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Quest Controller Object

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This Level Object is used to


Right-click on an empty space in the Layout Scene Manager and choose Logic > Quest Controller from the list


NameTypeDescriptionRead Only
GROUPstringFilter the Units to choose from by group
UNITstringThe Unit to interact with
POSITIONCVector3Position by X, Y, Z world coordinates.
AREAfloatSet the radius of the area.
BROADCAST ONLY ON INPUTboolIf True the Quest Controller will only broadcast messages when it receives a “Broadcast” Input event.
BROADCAST ONLY ONCEboolIf True the Quest Controller will only broadcast an “Interacted Accepted”, “Quest Complete”, or “All Tags Complete” Output events once.
COMPLETE ACTIVEboolIf True the Quest Controller will only complete quests the Player has active.
QUESTstringThe Quest the Quest Controller controls.
SELECTION TYPEstringSpecify how the game will select the Players in the area. Area = All Players in the specified “Area” radius. Global = All Players in the game. Local Client = Only the local Player. Regional = All Players in the current level.
QUEST TASKstringThe Quest Task to use for showing the Point of Interest. If this property is blank the Player only needs the Quest.

Input Events

Interact Force Accept Force Complete Abandon Broadcast Refresh Icons

Output Events

Interacting Interacted Interacted Accepted Interacted Declined Quest Active Quest Not Active Quest Complete Quest Not Complete Quest Abandoned All Tags Complete Quest Task Completed Quest Tasks Not Completed Active or Complete Not Active and Not Complete Specific Task Complete Specific Task Not Complete

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