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 +====== Layout Link Palette ======
 +===== Overview =====
 +The Layout Link Palette is a tool that allows you to select and place [[Layout Link Object|Layout Links]] in a [[Layouts|Layout]] file which can be found under the View top menu on the [[Main Window]].
 +==== Layout Link Types ====
 +There are three different types of Layout Links: ​
 +  * [[Layout_Link_Object|Layout Link]]
 +  * [[Layout_Link_Timeline_Object|Layout Link Timeline]]
 +  * [[Layout_Link_Controller_Object|Layout Link Controller]]
 +The selected type will be created when using the Layout Link Palette to add a new [[Layout Link Object|Layout Link]] to a [[Layouts|Layout]],​ but replacing an existing [[Layout Link Object|Layout Link]] will not change the type of [[Layout Link Object]].
 +==== Placing a Link ====
 +To add a [[Layout Link Object|Layout Link]] double-click on the desired one in the Layout Link Palette to create that [[Layout Link Object|Layout Link]] at your Working Plane within the Work Space. If a pre-existing [[Layout Link Object|Layout Link]] is selected within the Work Space it will be replaced with the double-clicked [[Layout Link Object|Layout Link]].\\
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