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Logic For Class Insignias

By: Lolesch

Open one of the “Main-ingame-menus” with the UI scene editor for example the inventory. You will find a window called “Plates” and in there you'll find this logic.

So in vanilla the base background is for Embermages but the game will check for your Unittype… so lets say you play an Outlander:

On visible (menu) -> broadcast Berserker (unittype) = false -> broadcast Outlander = true -> show outlander sigils[/color]

Because the base file is embermage we dont need to broadcast that. This is why all new classes show embermage sigils.

If you want to change sigils, you can change the Image files of course, but this will be global change for all vanilla classes and all mods using these Icons.

OR you have to add/remove/change them in every menu which would conflict with other mods (can be realized in huge mod packs though). This is why my mod will simply remove them, no sigils, no difference. One menu!

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