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 +<fs 300%>​Quest Controller Object</​fs>​
 +Original source: http://​​wiki/​Quest_Controller_Object
 +This Level Object is used to
 +Right-click on an empty space in the Layout Scene Manager and choose Logic > Quest Controller from the list
 +|Name|Type|Description|Read Only|
 +|GROUP|string|Filter the Units to choose from by group| |
 +|UNIT|string|The Unit to interact with| |
 +|POSITION|CVector3|Position by X, Y, Z world coordinates.| |
 +|AREA|float|Set the radius of the area.| |
 +|BROADCAST ONLY ON INPUT|bool|If True the Quest Controller will only broadcast messages when it receives a "​Broadcast"​ Input event.| |
 +|BROADCAST ONLY ONCE|bool|If True the Quest Controller will only broadcast an "​Interacted Accepted",​ "Quest Complete",​ or "All Tags Complete"​ Output events once.| |
 +|COMPLETE ACTIVE|bool|If True the Quest Controller will only complete quests the Player has active.| |
 +|QUEST|string|The Quest the Quest Controller controls.| |
 +|SELECTION TYPE|string|Specify how the game will select the Players in the area. Area = All Players in the specified "​Area"​ radius. ​ Global = All Players in the game.  Local Client = Only the local Player. ​ Regional = All Players in the current level.| |
 +|QUEST TASK|string|The Quest Task to use for showing the Point of Interest. If this property is blank the Player only needs the Quest.| |
 +====Input Events====
 +Force Accept
 +Force Complete
 +Refresh Icons
 +====Output Events====
 +Interacted Accepted
 +Interacted Declined
 +Quest Active
 +Quest Not Active
 +Quest Complete
 +Quest Not Complete
 +Quest Abandoned
 +All Tags Complete
 +Quest Task Completed
 +Quest Tasks Not Completed
 +Active or Complete
 +Not Active and Not Complete
 +Specific Task Complete
 +Specific Task Not Complete
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