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Affix Applicator


This Level Object will apply the specified “Affix” to the set Players or Monsters. Location

Right-click on an empty space in the Layout Scene Manager and choose

Logic > Affix Applicator

from the list.


Input Events

  • Set Monster - Set the Monster to receive the specified “Affix”.
  • Remove Monster - Remove the specified Monster from the Affix Applicator.
  • Apply Affix - Apply the specified “Affix”.
  • Remove Affix - Remove the specified “Affix”.
  • Apply Affix To Unit - Apply the specified “Affix” Unit.
  • Remove Affix From Unit - Remove the specified “Affix” from the set Unit.

Output Events

  • Monster Set - This event will fire when the Affix Applicator receives a “Set Monster” Input event.
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