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 +======Attached Layouts on Items======
 +Original location: [[http://​​forums/​weapons-armor/​how-to-change-the-scale-of-a-weapon-in-guts/​msg6643/#​msg6643|How to change the scale of a weapon in GUTS]]
 +I know this subject has come up a few times over the years. ​ Not sure I have seen a GUTS solution before so here it is.  This solution does not change the actual mesh file, I believe you would need 3D software for that.  It just creates a .layout file that will override the mesh file of the weapon.
 +Steps to increase the scale of a specific weapon in GUTS
 +  - Open Item Editor within GUTS - Find the item/weapon you want to scale
 +  - At the top left of the item editor, Click on the Magnifying Glass (Mesh Viewer)
 +  - Under the Properties area (right hand side) find the "​Mutators"​ Options and change Scale X, Scale Y and Scale Z to what you want to resize
 +  - Save the file to your mod folder. This will create a .layout file that can be attached to the weapon that will replace the mesh file with the resized version.
 +  - Attach the new .layout file to the item in the Item Editor under the "​Attached Layout"​ area with the media file path... ie MEDIA/​MODELS/​WEAPONS/​AXES/​AXE02.LAYOUT
 +  - Save the weapon. And you are done!
 +Screen shot of re-sized weapon done in this manner
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