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Players are character units used to represent the player class.


ARMORINTEGERThe base armor for the character
ATTACK_SOUNDSTRINGThe sound bank to play when performing an attack
BASEFILESTRINGbase file from which this unit will inherit properties.
DEATH_SOUNDSTRINGThe sound bank to play when player is killed
DEFENSEINTEGERThe player's initial Vitality (100 will give 100% of the graph value)
DESCRIPTIONSTRINGThe class description as seen on the character selection screen
DEXTERITYINTEGERThe player's initial Dexterity (100 will give 100% of the graph value)
DISPLAYNAMETRANSLATEThe in-game name of the player class
GOLDINTEGERThe amount of gold to start with
GOLD_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when items are purchased or traded.
HEALTH_GRAPHSTRINGGraph name to use for HP per level
ICONSTRINGThe normal icon used for the player's portrait
ICONLITSTRINGThe hover-over state icon for the portrait
ICONSELECTEDSTRINGThe selected state icon for the protrait
INJURE_SOUNDSTRINGsound bank to play when the player is injured
MAGICINTEGERThe player's initial Focus (100 will give 100% of the graph value)
MANA_GRAPHSTRINGGraph used for MP per level
MESHFILESTRINGmesh file in the resource directory specified to use.
MINDAMAGEINTEGERMin damage for the player per level (Percent of “MONSTER_DAMAGE” graph for all difficulty levels)
MISS_SOUNDSTRINGsound to play with the player's attack misses
NAMESTRINGunit name for the player (not seen in game, should be unique)
PARTICLE_GETHITSTRINGParticle to play when the player is hit
QUESTCOMPLETED_SOUNDSTRINGSound to play when a quest is complete
QUESTRECEIVED_SOUNDSTRINGSound to play when a quest is recived
REACH_BONUSFLOATAdditional reach radius within which the player can hit.
RESOURCEDIRECTORYSTRINGThe directory where the mesh is to be found
RUN_ANIM_MULTFLOATMultiplier on the run animation speed
RUNNINGSPEEDFLOATRunning speed for the player
SCALEFLOATScale for the player mesh
SHIELD_SCALEFLOATScale for equipped shields
SKILL_POINTS_PER_FAME_LEVELSTRINGGraph name for defining the number of skill points given per fame level.
SKILL_POINTS_PER_LEVELSTRINGGraph name for defining the number of skill points given per character level.
STAT_POINTS_PER_LEVELSTRINGGraph name for defining the number of stat points given per character level.
STEP_SOUNDSTRINGDefault sound to play for footsteps
STEP_SOUNDSTONESTRINGsound to play for footsteps on stone
STEP_SOUNDWOODSTRINGsound to play for footsteps on wood
STRENGTHINTEGERThe player's initial Strength (100 will give 100% of the graph value)
UISKILLTREESTRINGThe UI layout to use for the player's skill tree
UNIT_GUIDSTRINGthe unique ID for this unit
UNITTYPESTRINGThe unittype for this unit
VOICECANTCAST_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when skill can't be cast
VOICECANTCASTHERE_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when a waypoint can't be opened (weirdly named, I know).
VOICEFAMEUP_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player levels up in fame
VOICEFORTUNEBAD_SOUNDSTRINGSound played for things like bad enchanting
VOICEFORTUNEGOOD_SOUNDSTRINGSound played for things like good enchanting
VOICEHEALTHLOW_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player's health is low
VOICEIMPOSSIBLE_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player can't do a thing
VOICEINSUFFICIENTGOLD_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player can't purchased a thing due to lack of funds
VOICEINVENTORYFULL_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player attempts to pick something up when their pack is full
VOICELEVELUP_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player levels up
VOICEMANALOW_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player's MP is low
VOICENEWQUEST_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player is given a new quest
VOICEPETDEPARTED_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player sends their pet to town.
VOICEPETFLED_SOUNDSTRINGSound played dwith the player's pet flees
VOICEPETINVENTORYFULL_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the attempting to put something in the pet's inventory when it's full
VOICEPETRETURNED_SOUNDSTRINGSound played with the player's pet returns from town
VOICEQUESTCOMPLETE_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player competes a quest
VOICESPELLEARNED_SOUNDSTRINGSound played when the player learns a spell
VOICETRAPSPRUNG_SOUNDSTRINGSound played with the player triggers a trap
WARDROBEBOOLIf true, the player is wardrobed (must have a gender defined by the unittype used and a wardrobe base.)
WARDROBE_BASESTRINGBase texture used for character wardrobing
WEAPON_SCALEFLOATScale for equipped weapons.

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