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Setting Up Meshviewer by Runic & TLMeshViewer by Dusho

When working with Torchlight models we want to use tools to help us.

A model viewer is really needed and working with two model viewers is great.

1. Torchlight Model Viewer by Dusho


This is a very simple model viewer. It's my standard MV.

Set up the .MESH files to open always with this application.

Right-Click any .MESH file go to Proprieties and change the application there. From now on every time you double click a .MESH file is going to open it with Torchlight Mesh Viewer.

2. Mesh Viewer by Runic Games

Unfortunately this wonderful mesh viewer comes with some problems (Failed to Init Mogre. External component has thrown an exception.)

Thanks to Kva3imoda we have a solution. I found this on Runic Games forums (

This MeshViewer is inside the GUTS Tools and Assets from Runic


In order to make it work you have to create a shortcut “Mesh Viewer.lnk” in the folder “Send to” Path: C:\Users\**\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo\

Once you do this, you can right-click a .MESH file and go to “Send to” and select “Mesh Viewer”.

As you can see here to the left we have the model opened with Dusho TLMeshViewer. To the right the same model is opened with MeshViewer from Runic.


Both MV are great and I usually work with both for references and other things.

Hope you can use both and set up everything properly.

Thanks for reading. Gao

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