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 +<fs 250%>​Friendly Charge Bar Class Passives</​fs>​
 +By: gytfunke
 +<style right>​Tags:</​style>​
 +{{tag>​[skills passives charge-bar classes]}}
 +Normally, when making a custom class it is common to need to make some minor (or major) balance changes to your charge bar or innate passives after some time in development. ​ This becomes difficult or perhaps impossible if you have already released the class mod on Steam or RGF.  Why?  Because of the model for charge bar implementation that we have from Runic.
 +===== Traditional Method =====
 +Most modders will follow the path Runic took.  That is, give the class a saved effect on character creation. ​ This is the Effects list in the window: Data Editor>​Players>​Affixes/​Effects
 +If you look at the entry for the Wanderer Base, you'll see a long list of effects that apply permanent bonuses to the character. ​ There are four added triggerables and a 25% penalty to charge rate.  This application happens only once, on character creation. ​ If ever you wanted to change the charge rate penalty of the wanderer, it would only apply to newly created characters. ​ Old characters would be stuck with the original, 25% penalty.
 +===== New Method =====
 +Instead of using the effects list to give newly created characters our desired bonus, use a passive skill. ​ Using a passive skill will allow you to balance your charge bar and innate passives at any point in development and have the effects apply to ALL characters: the newly created and the pre-existing.
 +To do this, create a new passive skill in the model of any of the vanilla mastery skills. ​ One of these passives will add an affix on EVENT_START and remove it on EVENT_END. ​ Replace the Affixes applied with a new affix that applies the innate passives you want your class to have.  Make sure to set Save:false for all of the effects.
 +Now, we just have to make a few modifications to the passive skill and we will have our easily modifiable charge effects and passives.
 +At the skill level, set the following properties:
 +  * Hidden:1
 +  * Skill_Type:​DEFENSIVE (or OFFENSIVE, or CHARM, any will work, this prevents the skill from being respecced)
 +In Data Editor>​Players>​Skills for your custom class:
 +  * Add the passive skill
 +  * Set its level to 1
 +Voila, done.  Don't add the skill to the UI (unless you want to show players the innate passives/​charge effects). ​ Never again worry about having to implement some crazy workaround later in development to modify your existing characters'​ innate passives.[/​quote]
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