet.



I almost always use the mode that only weight paints what I have selected.


Now the new armor piece and the base mesh move together.


This technique usually does a pretty good job. Occasionally I have to go in and do some tweaking after the fact. But even in those cases, this saves me a ton of work.

I hope this helps!

Update: I went ahead and turned this into a video.


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