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Part 1

This is Order rooted in ancient times and in united nation of Zeraphi and Ezrohir. At that time, centuries ago, was discovered a way to overcome the death using the power of Ember. But immortality was a price, to avoid the death could only be abandoning own physical body. Zeraphi have chosen the path of rebirth beings composed of pure energy, Ezrohir also tried to replace their bodies with mechanical enchanted armor. Both methods gave immortality, but both have disadvantages. Zeraphi becoming the total energy lost the thread connecting them to the real world, lost the desire and ability to evolve, their development slowed down and eventually stopped. Ezrohir on the contrary, got a huge incentive to improving, since in order to maintain their own mechanical bodies they constantly needed Ember. Their bodies become sophisticated and deadly, and the resource needed more and more. All this has led to the fact that the sole purpose of Ezrohir became mining and search Ember any cost. That made ??them cruel, heartless machines and destroyed all that their connect with people. This eventually led to a devastating war for the possession of Ember, which became the meaning of Ezrohir life.

But there were those who believed that there is a third way to achieve immortality allowing to keep the body. But the way this was not easy. Followers of the third way to understand that it will not turn to achieve results without thorough research, knowledge, technology and study anatomy. The search eventually led investigators to another continent, where was founded the first real laboratory, which later took shape in “The Order of Faceless”.

Using extensive knowledge of people living in the territory of the Empire in fields of anatomy and mechanisms, and the alchemical essence of Zeraphi based on Ember, these researchers have invented a technology and allow The Serum to get an immortal body. The serum and the process of transformation is carefully guarded secret of the order, but we know that it is a long and painful process. The Serum is applied in small doses to all parts of a living organism and change it, in consequence of which the body can not be aging, becomes immune to all diseases, and to most known poisons. Persons having passed the transformation, provided that it survived, retains most human traits and functions. This creature as humans requires food, water to maintain the functioning of own body. Without food or water body of Immortal dries, life processes are slowed down and it can go into hibernation.

The goal of researchers has been achieved, but the technology, as others, had its adverse effects - tissues of the body under the influence of serum lost a familiar look and became blue-green color, all hairs fell out, decreased body temperature, decreased regeneration and speed wound healing, appeared immune to pain, disappeared the need for sleep and lost reproduce possibility.

The First Serum and The Technology of transformation were unperfected, so bodies of the first Immortals past way of transformation - “Purification”, became strongly mummification. Their skin is dry and hardened, tightly embracing bones, their faces were disfigured and lost human features. This appearance of the living dead scare others and made ??it impossible for communion, so they decided to use clothes hiding the body and face masks that later became a tradition and gave the name of the Order. So Immortal became Faceless and began the history of the Order.

Part 2

The first success of the Immortals was significant, but not sufficient. It was decided to continue the study, which was aimed at improving the formula of serum and the “Purification.” To prevent the abduction of valuable but imperfect technology Immortals moved his laboratory in a quiet secret place where had settled and where, over time, was founded “Citadel of Faceless”. The Code was adopted - a set of rules describing the structure, rules and goals of the Order. The motto of the Order became a phrase “No Death for Us.”

First Immortals, whose number totaled 7 person have chosen the title of Grand Master and organized Faceless Council - the main governing body of the Order. The purpose of the Order been defined searching of a perfect way to immortality, through the accumulation of knowledge and research. The first members of the Order have become enthusiasts and professionals versed in anatomy, alchemy and mechanics. Those who are having the necessary knowledge, and not afraid of losing the human form in exchange for immortality. Thus formed the backbone of the Order - Research Department. With the growth of the Order there was a threat of information leakage, as there is a need to protect against external threats and was organized a special department - Protectors, so began a selection of skillful warriors and veterans of military matter. Initially, Protectors guarding the Citadel and its members. Then, their authority were expanded. Their responsibilities include reconnaissance, the struggle against espionage and physical elimination of persons pose a threat. Faceless acted privacy and reclusive, but managed to establish trade. With extensive knowledge of the Order was able to organize the production of potions, medicines, technical devices. This allowed to sell their products using the trading channel of traveling merchants. Thus was attained financial independence and has appeared Trade Department. Next appeared Department of Diplomacy allowed to establish relations with many nations, including the Empire. Agreement was reached under which the Order respecting the neutrality obtains guarantees of non-interference in the affairs of the Order and exclusive manifestation of mutual aggression. Despite neutrality, with the Empire developed the closest relations - cooperation on various studies, technology exchange and joint projects.

Currently The Faceless Order has about 5,000 members. The Code has been expanded, and now become a member of the Order, not everyone can, candidates are carefully selected and voting, then sent the invitation. Newbie accepting the invitation and crossed the threshold of the Citadel is obliged to renounce his former life, family and to devote himself to service, and whole property to transfer the Order. Coming ritual “Purification” newbie gets a new name and, according to the available talent is directed to the appropriate department. Violation of the Code and any action which may affect the reputation of the Order shall be punishable by up to physical elimination, such as for treason.

Despite the fact that the Faceless Order is large enough to meet the Faceless on the street is extremely difficult. Most members of the Order resides in the Citadel, entrance into which is forbidden to all uninitiated. Diplomats having representation in all major cities, have all necessary authorization and work alone. Protectors usually operate at night, secretly, cunningly masquerading as ordinary people. All this has given rise to distrust and fear toward Faceless among ordinary citizens. Was coined many horror stories and rumors about the Faceless, now thus frighten naughty children. Some say that the Faceless dig graves and eat corpses, kidnap newborn babies for their terrible experiences, drink the blood of virgins and other fables.

Part 3

Faceless have immortality, but are devoid of invulnerability. It is known that their bodies can be damaged as well as the ordinary human, may be injured, but to kill them, apparently, is extremely difficult. It is believed to kill the Faceless need to cut off his head, and then burn everything, including a mask, then the Faceless could not be reborn in another body. True or not - is unknown, as there is no accurate and reliable information about such intsedent. Nobody ever saw a corpse of the Faceless, bandits and any fools encroached attack Faceless disappeared without trace, and find eyewitnesses of happening is not possible. Protectors and money allow to keep all secrets of the Order confidential.

The formula of the First Serum has been improved, but failed to achieve significant progress. Now the body after the purification does not look like a mummy come to life, and fully preserves human form but always have blue-green color. Necessity to hide face and wearing a mask has disappeared, but the wearing of masks has become a tradition and a hallmark of of the Order. Possibility not feel the pain, having a definite plus during combat, but brings great inconvenience for the Faceless. In everyday life this results to what an accidental fall, rock on the road or a sharp corner of a table is applied limb injuries. Absence pain does not allow timely response to injury, plus the slow regeneration may result to dysfunction of limbs and long-term treatment by blood transfusion and additional injections of the Serum. Therefore, among the Faceless, gained popularity constant wearing chain or plate gloves and boots. Recent developments in the creation of mechanical creatures and mechanisms found a response in hearts of Protectors, in the department became fashionable to change their limbs and body parts for more convenient for operational work. Is now often use mechanical limbs, which are driven by the Ember power engine.

The successes of The Order, in the creation of various human-like mechanisms undoubtedly impressive, although it was not advertised. But precisely because of this the Empire’s academy of science and technology - Industrium can now boast of a perfect steam-driven armor worn by engineers. Also, it is The Faceless supply logic blocks for all automatons used in the Empire, including Tick-Tock Knights and Bards. Not known have opened The Faceless lost secret of resuscitation mechanisms, or this is a response to what is happening with the Faceless after they completely lose their own body, but this interesting fact directs at reflexions. It is also known that The Faceless helped create The Power armor for the dying Alchemist, who later became infamous Dark Alchemist. Why and for what purpose The Faceless saved Alchemist and endowed him with such crushing force is not known, but there is definitely traced the interests of The Order relating to their researches. No comments to the public about this intsedent from The Faceless have not been reported, the official authorities of the Empire, if they know the answer, all kept under security classification.

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