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 +<fs 300%> ** EVENTS Information ** </fs>
 +** By: OedipusTex **
 +{{tag>​[skill event events]}}
 +[[http://​​viewtopic.php?​f=47&​t=53446&​p=497633#​p451142|Original post location]]
 +Sat Feb 23, 2013
 +I've been asked this a few times in private emails so I figure it may be worth posting. There seems to be some (understandable) confusion about the EVENTS inside Skill DAT files. I'm hoping this can help clarify some of the common questions.
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_START**</​fs>​
 +  * This is called the moment the skill activates, disregarding cast animations.
 +  * If calling a power from another power or affix with EXECUTESKILL,​ it must have an EVENT_START,​ because the called skill has no cast animation and will not fire EVENT_TRIGGER. ​
 +  * Since Passives have no cast animation, you'd want to use this
 +  * If you put this in a skill that has a cast animation, the cast animation and the event happen at the same time
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_TRIGGER**</​fs>​
 +  * This is called after the cast animation is complete.
 +  * Most "​activated"​ skills use this
 +  * Seems to be ignored entirely by EXECUTESKILL
 +  * Does not seem to work with all animations, possibly because some animations lack the correct "​trigger"​ at the end 
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_UNITHIT**</​fs>​
 +  * This is special code for a unit hit by any part of the power that is capable of hitting. ​
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_END**</​fs>​
 +  * This is called at the very end of the Skill activation.
 +  * Specifically,​ this is called when the final particle effects created by the power expire. You can manipulate particle effects to extend or reduce this timeframe.
 +  * For Passives, this is automatically called when a condition happens that ends the Passive (so you would use this to remove any Affixes applied)
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_UNITDIE**</​fs>​
 +  * This is called when an enemy is killed by the spell.
 +  * If the enemy happens to die for some reason unrelated to the spell, I don't think this event fires, even if the spell is still active
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_MISSILEDIE**</​fs>​
 +  * Called when a missile expires. Can be used to make them explode at the end of their path (ie a grenade), for example.
 +  * A missile that ricochets will normally reset its duration. It's harder to predict how long it will take for them to die than non-richeting missiles.
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_CASTERDIE**</​fs>​
 +  *Used mainly for Monster passives. Allows you to do something if the caster happens to die while the spell is active.
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_TRIGGER_TWO (and _THREE and _FOUR)**</​fs>​
 +  * Special triggers that interact directly with callbacks from the Layout file (I think)
 +  * I've not been able to figure out how to make these work reliably
 +  * In some skills, this is used as a way to apply "​dummy"​ affixes so that they show up in the skill'​s rollover text without actually applying them
 +<fs 150%>​**EVENT_UNIT_CREATE**</​fs>​
 +  * I only recently just noticed this one. I am not sure yet when it fires.
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