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This is a work-in-progress guys! Sorry for the appearance!

Making Set Items

By: TheRealFireStarter

1. First you need to find an item to copy from, can be any item you want to make into a set item.

2. I will choose the '[color=#BF00BF]True North Armor[/color]' set item, and the file is named 'BERSERKER_02_CHEST_ALT_SET.DAT' in the 'MEDIA\UNITS\ITEMS' folder.

2a. Copy the file to your mod folder and convert the .DAT file to a .TXT file.

3. Open the .txt file and you will see this:

	<TRANSLATE>DESCRIPTION:The armor of the Valgang Kings.

I will break this down string by string.

3a. [color=#00BF00]<STRING>NAME: berserker_02_chest_alt_set[/color] | This is the name of the file, I changed it to this: [code]<STRING>NAME:EmberFlame_Chest[/code]

3b. [color=#00BF00]<STRING>UNIT_GUID: -7060921171030248703[/color] | This is a GUID, a unique identifier that the game uses to tell it apart from the other items. You can use the GUIDgen.exe to get a random one. This is the GUID the program gave me: [code]<STRING>UNIT_GUID:8218594027185791412[/code]

3c. [color=#00BF00]<STRING>BASEFILE:media\units\items\berserker_02_chest.dat[/color] | This is the base file that this item will use. All file's will inherit unspecified lines of code from the base file. For example, if you want this set armor to require more strength to equip it, you will have to add this line: <INTEGER>STRENGTH_REQUIRED:0 from the base file.

3d. [color=#00BF00]<TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:True North Armor[/color] | This is the name of the item as seen in the game. I changed it to this: [code]<TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:Ember Flame Armor[/code]

3e. [color=#00BF00]<INTEGER>LEVEL:19[/color] | This is the item's level, it is used for finding a point on a graph to determine the value (I'll take about this later).

3f. [color=#00BF00]<INTEGER>MAXLEVEL:27[/color] | Min and Max level are the levels the player needs to be before the game will attempt to drop the item.

3g. [color=#00BF00]<INTEGER>RARITY:30[/color] | This is the rarity of the item. You don't really have to worry about this.

3h. [color=#00BF00]<STRING>SET:U_TRUE_NORTH[/color] | This is used call for the set that this belongs too. I changed it to this: [code]<STRING>SET:EMBERFLAME[/code]

3i. [color=#00BF00]<INTEGER>LEVEL_REQUIRED:16[/color] | This is the required level that the player needs to be in order to equip it.

3j. [color=#00BF00]<STRING>ICON:icons_armor_berserker_chest[/color] | This is the icon used to display the item in the inventory.

3k. [color=#00BF00]<TRANSLATE>DESCRIPTION:The armor of the Valgang Kings.[/color] | This is the description for the item, you can place anything in here and it will display it at the bottom of the item in green. I changed it to this: [code]<TRANSLATE>DESCRIPTION:The ember flame calls from within.[/code] 3l. This will make the item require the class berserker to equip (Only berserker can equip it). [code][REQ_CLASS] <STRING>UNITTYPE:BERSERKER [/REQ_CLASS][/code]If you remove this line: [color=#00BF00]<STRING>UNITTYPE:BERSERKER[/color] | You will be able to make this item useable by all classes.

3m. This list all the affixes (all the abilities that show up in blue on items) that the current item has. You can either add more or remove them. Also if you remove all of the affixes from the item, the game will pick random affixes to apply to it (up to the slot amount). [code][AFFIXES] <STRING>AFFIX:UNIQUE_TL2_DEFENSE_ELECTIRC5 <STRING>AFFIX:UNIQUE_ARMOR_PERCENT_BONUS3 <STRING>AFFIX:UNIQUE_MAX_HP2 <STRING>AFFIX:UNIQUE_THORNS2 [/AFFIXES][/code] I wont change them in this example.

3n. You can now save the file and name it [color=#00BFBF]EMBERFLAME_CHEST.txt[/color]

3o. Now convert [color=#00BFBF]EMBERFLAME_CHEST.txt[/color] to a .DAT file (make sure to delete the txt file).

4. Go the the media located at '[color=#FFBF00]Torchlight II\PAKS\MEDIA\[/color]' and copy the UNITDATA.RAW file to the inside of the MEDIA folder.

4a. Convert the UNITDATA.RAW file into a .TXT file by using the Raw2Txt.exe.

4b. Open the UNITDATA.RAW file and find the name of the item you used to copy this item from.

4c. Search for the string: [color=#00BFBF]berserker_02_chest_alt_set[/color]

4d. The entry for this should look like this: [code] [UNIT]

    [/UNIT][/code]I usually put all the item I make at the top of this file (easy to locate).

4e. Copy/Paste this near the top and change the GUID to the GUID of the item you have made. In this case it's: [code]<INTEGER64>GUID:8218594027185791412[/code] 4f. You also need to change the name to: [code]<STRING>NAME:EmberFlame_Chest[/code] 4g. The last thing you need to change is the location (if needed) and the file name (File: ) in this case it will be: [code]<STRING>File:MEDIA/UNITS/ITEMS/EMBERFLAME_CHEST.DAT[/code] 4h. The final result will look like this: [code] [UNIT]

    [/UNIT][/code]4i. Save and convert the file back to a .RAW file with Txt2Raw.exe.

5. Make a new folder in your '[color=#FFBF00]MEDIA[/color]' folder called '[color=#FFBF00]SETS[/color]'.

5a. Navigate to the '[color=#FFBF00]SETS[/color]' folder for the main game and copy the first file called: '[color=#00BFBF]ARISTOCRAT.DAT[/color]' to your '[color=#FFBF00]SETS[/color]' folder

5b. Rename the file to '[color=#00BFBF]EMBERFLAME.DAT[/color]' and convert it to a .txt file.

5c. Open it and it will look like this: [code][SET] <STRING>NAME:ARISTOCRAT <TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:Aristocrat [AFFIX] <INTEGER>COUNT:2 <INTEGER>AFFIXLEVEL:1 <STRING>AFFIX:SET_CAST_SPEED2 [/AFFIX] [AFFIX] <INTEGER>COUNT:3 <INTEGER>AFFIXLEVEL:1 <STRING>AFFIX:SET_MANA_STEAL2 [/AFFIX] [AFFIX] <INTEGER>COUNT:4 <INTEGER>AFFIXLEVEL:1 <STRING>AFFIX:UNIQUE_ALL_ELEMENTS_BONUS5 [/AFFIX] [/SET][/code] 5d. You need to change [color=#00BF00]<STRING>NAME:[/color] to that of what you called the set in the item, which in this case is: [code]<STRING>NAME:EMBERFLAME[/code] 5e. You also need to change the [color=#00BF00]DISPLAYNAME:[/color] to what you want the set to be called in game. In this case: [code]<TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:Ember Flame[/code] 5f.[color=#00BF00] <INTEGER>COUNT:2[/color] | Means when you are wearing 2 or more of the set you get the listed bonuses. You can set this to 1 to have this bonus be granted when you only have 1 piece equipped.

5g. [color=#00BF00]<INTEGER>AFFIXLEVEL:1[/color] | Is the point of the graph to get the value of this affix

5h. [color=#00BF00]<STRING>AFFIX:SET_CAST_SPEED2[/color] | Is the affix that will apply when you have the number of required set item equipped. Affixes can be found in the '[color=#FFBF00]MEDIA\AFFIXES\[/color]' folder

5i. The final result should look something like this: [code][SET] <STRING>NAME:EMBERFLAME <TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:Ember Flame [AFFIX] <INTEGER>COUNT:1 <INTEGER>AFFIXLEVEL:1 <STRING>AFFIX:SET_CAST_SPEED2 [/AFFIX] [/SET][/code]save the file and convert it to a .DAT file with the Txt2Dat.exe.

Now all you need to do is pack your mod using the torch2packer.exe, place the .PAK and .PAk.MAN into the '[color=#FFBF00]Torchlight II\PAKS[/color]' and run the game.[/spoiler]

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