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Awkward's translation helper

Based on Torch2<translate> Tool, it was expanded by some features:

  • More online translation services
  • Program Localization
  • Auto-translation of similar text lines
  • Editing several files at one time

Some base things

At program start you will have always available “Settings” window.

Settings changes affects on next opening project.
  • “Default translation file” is file (better to use Vanilla translation text file) which will be loaded always before any project.
  • “Additional files” is list for loading translation files after default one but before project.
  • “Translation language” option on top uses for online translation mainly.
  • “Words to exclude…” option more interesting. It consists of sparated by space words which will be excluded from original text comparsion when program will search proper (or similar) original text.
By default, original text will be changed to lower case. Some signs, numbers, color tags and value tags will be removed to get "template" for search.
At this time, You can check that text in hidden column of project table in Debug program version only. Also, -s, -es, -ed and -ing suffixes will be removed too.
So, "|cFFFFCF00Demon Blade Dark:|u\n|c0024a0ffRelease 6 Dark Blade|u" text will be changed to "demonbladedarkreleasedarkblade"

Create new project

Any time, when you need to create new project, you can use Menu item/button/hotkey (Ctrl-N). New window will appear at left side of main program window. You can press Enter or use Double-Click to choose Tree branch to scan. Or press Esc (or click large X button at right side) to close this window. If “Scan selected dir only” option is unchecked, program will scan all tree branch recursively. “Scan just known types” option let skip unknown extension from scan (it can slightly speedup process and avoid false string additions).

Editing existing project

Click “Open”button, choose Main menu item or just press Ctrl-O to open existing project. If *.ref file with same name as project will exists, it will be used to get additional info like placement (file) of original lines and tag for it. Also it have some additional info which not required for normal work. If file not exists, it will be created at the project saving. with buttons bar you can show full (with paths) or short name of file with lines, hide translated already , export and import selected text with file or clipboard, search some text, use searched text as filter to show just corresponding lines and call online translation of selected text.

Status line will show how much lines was preload before project and how much lines loaded and translated already. Also, it shows how many doubles was found at new project creation.

Combobox at left top corner lets to choose top-level subdirectory of scanned files. Also, when you choosing “Skills”, you will get additional combobox with skills subdirectories. It was made just to decrease showed lines count on screen.

User can edit translated text in right column. “Part” column lets mark text as translated partially. It can help to find non-finished or fix required text later.

You can edit text line-by-line in separate window also just by double-clicking on line. There you can make almost the same basic operations like in main window with moving to next/previous [untranslated] line. And use online translation too.

Use existing translations

After creating new project, can be good idea to use ready translations. Good to have yor copy of full translation file and import it through button press for file import (Ctrl-I hotkey). Also, you can choose another file(s) to make import from them. If line was marked as “partial” and you will import file where that text marked as “ready” it will replace your old text.

Notice what 'Import from clipboard' function requires next format:
<source text><tab><translated text>

Prepare translation for mod

“Build” menu item (Ctrl-B hotkey) can be used to make DAT-file for useing in translation mod. All you need just to choose directory (including sub-dirs) with ready translation (project) files. If tool will find same original text with different translation, only first will be used. Default translation file (TRANSLATION.DAT by default) will be used before files from choosen directories. Resulting file will be named as “EXPORT_FULL.DAT” and placed to program directory. All you need it rename it to “TRANSLATION.DAT” and place to your translation mod directory (MEDIA/TRANSLATIONS/<your language>/ path)

How to

  • Translate program to another language

“Languages” directory have ready progeam translations and tl2trans.pot (template) file which can be edited by any text editor or PO-editing program like PO-Edit

  • Keep small notes

You can save small notes (for example, hotkey help or some translation examples) in separate file with “Notes” interface. Just click on most right icon of main toolbar, call Help/Notes menu item or press Alt-H. By default, Notes will save as TL2Notes.<language>.csv in UTF8 encoding

Full hotkey's list

All hotkeys list can be found also in readme.txt file.

Main hotkeys:

Ctrl-B Build translation file from default file and 'import' directory
Ctrl-E Export
Ctrl-F Change font
Ctrl-N Show tree to start scan for new project
Ctrl-O Open saved project
Ctrl-S Save project
Ctrl-F4 Close project tab
Ctrl-Tab Next tab
Shift-Ctrl-Tab Prev tab
Shift-Ctrl-S Save project as…
Alt-0..Alt-9 Go to tab №0-9
Alt-H Notes window
Alt-F4 Exit program

Middle-click on tab will close it
Double-click or Enter on Tree node will choose directory to scan

Project Hotkeys:

Ctrl-A Select original text column
Ctrl-I Import from clipboard
Ctrl-R Call replace dialog
Ctrl-T Translate current line with yandex translate service
Shift-Ctrl-C copy selected cells (current column only) without tags
Alt-F Toggle filter/search mode
Alt-I Import file(s)
Alt-N Toggle full/short file name
Alt-P Check for notes of translation
Alt-R Toggle hide/show translated lines
Alt-S Open source file referred by file and tag
Alt-Del Set translation without color info
Alt-Right Search next
Del Delete translated text / delete line(s)

Double-Click opens text editor window

Text Edit in Cell hotkeys:

(Mainly for non-latin locales. These insertions replaces selected text) |

Alt-C Insert color tag from original text
Alt-N Insert \n (new line) signature
Alt-U Insert |u (end colored text) signature
Alt-V Insert parameters like <STAT1>, [TIME] and [[KB:SkillMenu]]
Alt-Del Delete color info

Text Edit window hotkeys:

Alt-Left Previous line
Alt-Right Next line
Alt-Up Previous untranslated line
Alt-Down Next untranslated line
Alt-P [Un]mark line as partially translated
Alt-S Show/hide source with partial translation
Alt-T Translate selected or source text with yandex translate service

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