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Attached Layouts on Items


Original location: How to change the scale of a weapon in GUTS

I know this subject has come up a few times over the years. Not sure I have seen a GUTS solution before so here it is. This solution does not change the actual mesh file, I believe you would need 3D software for that. It just creates a .layout file that will override the mesh file of the weapon.

Steps to increase the scale of a specific weapon in GUTS

  1. Open Item Editor within GUTS - Find the item/weapon you want to scale
  2. At the top left of the item editor, Click on the Magnifying Glass (Mesh Viewer)
  3. Under the Properties area (right hand side) find the “Mutators” Options and change Scale X, Scale Y and Scale Z to what you want to resize
  4. Save the file to your mod folder. This will create a .layout file that can be attached to the weapon that will replace the mesh file with the resized version.
  5. Attach the new .layout file to the item in the Item Editor under the “Attached Layout” area with the media file path… ie MEDIA/MODELS/WEAPONS/AXES/AXE02.LAYOUT
  6. Save the weapon. And you are done!

Screen shot of re-sized weapon done in this manner


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