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Effect Dictionary

(A Torchmodders' Project)

A place to document the important details of the many, often confusing, effects to be found in GUTS. Feel free to fill in the blanks. We might want to split this into several topics to make searches easier. Remember, you can look at the Effect Editor for a general idea of what an Effect does.

Together with this page, it would also be a very good idea to review Gytfunke's Affixes & Effects - the Basics tutorial.

Add Charge Percent

This effect is self-descriptive. It will add a percent to the target's current charge pool.

Add Charges

Charges are only used by certain classes, namely the Engineer and some mod classes. These are the pips on the Engineer's charge bar. Add Charges adds these, which are roughly equal to about 20% charge for the engineer and 100% to the other classes. It adds the full percent charge amount equal to one full unit of CHARGES, this is (100/MAX_CHARGES).

Add Stat

Add Stat will add the listed value in MIN/MAX to the intended target.

Add Stat DOES NOT make use of graphs or stat modifiers. It will only apply the listed value in MIN/MAX. If you need to use this effect in a skill with 15 levels for example, it necessitates making a separate affix for each value you want to use. I suggest using the PMPE to do this.

Add Stat to Level

Add Triggerable

This effect will attach a Triggerable to an actor. The name of the triggerable should be typed exactly into the 'Name' field.

'Exclusive' does nothing for this effect. Multiple applications of a Triggerable will stack it on an actor, possibly causing complications. Triggerables also do not get removed in the same way other effects do (time expiration, character death, removing the affix), so they need to be removed manually with a REMOVE TRIGGERABLE effect.


Agro has no function, according to current testing.

Armor Bonus

Armor Bonus will confer a flat value bonus to armor. The default type is Physical armor, but any elemental type can be selected in the Damage Type field.

Armor Item Requirements

Attack Spell Bonus

Gives a level bonus to all skills marked with the 'Attack Spell' flag in the Skill Editor.

In TL1, this effect was used for the “Offensive Spell Mastery” skill. In TL2, this effect can still be used, but is not implemented in the vanilla game.

Award Statpoint

This effect must be used if you wish to correctly add spendable stat points to the player character. An add stat effect for 'PLAYER STAT PTS TO SPEND' does not work.

Warning: Will flag players as “cheaters”, if used without balancing the total resultant stat points.


Blind effects reduce the 'sight range' of an NPC (no effect on players). If the player is outside of an NPC's sight range, it turns off the NPC's ability to interact with the player, meaning they won't flee, attack or take evasive maneuvers unless something else makes them.

MIN/MAX will determine the percent of the target's sight radius to be lost. There is no % chance option with this effect.

If you want to add a % for the blind effect to occur, use PERCENT BLIND.

Blind Resistance


Burn Duration Bonus

Cast Skill

This functions similarly to an EXECUTE_SKILL event. It will cast the skill whose file name is listed in the NAME field. MIN/MAX are a percent chance to cast the skill. Level determines which level to cast (useful if the skill has multiple levels). Setting Level to 0 or -1 will cause it to inherit the Affix Level designated in the Affix block that applies this effect.

Cast Skill interprets the caster as the character which initiated the effect application. So, if the player casts a spell that has this effect, the player will be the caster of the skill this effect triggers.

Chthon Discovered:

Turns out that the “cast skill” effect is actually “cast skill on swing (auto-attacks only)” so long as it has a duration. Which is exactly the behavior of TL1 spectral echo.

and TwinkleToes adds:


setting a range on the casted skill will alter its behaviour, if the auto attack is performed on something outside of X range it will not fire, setting a minimum range has the same effect but reversed, if the auto attack is performed on something inside the minimum range it wont fire,

-Shift + attack functionality

pressing shit + attack to hold your position and attack the air, will cause any the casted skill to ignore range requirements, since the attack is regarded as having no target, thus having no requirement for whats in range and what is not.


another difference of a casted and executed skill executed skills can be “cloned”, this behavior causes an executed skill to be casted several times in one instance, eg. if a skill has an event unit hit attached to it to play an executed skill, the executed skill will play by the number of units hit. this can be disabled by turning off clones from the event strings

(I'd like to point out that I believe this is the normal function of clones: they limit the number of times an EVENT can be triggered in a single skill use) ~gyt

Cast Skill at Target

Casts the skill using the target of the effect as the target of the skill.

Cast Skill from Target

This casts the target skill but uses the Target of the effect as the caster of the skill.

Cast Skill on Death

Cast Skill on Death from Effect Owner

Cast Skill on Kill

Cast Skill on Kill at Target

Cast Skill on Melee Skill Strike

Cast Skill on Melee Skill Strike from Target

Cast Skill on Melee Strike

Cast Skill on Melee Strike from Target

Cast Skill on Ranged Skill Strike

Cast Skill on Ranged Skill Strike from Target

Cast Skill on Ranged Strike

Cast Skill on Ranged Strike from Target

Cast Skill on Strike

This causes the specified skill to be cast when the character who has this effect strikes a target. If this is set to be a PASSIVE effect, the skill will be cast EVERY time the character strikes.

Conveyance: Strikes are any hits made with basic attacks from a weapon or any skill attacks which 1) use weapon damage (or DPS) and 2) have the NOSTRIKEEFFECTS property set to 0.

To bypass the weapon damage requirement, a TRIGGERABLE can be used with the subtype of HIT or GOTHIT, depending on targeting.

Cast Skill on Strike from Target

Cast Skill on Struck

Cast Skill on Target

Charge Bar Decay Delay

Charge BAr Decay Rate

Charm Resistance

Charm Spell Bonus

Gives a level bonus to all skills marked with the 'Charm Spell' flag in the Skill Editor.

In TL1, this effect was used for the “Charm Spell Mastery” skill. In TL2, this effect can still be used, but is not implemented in the vanilla game.


This effect is added to items that are spawned via the console. It does not appear to do anything except add the “CHEATED ITEM” text to the item's description.

Clear Stat

Cleat Stat on Level

Convert Charge Percent to Stat

Convert Charge to Stat

Critical Chance


Probably the most common Effect in TL2. It conveys a flat amount of damage, a la Glaive Throw or Prismatic Bolt.

Graphs and the UseOwnerLevel property: UseOwnerLevel is used by convention with nearly all skill effects in TL2. It ensures that skills scale with the level of monsters. However, it disrupts the mathematical formula that allows us to use Graphs and Stat modifiers to scale our effects. This makes it necessary to create a separate affix for each skill level so we can manually manipulate the MIN and MAX.

Damage over Time: For DYNAMIC damage effects with a duration greater than 0, the MIN/MAX is applied each second. So, a damage effect with a MIN/MAX of 100 and a Duration of INSTANT would do 100 damage. A damage effect with a MIN/MAX of 100 and a duration of 3 would deal 300 damage- 100 each second.

Damage Bonus

Damage Bonus Secondary

Damage Chance

As Damage, but with the CHANCE property.

Damage Reflection

Damage Taken


Defense Spell Bonus

Degrade Armor

Degrade Armor Effect

Destructable Shield

Used exclusively for NPCs (monsters and maybe pets, but I've never seen it used for pets). This is the effect used to give Sturmbeorn Warmakers their destructible shields.

Desummon Monster

Desummon on Death

Dexterity Bonus


Dodge Chance Bonus

Draw Health

Draw Mana

Dual Wielding Bonus

Electrical Defense

Elemental Effect Duration Bonus

Emotional Damage

Explode Dead

The fun effect found namely on the Engineer's Flamehammer skill which literally explodes dead corpses on the ground.

Explode on Death

Fade Out

Fame Gain Bonus

Fire Defense

Fishing Luck

Flee Effect

Flee Resist


Freeze Duration Bonus

Fumble Chance Reduction

Fumble Penalty Reduction


Gold Drop

HP Mod over Time

HP Recharge

HP Recharge Player

Ice Defense



Immobilize Resistance

Innate Electric Defense

Innate Fire Defense

Innate Ice Defense

Innate Poison Defense


Interrupt stops a character's spellcasting or attack. Very useful for dealing with casters. To experience this, try using Glaive Throw or Raze on a Mirka Stormcaller (or whatever those guys are in act 1 that summon little ice tornadoes and kill you dead)

Some effects have 2 variations, one for direct application and one for 'buffs'. This is the case with Interrupt. The effect Interrupt is the buff version and is applied to things like the base mace item, giving maces their 90% interrupt chance. For use on a direct damage skill, use Interrupt Chance.

Interrupt Chance

See above. The correct text setup for Interrupt Chance on a direct damage/application skill is as follows:


The MIN/MAX determine the chance to interrupt. The Duration determines how long the interrupt lasts (I think?). Graphs and stats can be used with this effect.

For a Vanilla example, refer to Glaive Throw.

Interrupt Resistance


An amusing, but useless stat to put on Equipment affixes.


A very simple effect. Anything it is applied to dies. MIN/MAX have no meaning. There is no variable control over this effect. Application has to be controlled via Affix or Skill properties.

Knock Back

Knock Back is the effect added to items to give them their knockback effects (a la the bow or shotgonne). It also works if applied as a Passive effect to a character to give each of their attacks a knockback effect.

Knock Back (and Knockback Effect) cannot be modified by a graph. While the proper values will be displayed in tooltips, they will NOT be applied correctly. It seems to always apply a value of 1, which is terribly weak.

I also believe stats (such as EFFECT_LEVEL) cannot be correctly used to modify this effect's value. This makes it necessary to create one affix for each level if a skill is to have an incrementally increasing knockback value.

For dynamic application, such as from a skill's explosion, use Knockback Effect.

Knock Back Effect

Same as Knock Back, but to be used with dynamic skills. See Magma Mace for a Vanilla template.

Learn Skill

Life Steal

Life Steal Master

Logic Resistance


Magic Item Requirements

Magical Defense

Mana Recharge

Mana Recharge Player

Mana Steal

Martial Item Requirements

Max Charges

Max HP

Max Mana



Miss Chance

Missile Range Bonus

Missile Reflect

Missile Reflect Visual

Modify Skill Cooldown Remaining


Used as a placeholder for events that require an effect to trigger properly. Does nothing on its own.

Noodle Arms

Open Portal

Open Waypoint Portal

Percent Active Distance Bonus

Percent Armor Bonus

Percent Attack Speed

Percent Blind

As Blind, but with the added CHANCE field which allows you to determine the chance per application that the target will be blinded. With this effect, the STAT and GRAPH OVERRIDE fields affect the CHANCE field.

Percent Block Chance

Percent Block Chance Base

Percent Cast Speed

Percent Charge Bar Decay Rate

Percent Charging Bonus

Percent Critical Damage

Percent Damage Bonus

Percent Damage Bonus by Monster Count

Percent Damage Reflected

Percent Damage Taken

Percent Damage Taken by Monster Count

Percent Defense

Percent Dexterity Bonus

Percent Dual Wielding Attack

Percent Gold Drop

Percent HP

Percent Item Requirements

Percent Knock Back Resistance

Percent Life Stolen

Percent Life Stolen Master

Percent Magic

Percent Magic Item Damage Bonus

Percent Magical Drop

Percent Mana

Percent Mana Cost Bonus

Percent Mana Stolen

Percent Martial Item Damage Bonus

Percent MeleeDamage

Percent Pet Armor

Percent Pet Damage

Percent Pet Health

Percent Pet Velocity

Percent Ranged Item Damage Bonus

Percent RangedDamage

Percent Sight Bonus

Percent Speed

Percent Strength Bonus

Percent To Hit Bonus

Percent View Angle Bonus

Permanent Defense

This effect must be used if you wish to correctly adjust the base Vitality stat for the player character. An add stat effect for 'CHARACTER DEFENSE BASE' does not work.

Warning: Will flag players as “cheaters”, if used without balancing the total resultant stat points.

Permanent Dexterity

This effect must be used if you wish to correctly adjust the base Dexterity stat for the player character. An add stat effect for 'CHARACTER DEXTERITY BASE' does not work.

Warning: Will flag players as “cheaters”, if used without balancing the total resultant stat points.

Permanent Health

Permanent Magic

This effect must be used if you wish to correctly adjust the base Focus stat for the player character. An add stat effect for 'CHARACTER MAGIC BASE' does not work.

Warning: Will flag players as “cheaters”, if used without balancing the total resultant stat points.

Permanent Mana

Permanent Strength

This effect must be used if you wish to correctly adjust the base Strength stat for the player character. An add stat effect for 'CHARACTER STRENGTH BASE' does not work.

Warning: Will flag players as “cheaters”, if used without balancing the total resultant stat points.

Pet Departure Time

Physical Defense


Poison Defense

Poison Duration Bonus

Potion Efficiency

Price Reduction


Pull Effect

Pull Resistance


Ranged Item Requirements

Reduced Item Requirements

Remove Effect

Remove Triggerable




Changes the visual model size of a character.

TwinkleToes 2019/08/01:

the way it works is pretty simple

STARTSCALE: determines what size your character will start out as when the effect is applied ( 1 = 100%), mostly used for visual effect

ENDSCALE: final size when the effect ends (this is what matters the most, as it determines the characters actual size)

TIME TO SCALE: time it takes to go from end to start scale (if your end and start scale are the same this will never happen)

TIME TO SCALE BACK: if the effect has a duration it will shrink your character back to normal when it ends, this determines the time it takes to do that (setting duration to always will make this never happen)

the effect already stacks on its own, i tested it using a scroll and you can consume multiple items over and over ad infinitum to get gigantic lol, but the way it stacks is additive, eg if you have a startscale of 1 (100%) and an endscale of 1.1 (+ 10%) the next scroll will add onto that 1.1 to become 2.2 (220%)

Scale By Hp

Set Charge Percent

Set Mesh Invisible

Set Skill Cooldown Remaining

Set Skill Level

Set Stat

This effect modifies a stat by making it equal to the output of this effect. Type the name of the stat you wish to modify into the Name field of this effect. This effect, unlike ADD STAT, can be modified by another stat by putting its name into the STAT field.

Set Stat on Level

Set Visible

Shield Break

Shield Break Effect

Shield Buffer


Shock Duration Bonus

Sight Bonus



Skill Bonus

Skill Disable

Skill Enable

Slow Resistance


Spawn Unit

Spawn Unit on Death

Spell Requirements

Stop Skill

Strength Bonus


Stun Resistance

Summon Duration

Swap POS with Pet

Target Locked


Teleport NoParticle

Teleport Random

Teleport Random NoParticle

Teleport Resistance

To Hit Bonus


Transform Permanent

Transformation Time

Trap Disarm Chance

Turn Alignment

Unit Theme

Velocity Mult

View Angle Bonus


Warp to POI

XP Gain Bonus

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