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DDS Converter

The DDS Converter is a pretty no-frills utility for batch converting images to DDS files. This requires the DirectX SDK to be installed because it uses texconv.exe to do the actual conversion.

To use:

  1. Select a folder containing the images you want to convert
    If the files are in multple directories, you can choose a parent directory and select “Show Sub Dirs” to list all the images in all child folders (can be slow if there are a lot of child folders).
  2. Check the files you want to convert from the displayed list
    You can check all the files by selecting the “Check All” checkbox
  3. Select the DDS format
    “Auto Format” will use DXT1 if there isn't any alpha in an image and DXT3 if there is alpha
  4. Select the number of MIP levels desired
    1 means one no MIPs
  5. Hit “Convert”
    The resulting output will be displayed int he Output window.
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