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-[[wiki:​syntax|Dokuwiki Syntax Guide]]+**<fs 200%>​Adding Content</​fs>​** 
 +To edit any page, click the Pencil icon in the upper right edge of each page. 
 +To create a new page, browse to the section of this wiki where your page-topic will fit best.  You can then edit that section page to create a link to your new page, like this... 
 +[[name of your page]] 
 +Once you save your edit, the "name of your page" becomes a clickable link.  Go ahead and click it. 
 +The wiki will say that page doesn'​t exist but that you can create it.  So click the pencil icon on the right to create your page and start adding content. 
 +You can use this [[wiki:​syntax|Dokuwiki Syntax Guide]] ​for formatting instructions. 
 +If you need any more help, drop by the [[http://​​forums/​wiki-knowledge-base/​|wiki knowledge base]] thread in the forums and ask away. 
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