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How to Make a Scroll That Warps You to Your Dungeon

By Evernewjoy, Original post, April 2013

Note - The original pics are lost :( so i'm still editing this so it'll make sense (phanjam)

So I just spent the past 5 hours trying to figure out how to do this, so I figured I should share it with all of you so as to save you some time :)

Here is how you can:

1. Create a type of scroll that when right-clicked instantly warps you to your level

2. Spawn an example of this scroll on any given layout/level, when the player first spawns

Presumably you will want to add this scroll to a merchants inventory or provide it as a rare drop or something.

However my focus is only on showing you how to make the scroll itself and spawn in it in a level to test that it works properly ~~~

Seeing the Whole Picture

Make sure to zoom out (CTRL + mousewheel) if you find you cannot see the pictures in their entirety :)


Step 1 - Make a New Skill


Skills editor skillseditor.jpg

I recommend cloning the Strange Lands Skill, and the notice I highlighted the text you have to change.

Change my name of Rama1 to be the exact name of your dungeon (not the appearance name, but the first field, the actual Name of the dungeon)

Remember to save your changes with little disc icon in upper left :) ~~~

Step 2 - Make the New Item Scroll to Use Your New Skill


Items Editor itemeditorv.jpg

I recommend cloning the waypoint scroll or a similar scroll as a good starting point, then change the graphic to something you like :)

If you clone the waypoint scroll, make sure to get rid of its EFFECT, you only need the SKILL.

Remember to save your changes with little disc icon in upper left :)


If you want to be able to warp to your level from town, you can just change one thing, set the type to POTION instead of SCROLL and then you can! Again make sure to get rid of any EFFECTS and keep only the SKILL.


Step 3 - Spawn an example of your scroll item in any layout


-Create a new unit spawner, position the spawner where you want your scroll to spawn in-game

-Set the Spawner's properties, so that it is spawning type ITEM and spawning your new scroll, for fun graphics select the bool that the item should do its “flippy-thing” when it spawns


Logic Group -Create a new logic group

-Use the tool icon / open external editor on the logic group

-Right click and “add selected…” so that the logic group itself appears

-In the upper left, select the option “Post Player Spawn”, so that you can then link the unit spawner to the event of the player spawning into the level

add your unit spawner to the logic editor, and select the “spawn units” input, and link to the “post player spawn” of the logic group



Now when you load the layout you put this script in, an example of your scroll will spawn immediately!

right click on the spawned scroll to happily go to your level!


Let me know if this helps anyone!



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