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Displayname Lore text File
TrollcutterThe best way to kill a troll is to start at the base, and go up.greataxe_u01
TrollsapperBringing trolls down, from the bottom upgreataxe_u01b
TrollcleaverIt just cuts trolls in half … no mucking aboutgreataxe_u01c
ShieldbasherIt lets nothing stand between you and your foesgreataxe_u02
HelmsplitterIt gets in your headgreataxe_u02b
BoneshredderA nasty piece of businessgreataxe_u02c
The Honorguard's TouchBad Touch!greataxe_u03
The Executioner's KissA cold, sharp, and all-too-final kissgreataxe_u03b
The Headsman's CaressBe gentlegreataxe_u03c
ReptimortisThe Tu'tara believe this axe was sent by the gods as punishmentgreataxe_u04
HeadhunterOff with their heads!greataxe_u04b
CutthroatThroat, neck, and spine, to be precisegreataxe_u04c
The Axe of the Ogre KingThe axe wielded by Ogrimmax, King of Ogresgreataxe_u05
The Axe of Broken PactsThe axe used to kill Ogrimmax, King of Ogresgreataxe_u05b
The Axe of WarThe axe wielded by Magrimax, the second King of Ogresgreataxe_u05c
The Dragonhorn HalberdMade from the horn of the last of the great dragons … and it remembers who killed it greataxe_u06
DragonaxeIt strikes like the bite of a dragongreataxe_u06b
DragondoomThe axe that slew the last great dragon of oldgreataxe_u06c
The GearheadScience made manifest, to battle superstition made fleshgreataxe_u07
The Mechano-AxeThe greatest engineering achievement of all timegreataxe_u07b
Axe-Bot 2525The axe of the future!greataxe_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
The CavitatorA shield only delays the inevitablegreathammer_u01
DwarfbreakerThe Dwarfs feared it enough to warn their descendants about itgreathammer_u01b
ShieldcrusherDon't let that shield stop yougreathammer_u01c
The GristmillGrind 'em down! Grind 'em all down!greathammer_u01x
HeartbreakerYou'll break a few hearts with this babygreathammer_u02
MiseryThis should cheer you upgreathammer_u02b
TormentorLet the beatings commencegreathammer_u02c
MansmasherSimply smashing!greathammer_u03
The Paladin's FistThe cure for rot and decaygreathammer_u03b
Manswatter… because they're pestsgreathammer_u03c
Mace of the Twin GodsTogether Forevergreathammer_u04
Blackfang BludgeonA relic from the Arachnos War. The spiders remember it wellgreathammer_u04b
DENIEDThe Stamp of Disapprovalgreathammer_u04c
Dwarven SkullpunchIn all fairness, that might be the name of a drink …greathammer_u05
SpikedriverThis should drive your point homegreathammer_u05b
SpinecrackerThis should release plenty of serum thiolsgreathammer_u05c
The Monster MashCreated in a lab, late one night …greathammer_u05x
The Ogre's FistIt packs quite a punch.greathammer_u06
The AdministratorIt has the power to shut everything downgreathammer_u06b
The Troll's KnuckleCrack!greathammer_u06c
GatecrasherKnock, knockgreathammer_u07
DemolisherThis is why we can't have nice thingsgreathammer_u07b
SiegebreakerIt's never met a wall it couldn't maulgreathammer_u07c
The Gramma HammerWords fail megreathammer_u07d


Displayname Lore text File
Three-Hand SwordNeed a hand with that?greatsword_u01
Bear-BaiterA weapon right out of Valgang legendgreatsword_u01b
DecapitatorAre you sure it's absolutely safe?greatsword_u01c
EqualizerIt levels the playing fieldgreatsword_u02
The GrayForged in fires of smoldering rage, under a rain-dark skygreatsword_u02_set_thegray
GoblinskewerSometimes, you just have to go around putting goblins on spikesgreatsword_u02b
SeveranceYour services are no longer requiredgreatsword_u02c
The Extansion SwordThink of it as an extension of your urge to murder someonegreatsword_u03
ScrapperThe dwarves made it to aid in “decommissioning” broken automatonsgreatsword_u03b
Savage SwordIt comes from an age undreamed of …greatsword_u03c
NetherbaneEven the vNetherim]] are horrified by this bladegreatsword_u04
The Sword of OakeshottA blade of great historical significancegreatsword_u04b
DragonsbaneFeel my blade, dragon, and despair!greatsword_u04c
Experimental ChaiswordAlways starts on the first try!greatsword_u05
Dwarven GearbladeWhat did the dwarves fight that they needed this to kill it
Gearblade GrindsawAlways wear safety goggles. Consult your owner's manualgreatsword_u05c
Ogre DaggerTo an ogre, this greatsword is practically a toygreatsword_u06
Valgang ToothpickThe size of this blade is a joke among the Valgang tribesgreatsword_u06b
Dragonfang SkewerCarved ages ago from the fang of a colossal, red dragongreatsword_u06c
The Starlight BladeThe only thing Troglodytes really fear is the cold, uncaring starsgreatsword_u07
StarbladeWhat vistas greet those who gaze upon it for too long?greatsword_u07b
Comet's TailDwarven-forged from a piece of metal that fell from the skygreatsword_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
The Judge's HandThe only weapon that can make a Sturmbeorn cryaxe_u01
The Final ArbiterThe Arbiter strikes only one targetaxe_u01b
The Last WordAny last words?axe_u01c
CatalystBringing the heat!axe_u02
TreesapperIt has acquired a taste for bloodaxe_u02b
TreechopAll must fall before it!axe_u02c
The Wyrdaxe“Even the walking dead know terror of the Wyrd.”axe_u03
UltimatumYou really have no choiceaxe_u03b
Scalebane“Whatsoever wears scales trembles at its approach.”axe_u03c
The Mountain King's Axe“He who pulls the axe from my skull can keep it.”axe_u04
The Murder ToolThe weapon of choice for axe murderersaxe_u04b
The Hakmaster“When trees whisper in fear, the Hackmaster is near.”axe_u04c
The Cruel Hand of FateIt cuts down everyone, eventuallyaxe_u05
The Slow Hand of JusticeBecause true villains do not deserve a quick deathaxe_u05b
The Icy Hand of DeathIf you feel it on your neck, it's too late to avoid itaxe_u05c
The Axe of ThrowingBorn to fly!axe_u05x
LifebreakerLife ends where this axe beginsaxe_u06
The WidowmakerPlease accept our condolences …axe_u06b
The Death SentenceThe crime is unlife - the sentence is deathaxe_u06c
Chop-ChopChop! Chop! Make the screaming stop!axe_u07
Hack-HackHack! Hack! Give 'em all a whack!axe_u07b
Hack-ChopIt is curious that every automaton recognizes this bladeaxe_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
Death's BiteDeath comes on swift wingsbow_u01
KillseekerEvery kill is its own special thrill …bow_u01b
SpinepiercerPierces flesh, bone and sinewbow_u01c
The Hero's JourneyMost of the time, it ends with the hero's deathbow_u02
The BouncerYou're out of here!bow_u02b
SilenceSwift and quiet as a fleeting shadowbow_u02c
TwangIt's the only word it knows …bow_u03
TungThe bow of the Monkey-in-Jade, hero of the Provincesbow_u03b
TongAn enchanted bow, from the Nine-Kings Provincesbow_u03c
BeastbaneBehold the bow that slew the Hound of the Middlemoorsbow_u04
The Hunting God's BowWhen the Hunting God laughs … run!bow_u04b
The King of QuarryIt gets the point acrossbow_u04c
The ThunderbowLet them know a storm is comingbow_u05
StormbowLet your arrows fall like rain …bow_u05b
SkysplitterThe bow that split the sky asunder …bow_u05c
HawkneedleAn elegant weapon, for an elegant killbow_u05d
The Bow of HeroesThe greatest heroes of legend always wielded a great bowbow_u06
BruteslayerPut the brute down!bow_u06b
DwarfsbaneIt even kills the ones that are already deadbow_u06c
ScreambringerKeep shooting until the screaming stopsbow_u07
Corbucci's FateHe was born in Red Haven, and he died in Red Havenbow_u07_set_corbucci
SoulpiercerAnyone can hit an enemy in the body …bow_u07b
HeartbiterJust a little bite, but right out of the centerbow_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
Little PupIts bark is worse than its bitecannon_u01
Mighty MastiffWhen you're hunting bears, be sure to bring your Mighty Mastiffcannon_u01b
Big DogWhen the Big Dog barks, you should listencannon_u01c
The AgitatorGive 'em something to talk aboutcannon_u02
The MalcontentActions always speak louder than wordscannon_u02b
The Rabble-RouserThis ought to stir things upcannon_u02c
EarsplitterBOOM! Headshot!cannon_u03
LoudspeakerThis should get their attentioncannon_u03b
DeadwakerBecause there's no such thing as “too loud.”cannon_u03c
Old IronmouthOpen wide and say “Aaaaaaaah!”cannon_u04
Old IrongobThis'll shut 'em up!cannon_u04b
Old IronjawRefitted from the cannon that sunk the pirate ship Blackwavecannon_u04c
Pot-de-FerFor a museum piece, it still packs a punchcannon_u05
ShroomshredderWield the gun that tamed the Underground Junglecannon_u05b
SamaritanShow no mercycannon_u05c
The KingmakerIn the land of unarmed men, a man with a cannon is kingcannon_u06
The Empire Builder“Give me just one, and I'll build an Empire.” - the first Emperor
The Power Behind the ThroneKnowledge is power. Money is power. But power is also power.cannon_u06c
Land ChewerIt ate its way across the Empire, one battlefield at a timecannon_u07
Nationbane“When King Orso saw this cannon, he opened his gates and surrendered at once.” - History of Empirecannon_u07b
The KilldozerEveryone knows a machine cannot kill … except the machine!cannon_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
Gargoyle's CrankCrank it up and let fly!crossbow_u01
The Hornet's NestUnleash the swarm!crossbow_u01b
The Emperor's WrathThe seventh Emperor used it to send a message to the goblins: “Die.”crossbow_u01c
HidepiercerIt doesn't need to put a bolt through your foes … just in themcrossbow_u02
HeartpiercerShot through the heart … and you're to blame. Good work!crossbow_u02b
EarpiercerMore than you need … but less than you wantcrossbow_u02c
The ScorpionHere comes the stinger!crossbow_u03
Eater of the DeathLet the feast begin!crossbow_u03b
The ManticoreNamed after the most fearsome beast of the Ossean Wastescrossbow_u03c
ThunderbolterStrike fear directly into the hearts of your foes!crossbow_u04
Lightning BolterLightning-fast deliverycrossbow_u04b
DeadbolterIdeal for home defensecrossbow_u04c
Quarrel's LoverIf you love something, let it go. If it kills something, it was meant to becrossbow_u05
QuarrelerIt's just looking for a fightcrossbow_u05b
WebshredderSome people fear spiders. All spiders fear thiscrossbow_u05c
BoltsprayIf you can't hit your target, at least hit everything around itcrossbow_u06
Foefinder“How do I find my foes? Dead or dying.” - Marshall Vurnixcrossbow_u06b
fiendfinderLegends say it was designed to spare the man, but kill the monster withincrossbow_u06c
crosshawkIt's like a bolt-action hunting falconcrossbow_u07
The Peregrine GunVarkolyn shudder at a falcon's cry … all because of this crossbowcrossbow_u07b
Clockwork KestrelPerhaps the world's only self-winding crossbowcrossbow_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
Two-Finger-ClawThe Valgang tribes consider it a rite of passage to slay a two-toed Mountain Slothfist_u01
Juniper ZillThis sharp beauty will draw your eye, but it might take your nosefist_u01b
SturmclawA ceremonial weapon, used to dispatch the Frozen Deadfist_u01c
Cannonball GloveIf it hits you, you'll understand how it got its namefist_u02
BeatdownHit 'em hard, and hit 'em fast. If they get up, hit 'em againvfist_u02b
Ironorb ShockerThe Ezrohir speak of this bludgeon with dreadfist_u02c
LovescratchIt marks the two thin, bloody lines between pain and pleasurefist_u03
BulletfistOn one hand, your aim is improvingfist_u03_set_bulletfist
The HaymakerThe last word in combatfist_u03b
Knock-Out PunchPut 'em down for the countfist_u03c
BashdrillIf your enemies don't get the point, drill it into their headsfist_u04
Wallop GrinderTake it out for a spin!fist_u04b
RipthrasherLegends say the Netherim tried seven times to destroy itfist_u04c
Bugstomper“I'm doing my part!”fist_u05
Jade GobletDrink deep of your enemies' despair!fist_u05b
Old Empire SlicerCut it outfist_u05c
SnakebiteFashioned from the skull of the Tonatonga Serpentfist_u06
Xtro's MawDaddy's home!fist_u06_set_xtro
SharkbiteThey are, in fact, “pearly white!”fist_u06b
DragonbitePound your enemies to mulchfist_u06c
The EvisceratorMaximum Velocityfist_u06d
Eon ShankIn the prison colony on Eon Island, these stones are just lying on the groundfist_u07
Iceshard Dominator“Ice conquers all.” - Valgang sayingfist_u07b
Sunglaze NeedleSee how it catches the rays of the sun? Keep watching …fist_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
Fist of FearIt knows what scares youhammer_u01
Wyrdhammer“And the Wyrd was mighty.”hammer_u01b
The Judge's GavelOrder! Order!hammer_u01c
BattlebreakerGoblins call it “the Hammer That Ends the Battle.”hammer_u02
HelmcrackerThe true test of a champion is how long it takes to kill himhammer_u02b
ShowstopperShow's over!hammer_u02c
JawbreakerFor enemies who lead with their chins …hammer_u03
BonebreakerIf it ain't broke … fix ithammer_u03b
SkullcrackerIt's all in your headhammer_u03c
Mace of SpadesWhen you've got this mace, you're holding all the cardshammer_u04
Mace of HeartsThis mace will break a few heartshammer_u04b
Mace of ClubsThe beatings will continue until the morale improveshammer_u04c
A Doom God's FistStill putting the “Doom” in “Sexy.”hammer_u04d
Hammer of the EcclesiastsYour own personal holy terrorhammer_u05
The Nightmare HammerIt kills what scares youhammer_u05b
The Mace of VirtueKeeping the faithful faithfulhammer_u05c
The Mini-MaulA perfect duplicate of the maul … at one-eighth the sizehammer_u06
Maxwell's Silver HammerBang! Bang!hammer_u06b
Mallet of Loving CorrectionThe weapon of the legendary “Old Man Warrior,” Scalziushammer_u06c
Hammer of ConsecrationPut their spirits to resthammer_u07
Hammer of Official RebukeIt beats some sense into those it beats senselesshammer_u07b
Hammer of RetributionPayback's a bitch!hammer_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
RascalI feel like I'm going to break this thing!pistol_u01
Web-ShooterIt tears holes in webs … and the things that make thempistol_u01b
TroublemakerNever start anything you can't finishpistol_u01c
Full-Bore Skull-BoreKills zombies dead!pistol_u02
My Little FriendSay hello!pistol_u02b
Small FavorAlways a hit at parties!pistol_u02c
BrasstaxxLet's get down to it …pistol_u03
Fist BulletThey'll never know what hit 'em … or from wherepistol_u03_set_bulletfist
The Wyvern's StingSomeone's going to need to suck the poison out …pistol_u03b
The ThunderhammerThis'll make their ears ring …pistol_u03c
LongshotThe Tu'tara will curse your namepistol_u04
DogbarkWhat is it, boy? Is it danger?pistol_u04b
BearhugA close-up weapon, for when things get … hairypistol_u04c
The Voice of PainI'm afraid this is going to hurt … quite a lotpistol_u05
Cold VengeanceBecause the foes you really hate can never be dead enoughpistol_u05_set_solima
Hot VenganceFour barrels … for when you just cannot wait for your foes to be deadpistol_u05_set_solima2
The Word of WoundsWound them with your words. And by “words,” I mean “bullets.”pistol_u05b
The Song of SlayingIt's got a great beat, and you can dance to itpistol_u05c
Kriegsmacher's Patented Pocket Gun“The Gun That Will Tame Vilderan!” - old advertisementpistol_u06
Kriegsmacher's Revolutionary Revolver“Don't Battle an Automaton Without It!” - old advertisementpistol_u06b
Kriegsmacher's Superior Sidearm“The Deadliest Handgun Ever Made!” - old advertisementpistol_u06c
Steam-Teck NineBanned in six kingdomspistol_u07
The Death TollOnly two things are sure in the world: death and taxespistol_u07b
Magnum ForceDo you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?pistol_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
WarneedleYou've got this battle all sewn up!polearm_u01
WarspikeThe weapon that won the War for the Giantlandspolearm_u01b
SpiteShow a little hatepolearm_u01c
Reaper of SpidersIt was used to slay the Eight-Legged Lord, in the Frosted Hillspolearm_u02
PyreshankSometimes, you just have to burn out the infectionpolearm_u02b
RuneshockEven after a thousand years, the dwarven runes look newpolearm_u02c
The Caliphaze“The Caliph smote the spirits, and his blade was as fire to kindling.” - History of the Ezrohirpolearm_u03
Twisted Fate“Fate strikes with a twisted blade.” - Zeraphi proverbpolearm_u03b
BrainsnatcherThrust, twist, pull. It's based on a tool for mummificationpolearm_u03c
BrassbillThis is the only one of the Brassblades known to have survived the Mana Warspolearm_u04
WarsharkJust when they thought it was safe to go back to warpolearm_u04b
Fungal DoomKill anything that movespolearm_u04c
Bluefire RipshankMade from the only known specimen of Bluefire Emberpolearm_u05
Battledrive RipshankDon't stop fighting until the battle is wonpolearm_u05b
Moltenglaze RipshankThe blade's surface shimmers and ripples in the heatpolearm_u05c
TrollspikeForged specifically to slay the Ummglour Trollpolearm_u06
TrollpierceForged for those foes with particularly thick skins …polearm_u06b
BrutesbaneCut your biggest foes down to sizepolearm_u06c
The ShardlanceCreated from the shards of a mysterious ember fallen from heavepolearm_u07
The SteampikeA burst of steam at the right moment impels the head deeper into your foe's bodypolearm_u07b
Spear-Bot 2300The spear is willing, and flesh is weakpolearm_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
BearstopperYou have a right to bear arms against armed bearsrifle_u01
BoomstickListen up, you primitive screwheads!rifle_u01b
Baron Falkenstein's GunThe Baron was virtually anonymous, despite his importance in Red Havenrifle_u0c
ThundergunLaugh like thunderrifle_u02
ThunderbussWielded by the highwayman known as the Red Dragoonrifle_u02b
ThunderstrikeLeave your enemies thunderstruckrifle_u02c
Cold-Gas BlastgunAn alchemical rifle, designed specifically to freeze Ezrohir armorrifle_u03
Raleigh CaireTell the dwarves that Raleigh sent yourifle_u03b
Lifespring SniperTake the shotrifle_u03c
LuparaFor the wolf!rifle_u04
Gray Sky OmenThe Gray Sky is a bad omen … for the Netherimrifle_u04b
FleshrenderScatter your foesrifle_u04c
BulletsnakeAll coiled up and ready to strike …rifle_u05
Lead-Spitting CobraIts victims die of lead poisoningrifle_u05b
Bullet NagaAs deadly as it is mesmerizing …rifle_u05c
Screwbarrel ExpressThe rifled coils impart spin, which improves accuracy …rifle_u06
Leone's MasterpieceFew remember Leone's part in it. They just call it “the Gun With No Name.”rifle_u06_set_leone
Tesla's CailgunThis rifle was well ahead of its timerifle_u06b
MenaceYou can run, but you can't hiderifle_u06c
The Clonus HorrorNo champion is greater than the sum of his parts. Find the weak one, and put a bullet in itrifle_u07
Tesla's LamentIt was going to conquer the world, but the Empire withdrew funding. Only the prototype remainsrifle_u07b
Earth's RoarIt pretty much defines “excessive force.”rifle_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
Tribal WarshieldCaptured from the tribesmen of the Jade Jungleshield_u01
Ironplank WoodspikeIt seems to have acquired a taste for bloodshield_u01b
Chieftains GateThe tribesmen call this shield “The Gate Which Never Opens.”shield_u01c
RainstopperThe peasant who found it was using it as an umbrella until a passing mage recognized its powersshield_u02
Shelter's DiskA shelter from whatever storms blow your wayshield_u02b
RoundheavenYour personal haven from all the trouble and strifeshield_u02c
Sentinel's WatchOn watch, day and nightshield_u03
Bulwark's EyeThe only known remnant of Lorecastle … a piece of the wallshield_u03b
Crimson GuardSaid to contain the soul of an ancient knightshield_u03c
Palisade's Heights“Strong walls make strong allies.” - popular sayingshield_u04
SnowstormForged during a blizzard by the Ice Dwarves of Reijekshield_u04_set_wintersreach
Fortress of FoolsProud of yourself?shield_u04b
Stronghold of DreamsIt contains a sense of wonder, and a longing for more, the very soul of adventureshield_u04c
The CenterwingIt serves neither the right nor the left, but defends the wholeshield_u05
Goldbrittle BoneshieldFound among the ruins of the Singing Castleshield_u05b
Mindtalon Wing“It's not enough that I win; you have to lose.”shield_u05c
DreadjudgePrepare to be judged!shield_u06
Sak'RoaThey call it “the Anvil of Broken Swords.”shield_u06b
Core of FateA shield made of Potential, and wielded by Destinyshield_u06c
Professor Parma's Steam-ShieldPowered by the Miracle of Steam! Handle with care!shield_u07
Parma's MechanoidProfessor Parma made the mistake of making this one move of its own accordshield_u07b
Parma's Coal-BurnerProfessor Parma believed that a shield was useless without a power sourceshield_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
SkullspireShow your enemies exactly what fear really feels likestaff_u01
Staff of the AncestorA relic of the Nine-Kings Provinces. It gives advice, to those who will listenstaff_u01b
Foe's LamentGoblins have been known to surrender at the mere sight of itstaff_u01c
ShardkeeperIndustrium researches describe the Shard as “pre-Ember” crystalstaff_u02
Wyrdstaff“He who touches the Wyrd feels the pulse of the world.”staff_u02b
Madmorrow's StaffMadmorrow brought this back from “the edge of the world.”staff_u02c
GearcrowIts components reputedly came from a clockwork birdstaff_u03
The CogsplitterSome believe it was originally a dwarven tool for disassembling automatonsstaff_u03b
Star's BreachRumor has it that this staff fell from the sky, two days after a star vanishedstaff_u03c
Death's VantageIt gazes out at the world with Death's own eyes …staff_u04
Lord of CarrionWhen the time is right, it will feaststaff_u04b
Carcass of JusticeFrom parts unknownstaff_u04c
The Blackpowder StaffThe Varkolyn developed this to combat the dwarvesstaff_u05
Staff of IndustryBuilt and wielded by Professor Oswald Finneus Herkon himself!staff_u05b
Mad Demon StaffRemove the head, or destroy the brain. It's the only waystaff_u05c
Six-King StaffWhen the Provinces were ruled by six kings, this was their symbol of unitystaff_u06
Legion's EmbraceJoin the Legion. The Legion welcomes allstaff_u06b
Blackstaff DestroyerOnce used to subdue the rogue mages known as the Blackstaffsstaff_u06c
The DragonstaffIt eats automatons for dinnerstaff_u07
The DragonspineCarved from the dorsal spine of a Great Dragonstaff_u07b
The DragonspikeIt eats champions for breakfaststaff_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
Grim FlayerWhat better way to get under your skin?sword_u01
Spider's LamentThe Eight-Legged Lord slew the hero who wielded itsword_u01b
BloodletterThe cure is worse than the diseasesword_u01c
JoyousIt's good to be alive!sword_u02
GloriousThere is no better feeling than glorious victorysword_u02b
KillswitchIf a machine is acting up, you might need to force a shutdownsword_u02c
LongtoothThe longer the tooth, the deeper the bitesword_u03
LongclawThe longer the claw, the deeper the slashsword_u03b
LongfangThe longer the fang, the deadlier the bitesword_u03c
LizardtoothAn impressive fang, cast in steelsword_u04
DwarvendoomMortal dread will ever loom, All because of dwarven doomsword_u04b
SteelfangA dragon's fang, cast in dwarven steelsword_u04c
Dragon's ToothCarved from a dragon's tooth, and dipped in bloodsword_u05
Dragon's ClawCarved from a dragon's claw, and dipped in bloodsword_u05b
Dragon's FangCarved from a dragon's fang, and dipped in bloodsword_u05c
MournbladeIt may call you “master,” but you'll feel like its slavesword_u06
The PossessedThe dead are in here … with ussword_u06b
LifesbaneThe darkness of the void beckons…sword_u06c
NetherbladeIt is said no sane man can wield it longsword_u07
Bloodbath KamaIt drinks the blood of the living … and it is always thirsty …sword_u07_set_bloodbath
BloodbathThe bigger they are, the more they can bleedsword_u07b
VoidsaberPulled from the space between worldssword_u07c


Displayname Lore text File
PowerspikeWe need more power!wand_u01
WorldspikeIt embodies the power of the natural worldwand_u01b
IcebergThe spirit of the frozen north, bent to the will of its wielderwand_u01c
Goat Head WandCrafted from the remains of the Razorpeaks Goatwand_u02
Grimbone WandThe Ezrohir rampaged across the steppes, until they encountered the Dark Zealotswand_u02b
Suicide WandThis'll kill ya. Eventuallywand_u02c
Infested SkullA hive of vicious wasps!wand_u02x
ParafexThe wand that keeps on givingwand_u03
Shocking GraspReach out and touch someonewand_u03_set_shockshards
TimeforkIt resonates at a specific constant moment in timewand_u03b
Victory's BandOnward, to victory!wand_u03c
The Snow Witch ScepterAfter the Eight-Legged Lord died, this weapon forced the Winter Widow to fleewand_u04
The Ice Doom ScepterThe Valgang used it to battle evil spiritswand_u04b
The Primitive GodAll will bow before it!wand_u04c
The SwarmUnleash the Scarabs!wand_u04x
Fingerbone EyeLook where its pointingwand_u05
LichloreThose who seek the secret of becoming a lich would stop at nothing to obtain itwand_u05b
The BanewandIt serves you … but you can also feel its hatred for youwand_u05c
Fractured NexusVirtually uncontrollable…wand_u05x
CryptdrinkerIt feeds upon the spirits of the deadwand_u06
The Wyrdwand“As the Wyrd vanished, so went the gods, leaving only Ember.”wand_u06b
Duncaen's HazelCrafted of hazel from the First Forestwand_u06c
Ariki'ku'tara konRespect is earnedwand_u06x
Fraxl's AstrolabeIt is the key to the map of the heavenswand_u07
BlizzardAll our bestwand_u07_set_wintersreach
The Light of DawnFor the undead cannot abide its glowwand_u07b
Galaxy QuestNever give up. Never surrenderwand_u07c
Fraxl's StarThe power source to Fraxl's Astrolabe … though a piece seems to be missingwand_u07x



Displayname Lore text File
Ice-HeartCrafted from the frozen core of the Ice Golem Queenberserker_02_amulet
NorthstarCrafted from the light of a dying starberserker_02_amulet_alt_b
ColdheartIt is all that is left of the Witch of Saymarberserker_02_amulet_alt_c
StormheartThis is the heart of fury. This is the heart of the storm itselfberserker_03_amulet
StormstoneUnearthed by the wind, polished by the rainberserker_03_amulet_alt_b
StormcoreThe distilled essence of the very heart of a thunderstormberserker_03_amulet_alt_c
The Hairy EyeballAre you looking at me?berserker_04_amulet
The Stink-EyeDon't give me that lookberserker_04_amulet_alt_b
The Evil EyeReputed to be the living eye of the Nether-Hag. It never blinksberserker_04_amulet_alt_c


Displayname Lore text File
RunebeltThe Runebelt has been worn by countless heroesberserker_02_belt
CarlsbeltThe Highlands Carls were renowned giant-slayersberserker_02_belt_alt_b
JarlsbeltThe Jarlsbelt is the symbol of the rulers of the Highlandsberserker_02_belt_alt_c
Girdle of Howling Furynleash the raw fury!berserker_03_belt
The StormgirdleUnleash the fury of the storm raging inside you!berserker_03_belt_alt_b
Girdle of Savage FrenzyThe pinching, itching, and constriction drive you madberserker_03_belt_alt_c
Merciless BeltFunction over form, no matter how much it hurtsberserker_03_belt_alt_set
The Brutal BeltAn ugly but sturdy belt, flayed from the hide of the Fell Bullberserker_04_belt
The Savage BeltThe edges of this belt look like it was chewed into shapeberserker_04_belt_alt_b
The Belt of the MuckerThe Mucker was a giant who terrorized the eastern Empireberserker_04_belt_alt_c


Displayname Lore text File
Boots of Welling RageFor the well-heeled ticking time bomb of unbridled furyberserker_01_boots
Boots of Silent RageAngry beyond wordsberserker_01_boots_alt_b
Boots of Blind RageBoot to the head!berserker_01_boots_alt_c
Boots of the Winter SnowBuilt to last, even in the coldest wintersberserker_02_boots
Boots of the Mountain PassThe last boots worn by the ancient hero Otziberserker_02_boots_alt_b
Boots of the Frozen WastesKill only monsters … leave only footprintsberserker_02_boots_alt_c
True North BootsThe boots of the Valgang Kingsberserker_02_boots_alt_set
Boots of RoutingWhat is second best in life?berserker_03_boots
SnowcoursersAlso known as “Boots of Sliding and Skiing.”berserker_03_boots_alt_b
SnowlinersFrom the snow-capped peaks of the Haldar Mountainsberserker_03_boots_alt_c
ThuggsBrutally ugly bootsberserker_04_boots
Thargo's Mighty BootsOnly a true savage can walk a mile in the boots of Thargo!berserker_04_boots_alt_b
Jackboots of FortuneIt's a lucky thing you had these bootsberserker_04_boots_alt_c
Killian's BootsKillian would be furious if he knew you were wearing theseberserker_04_boots_alt_set


Displayname Lore text File
Jacket of Savage FuryFury looks good on youberserker_01_chest
Jacket of Smoldering RageBeware of spontaneous combustionberserker_01_chest_alt_b
Armor of Burning RageWhat the well-dressed psychopath will be wearingberserker_01_chest_alt_c
Armor of the North WindLegends say this armor was found on a windswept glacierberserker_02_chest
Brigandine of the WastesThe armor of Sygrud, the Knight of the White Wastesberserker_02_chest_alt_b
Coldheart CuirassWorn by the nameless heroine who slew the Witch of Saymarberserker_02_chest_alt_c
True North ArmorThe armor of the Valgang Kingsberserker_02_chest_alt_set
Armor of CrushingWhat is best in life?berserker_03_chest
BattleplateThe armor of the barbarian kingsberserker_03_chest_alt_b
AxebreakerThe axe hasn't been forged that can crack itberserker_03_chest_alt_c
Merciless ArmorDoes a heart even beat, beneath that armored breast?berserker_03_chest_alt_set
Thargo's Mighty MailcoatOnly the strongest warrior can bear a burden like Thargo's!berserker_04_chest
The MailstrommThe armor that drags foes down and grinds them upberserker_04_chest_alt_b
The Mail of ConquestThe mailcoat worn by General Meddek at the Battle of Skyreberserker_04_chest_alt_c
Feral ArmorThe armor of the legendary Wildlord of the Jade Jungleberserker_04_chest_alt_set


Displayname Lore text File
Fists of FuryA gift, from the Son of the Dragonberserker_01_gloves
Cool Hand DukesWhat we got here is a failure to communicateberserker_01_gloves_alt_b
ColdfingersSuch a cold finger … it's the kiss of deathberserker_01_gloves_alt_c
Everfrost GauntletsCold hands, warm bloodberserker_02_gloves
Gauntlets of the North WindFeel the icy grip of the foul northern wind!berserker_02_gloves_alt_b
Icy Hands of DeathA perfect fit for your hand … and your enemies' throats!berserker_02_gloves_alt_c
True North GlovesThe gloves of the Valgang Kingsberserker_02_gloves_alt_set
BackhandersYou want a fresh one?berserker_03_gloves
The Double-DeckersTwo fists are better than oneberserker_03_gloves_alt_b
The BeatdownersAnd if they get back up, beat 'em down againberserker_03_gloves_alt_c
PummelmittsOnce worn by Kylo of the Three Heavens Boxing Schoolberserker_04_gloves
SlamfistsOnce worn by Irina of the Three Heavens Boxing Schoolberserker_04_gloves_alt_b
HeavyhandsOnce worn by Lus of the Three Heavens Boxing Schoolberserker_04_gloves_alt_c
Feral GlovesThe gauntlets of the legendary Wildlord of the Jade Jungleberserker_04_gloves_alt_set


Displayname Lore text File
Helm of the North WindFeel the wind in your hair …berserker_02_helmet
Helm of the WastesIf you keep making that face, it'll freeze that wayberserker_02_helmet_alt_b
Coldheart CoifA helmet for the warrior with icewater in his veinsberserker_02_helmet_alt_c
Helm of LamentationsWhat is third best in life?berserker_03_helmet
BadgermaskBadgermask dost giveth nary a shiteberserker_03_helmet_alt_b
ClamorhelmThis helm echoes with the wails of the dyingberserker_03_helmet_alt_c
Merciless HelmThis is the face of your mercy: cold, blank, and unfeelingberserker_03_helmet_alt_set
The Helm of ConquestWorn by the Emperor at the Surrender of the Middlemoorsberserker_04_helmet
Thargo's Mighty HelmOnly a true brute can know what is on Thargo's mind!berserker_04_helmet_alt_b
The DirehelmFashioned in the image of the Dire Wolf of the Middlemoorsberserker_04_helmet_alt_c
Feral HelmThe helm of the legendary Wildlord of the Jade Jungleberserker_04_helmet_alt_set


Displayname Lore text File
Kilt of IreThe new standard of ragewearberserker_01_pants
Breeches of RageWidely credited as the origin of the term “cranky-pants.”berserker_01_pants_alt_b
Furs of FuryThe chafing alone will drive you into a murderous rageberserker_01_pants_alt_c
Breeks of the North WindFrom the furthest reaches of the deep north an ill wind blowsberserker_02_pants
Windshear BreechesFrom a more turbulent time …berserker_02_pants_alt_b
WindchillersThey feel cooler than they really areberserker_02_pants_alt_c
True North PantsThe trousers of the Valgang Kingsberserker_02_pants_alt_set
ClamorpantsThese trousers just scream “cool.”berserker_03_pants
Savage BreeksThe sole protection worn by the barbarian hero Helmuttberserker_03_pants_alt_b
ClanbreeksThese trousers symbolize the unity of the Clan Mulkarberserker_03_pants_alt_c
Merciless Pants“Cries for mercy fill the air. We set our jaws. We do our job.” - battlefield prayerberserker_03_pants_alt_set
Oglaf's TrousersSing the praises of pants!berserker_04_pants
The GoonbreeksAn exaggeratedly large pair of pantaloonsberserker_04_pants_alt_b
Breeks of the Counter-MonkeyWorn by Lord Noah during the War Against the Cucharaberserker_04_pants_alt_c


Displayname Lore text File
RuneringRinged in riddles, bound in boonsberserker_02_ring
The Ivory SignetCarved with runes, and bearing the sign of long-dead royaltyberserker_02_ring_alt_b
Signet of the JarlsThe rune-carved symbol of authority of the Valgang Jarlsberserker_02_ring_alt_c
OutburstOnce you slip it on, you can't hold it inberserker_03_ring
WrathringNo mere ring can contain so much wrath!berserker_03_ring_alt_b
The StormringForged of thunder, charged with lightningberserker_03_ring_alt_c
The Broken RingThe Ring That Is Strictly Better Than All Other Ringsberserker_04_ring
The Sundered RingBehold, the Ring That Was Broken, made whole againberserker_04_ring_alt_b
The Shard RingIt contains the tiniest splinter of the essence of the universeberserker_04_ring_alt_c
Feral RingThe ring of the legendary Wildlord of the Jade Jungleberserker_04_ring_alt_set
Xtro's HornDrain you of your sanity … face the thing that should not beberserker_04_ring_set_xtro


Displayname Lore text File
Shoulders of IreYou're holding a lot of tension thereberserker_01_shoulders
Shoulders of RageIt weighs heavily upon youberserker_01_shoulders_alt_b
Shoulders of FuryFury becomes youberserker_01_shoulders_alt_c
Cold ShouldersLet your foes know they're not welcomeberserker_02_shoulders
Icy MantleBeneath the icy mantle lies death.“ – Valgang Proverbberserker_02_shoulders_alt_b
Wintry CloakThe ancestral cloak of the Winter-Walkersberserker_02_shoulders_alt_c
Everfrost MantleFashioned from the pelt of the legendary Snow-Lionberserker_03_shoulders
Mantle of the SnowfieldsThe ancient hero Fhalfrid tore this cloak from the Ice Boarberserker_03_shoulders_alt_b
The Winterfrost CloakFashioned from the hide of the Winterfrost Bear of Huldenberserker_03_shoulders_alt_c
Merciless ShouldersNo one cries on these shouldersberserker_03_shoulders_alt_set
Gorget of the Hill Giant ChiefFirst worn by the despicable Chief Nosnraberserker_04_shoulders
Spaulders of the Frost Giant JarlForged by Grugnur Frostheart, ruler of the northern giantsberserker_04_shoulders_alt_b
Shoulders of the Fire Giant KingWrested from the carcass of Dread King Snurreberserker_04_shoulders_alt_c




The greatsword “Bear-Baiter” is a weapon right out of Valgang legend
The size of a Greatsword is a joke among the Valgang tribes ⇒ they are huge or tiny
The Valgang tribes consider the claw “Two-Finger-Claw” a rite of passage to slay a two-toed Mountain Sloth
“Ice conquers all.” - Valgang saying
The Valgang used the wand “The Ice Doom Scepter” to battle evil spirits


“The Caliph smote the spirits, and his blade was as fire to kindling.” - History of the Ezrohir





Dwarves fear the Greathammer “Dwarfbreaker”
What did the dwarves fight that they needed the “Dwarven Gearblade” to kill it?

Ice Dwarves

They forged the shield “Snowstorm” during a blizzard




The shield “Tribal Warshield” was captured from the tribesmen of the Jade Jungle
The tribesmen call the shield (“Chieftains Gate”) “The Gate Which Never Opens.”


Varkolyn shudder at a falcon's cry … all because of this crossbow “The Peregrine Gun”




Twin Gods

Hunting God

You can hear him coming by his laughs



“Give me just one, and I'll build an empire.” - the first Emperor
The seventh Emperor used the crossbow “The Emperor's Wrath” to send a message to the goblins: “Die.”

Mountain King

“He who pulls the axe from my skull can keep it.”

Ogre Kings

  • Ogrimmax

First King of Ogres, killed with “The Axe of Broken Pacts”

  • Magrimax

Second King of Ogres

King Orso

“When King Orso saw the cannon “Nationbane”, he opened his gates and surrendered at once.” - History of Empire


Baron Falkenstein

He was virtually anonymous, despite his importance in Red Haven


The mace “Mallet of Loving Correction” is the weapon of the legendary “Old Man Warrior”


an Ezrohir


He was born in Red Haven, and he died in Red Haven
Corbucci brought the Great Silence upon the world
“The real treasure is always having a friend.” - Corbucci
Set: Corbucci: Bow, Helm, 2 Rings
2 pieces: +144 Poison Armor
3 pieces: 20% chance to Poison for 5 seconds
4 pieces: +25% to Poison Damage


They call Leone's rifle (“Leone's Masterpiece”) “the Gun With No Name.”


Madmorrow brought back his Staff from “the edge of the world.”

Marshall Vurnix

“How do I find my foes? Dead or dying.”


Hero of the Nine-Kings Provinces wielding a Bow “Tung”


Tell the dwarves that Raleigh sent you

Professor Parma

Creator of three shields, related to automatons. one is powered by the Miracle of Steam! one moves of its own accord. one uses a power source

Professor Oswald Finneus Herkon

The staff “Staff of Industry” was built and wielded by Professor Oswald Finneus Herkon himself!








the last of the great dragons of old was slain with the “Dragondoom”. Out of it's horn “The Dragonhorn Halberd” was made

Red Dragon



The seventh Emperor used the crossbow “The Emperor's Wrath” to send a message to the goblins: “Die.”
Goblins have been known to surrender at the mere sight of the Staff “Foe's Lament”





kill a troll from the bottom up


The polearm “Trollspike” was forged specifically to slay the Ummglour Troll





All spiders fear the crossbow “Webshredder”


Eight-Legged Lord


Arachnos War

Mana Wars

Untitled War between Empire and Goblins

The seventh Emperor used the crossbow “The Emperor's Wrath” to send a message to the goblins: “Die.”

War for the Giantlands

Won by the polearm “Warspike”



“When King Orso saw the cannon “Nationbane”, he opened his gates and surrendered at once.” - History of Empire


Eon Island
Eon Shank In the prison colony on Eon Island, these stones are just lying on the ground

Frosted Hills

Eight-Legged Lord once lived there


Jade Jungle

The shield “Tribal Warshield” was captured from the tribesmen of the Jade Jungle


The only known remnant of Lorecastle is the shield “Bulwark's Eye” … a piece of the wall


the Hound of the Middlemoors was slain with the bow “Beastbane”

Nine-Kings Provinces

Monkey-In-Jade - Hero of the Nine-Kings Provinces wielding a Bow “Tung”
“Staff of the Ancestor” is a relic of the Nine-Kings Provinces. It gives advice, to those who will listen

Ossean Wastes

- manticore

prison colony

these stones are just lying on the ground


Red Haven

Area next to Torchlight city


Related to the Ice Dwarves

Singing Castle

The shield “Goldbrittle Boneshield” was found among the ruins of the Singing Castle

Underground Jungle


Continent that is colonialized by the Empire



The polearm “The Shardlance” was created from the shards of a mysterious ember fallen from heave

Bluefire Ember

The polearm “Bluefire Ripshank” was made from the only known specimen of Bluefire Ember


the pirate ship Blackwave sunk after an attack from the cannon “Old Ironjaw”


“Even the walking dead know terror of the Wyrd.”
“He who touches the Wyrd feels the pulse of the world.”


something that can be wielded and has incredible power
“And the Wyrd was mighty.”

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