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Cloning an item & editing its texture



NOTE: To see images larger, right click and open to see full 1920×1080 resolution.

In this tutorial I will explain how to change the color of a item skin, so you can create new custom items for yourself using the existing items Runic has given us. I did this using a weapon, but you should be able to use the instructions to do it with any item.

Clone a weapon item

1. Locate weapon you want to edit in GUTS. To find the weapons go to: Units>Items. Once there you can filter the weapons based on type. I am choosing a simple Arrowhead 2-handed Axe called Ritual Voluge.

2. Clone said weapon by right clicking on the weapon and selecting clone. At this point, you can rename the filename. I will call mine greataxe007. This will be our weapon at the end.

3. Now rename the weapon you have created to what you want. This is also when you can redo the stats and add any affixes to it. I have renamed mine to License to Kill.

Assign a new mesh

4. Now we need to make sure which mesh this item is using. The mesh will overlay the items texturing on the weapon model.

5. Now go to your MODELS folder as seen below and find our weapons mesh, materials and texture file.


6. In your mod folder, create a new folder under Media called Models, in that create Weapons, and then in that, create your weapon type. In my case this is _Greataxes.

7. Now copy these 3 files to that new folder.

Edit the texture

8. Now open the .DDS file.

9. This file looks nothing like the finished weapon. Each component is a part of the final weapon though. The .mesh file is what tells the game which parts of the texture file to display. We can guesstimate pretty well though.

10. If you are pretty good at photo editing, then have fun. I usually use layers so that I can change things without messing up the original.

11. If you don't want to take the trouble of figuring out each item, you can change it just using the photo editing settings that make changes to the whole image. Beware that this will make items with wooden handles look unlike wood handles.

12. Once you are done editing, save the file as a .DDS file, but save it as a new filename. In my case that will be greataxe007.DDS

13. Now we must rename the .mesh and .material files to match. They are now greataxe007.mesh and greataxe007.material

14. Now open the .material file in a text editor. I use Notepad++. Change both of these to greataxe007.

15. Now for the crazy one. Open the .mesh file in Notepad++. This will look like crazyness, but there is one part of the file that we can change. Change it so it points to your new mat filename. Mine is greataxe007.mat.

16. We are almost done! Open up GUTS again. Go back to the items. Change the meshfile to our new one.


17. Woohoo! We are done. Run the test in the editor. To spawn your item open the console. To open the console hit your Insert key. Then type: item greataxe007 (or your item name). This will spawn your item. If it shows up, then you have done it correctly!

Congratulations! You have now made your own custom weapon!

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