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Apologies! Work-in-progress!

Making Recipes

By: The RealFireStarter

1. In your '[color=#FFBF00]MEDIA[/color]' folder create a folder called '[color=#FFBF00]RECIPES[/color]'

2. Navigate to the '[color=#FFBF00]Torchlight II\PAKS\MEDIA\RECIPES[/color]' folder

3. Copy the '[color=#00BFFF]COMPONENT.DAT[/color]' file to your '[color=#FFBF00]RECIPES[/color]' folder 3a. Rename the file to '[color=#FF40BF]EMBERFLAME_RECIPE[/color]' 3b. Convert the file to a .txt file

4. Opening the file and you will see this: [code][RECIPE]


[/RECIPE][/code] 4a. You need to change [color=#00BF00]<STRING>NAME:[/color] to the name of the file, which in this case is: [code] <STRING>NAME:EMBERFLAME_RECIPE[/code] 4b. [color=#00BF00]<TRANSLATE>RESULT:A Random Unique[/color] | This is the description that shows up when you highlight the icon. You can change it to whatever you want. [code] <TRANSLATE>RESULT:Ember Flame Chest[/code] 4c. You also need another GUID for this, use the GUIDgen.exe to get one. [code] <INTEGER64>GUID:945823697639647633[/code] 4d. [color=#00BF00]<STRING>ICON:icons_die[/color] | Is the icon that will appear in game. You can change it to another icon if you want (icons are located at '[color=#FFBF00]Torchlight II\PAKS\MEDIA\UI\ICONS[/color]').

4e. The next part is about the ingredient needed to use the recipe. In this recipe the '[color=#00BFBF]UNITTYPE[/color]' will be that of a UNIQUE item(meaning that in order to use this recipe you need to put unique items into the slot), the [color=#00BF00]<INTEGER>COUNT:4[/color] | means that you will need 4 uniques in order to activate the recipe, I will change it to 2: [code] <INTEGER>COUNT:2[/code]So the game will only need two uniques to spawn the item. The last part of this is for the description.

4f. The next part is the actual result of the recipe. [code] <STRING>SPAWNCLASS:TREASURE_A_UNIQUE[/code]Spawnclass is a group of things that the game will randomly choose one item from the list and spawn it.

You will need to change this to the unit or spawnclass you want the game to spawn, in this case that would be this: [code]<STRING>UNIT:EMBERFLAME_CHEST[/code]This will tell the game to spawn the unit '[color=#00BFBF]EMBERFLAME_CHEST[/color]' when you use this recipe.

4g. This isn't needed in this recipe so you can remove it: [code] <BOOLEAN>USEAVERAGEITEMLEVEL:True[/code]What this does is take all the items you put up in the transmuter and averages the level. The game then uses that avg. level to spawn a random item that is close to that level.

4h. The final result should look something like this: [code][RECIPE]

 <TRANSLATE>RESULT:Ember Flame Chest

[/RECIPE][/code] 4i. Save the file and convert it back to a .DAT file.

5. The last thing you need to do it remove any left over .txt files and use the torch2packer.exe to pack it.

6. After converting, take the newly created .PAK and .PAK.MAN files and place them into the '[color=#FFBF00]Torchlight II\PAKS[/color]' folder.

7. Run the game and enjoy.[/spoiler] Well I hope these help you, if you need any other help just ask and I'll try to help, therealfirestarter

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