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Exporting/ Importing .FBX Format From/To 3DSMax

by: Vkoslak

1. Exporting

Open the file you want to convert.

Once it loads, it should look like the screenshot. Verify that its the animation/mesh you want.

I get a bunch of errors about missing textures. I ignore them.

Find the export menu.

Export as an FBX.

Make sure the animation checkbox is selected. I think I left everything else alone.

Click OK.

It processes for a little bit, and then I get a warning about “By Object not supported”. I ignore this too.

Now I have an fbx.

2. Importing

The importing is a little more “fun”.

These are the settings I use for importing. I check the “Ignore Leaf Bones” and “Automatic Bone Orientation”.

There! Perfect!

Ok, it looks like a bad transporter accident. We need Mr. Scott to fix it.

Go to a side view and select one of the meshes. I picked “m_HumM_Nude” since it's the base mesh.

Now isolate it by pressing the “/” key. Then be sure that you are in ortho mode not perspective.

Rotate the mesh -90 degrees.


Now do a “CTRL-A” and select “Rotation”.

I set my “end frame” to “35” and hit play to watch the animation.

Now press “/” to unhide all the other meshes. Pick another one to rotate and repeat.

Hopefully that helps.

I should add, that If you want to build out an animation library, start with the base A-pose or T-Pose.
Then when you import the fbx files for the animations, delete the meshes attached to them. You only need one set of meshes right?
Then hide the bones from the animations. You should then be able to select your base bones, bring up the “dope sheet”, switch it to “action editor” and select the animations from the other bones. That might be worth a video tutorial though.


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