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Mod Package and Publish


The Mod Package and Publish window is used to build and distribute the current mod.

The Mod Package and Publish window.


The left column display read-only information about the current mod.

  • These values can be changed under the Info tab in the Mods window or editing the mod.dat file located in the mod's media folder with a text editor
    • ModID: Unique ID assign to the mod, if published to steam, steam assigns the unique ID. Data type: Integer 64. Not editable in GUTS.
    • Version: Current version of the mod, increases everytime the mod is build. Data type: Integer. Not editable in GUTS.
    • DownloadURL: Optional Download link for your mod (included to facilitate non-steamy mods). Data type: (String).
    • Website: Optional mod website (will be published with the mod if published to steam workshop). Data type: (String)
    • Author: The name of the author of the mod (limit of 255 characters lenght). Data type: (String).
    • Description: Description of the mod, this is the short description that appears when the mod is selected in the mod launcher (limit of 512 characters). Data type: (String)
    • LongDescription: Long description of the mod, this will we displayed in the steam workshop page if published to steam.
    • ModFileName: The file mod name (limit of 32 characters lenght).
    • Name: The display name of the mod.
    • SteamChangeDescription: The change log text which will be associated with the current changes when published to steam.
    • SteamPreviewFile: Preview image file for your mod in the steam workshop, the file need to be located in the mod's folder, and the relative path is used.
    • SteamTags: any tags you wish to apply to your mod for steamworks categorization, in GUTS the tags are added from the list of already existing ones, new tags can be added editing mod.dat file and then will be added to steam.


Publish to Steam

  • If True the mod will be published to Steam Workshop after being built.

Open Workshop page after publishing

  • If True the Steam Workshop page for the mod will be opened in a browser after being built.

Update Mod Title

  • If True the mod Title on the Steam Workshop page will be updated with the “Name” value displayed in the left Info column.

Update Mod Description

  • If True the mod Description on the Steam Workshop page will be update with the “LongDescription” value displayed in the left Info column.

View Workshop

  • This button will open the Steam Workshop page for the mod in a browser.

Publish without Rebuilding Mod

  • If the mod has been built previously this button will publish it to Steam Workshop without rebuilding it.

External Publishing Tool

Run tool after packaging mod

  • If True the “Tool Executable” will be launched after the build process has completed

Argument List

  • A list of arguments for the “Tool Executable” to use when launched.

Run without Rebuilding Mod

  • If the mod has been built previously this button will run the “Tool Executable” without rebuilding the mod.



  • This button is used to package the current mod in to a *.mod file.


  • The log of the build process is displayed in this window.

View mod folder on completion

  • If True an Explorer window of the mod folder will be opened once the build process has completed.


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