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 +====== Props ======
 +===== Properties =====
 +|ALLOW_HWSKINNING|BOOL| Disables hardware skinning if false.|
 +|AUTOMAPICON|STRING| Icon for this prop on the minimap|
 +|BASEFILE|STRING| base unit file from which this unit will inherit properties|
 +|DISPLAYNAME|TRANSLATE| Name which is displayed in game (can be overriden by Trigger Unit level object|
 +|DONTCREATE|BOOL| If true, this prop will never be created (for use on partial, base units)|
 +|INTERACT_PARTICLE|STRING| Particle played when prop is interacted with|
 +|INTERACT_SOUND|STRING| Sound playe dwhen prop is interacted with|
 +|LAYOUT_STATE_[N]|STRING| Layout (particle) played when in the given state|
 +|LAYOUTFILE|STRING| Layout to attach to the prop|
 +|LEVELLIGHTING|BOOL| If true, the prop receives level lighting|
 +|LOCALONLY|BOOL| If true, the unit is instanced per client in MP and not the state is not shared|
 +|LOOPTYPE|STRING| Can be 'No loop', '​Cycle',​ or 'Back and Forth'​.\\ \\ No loop - prop will move between animation states in sequence and stop. (1,2,3)\\ Cycle - prop will return to state one after the last state. (1,​2,​3,​1,​2,​3)\\ Back Aand Forth - prop will descend stats after the last state. (1,​2,​3,​2,​1)"​|
 +|MAXSTATES|INTEGER| The number of stats on the trigger|
 +|MESHFILE|STRING| The model file to use (should specify the file name without extention inside the Resource directory|
 +|NAME|STRING| Description displayed|
 +|NONSELECTABLE|BOOL| If true, the unit will not highlight with moused-over|
 +|OCCUPIESNODES|BOOL| If true, the unit occupies path nodes.|
 +|RARITY|INTEGER| Used in spawn class rolling. Poorly named, the higher the value to more common this unit will be. This is relative to the rarities of the other units in the selection group.|
 +|RENDERBEHIND|BOOL| If true, this unit will draw behind walls|
 +|RESOURCEDIRECTORY|STRING| Directory where the visual and collision assets are two be found|
 +|SCALE|FLOAT| Scale for the unit|
 +|SHADOWS|BOOL| If true, the unit casts shadows|
 +|SPAWNLAYOUT|STRING| Layout to attach to the unit|
 +|TEXTURE_OVERRIDE|STRING| Texture override for the visual mesh|
 +|UNIT_GUID|STRING| Unique ID for the unit|
 +|UNITTYPE|STRING| Unittype of the unit|
 +|VERTICALTEXTOFFSET|FLOAT| offset for the label text displayed above the unit|
 +===== Other Data =====
 +===== References =====
 +[[http://​​wiki/​Props |Props - Runic Wiki]]
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