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 This is a Tutorial Walkthrough on Skill creation\\ This is a Tutorial Walkthrough on Skill creation\\
-[[elements_of_a_basic_skill|Basic Skill]]\\ +[[elements_of_a_basic_skill|Basic Skill]] ​ by OedipusTex\\ 
-[[elements_of_a_passive_skill|Passive Skill]]\\ +[[Layout Files]] ​ by OedipusTex\\ 
-[[passive_skill_chaos_wand|Passive Skill: Wand Chaos]]\\ +[[elements_of_a_passive_skill|Passive Skill]] ​ by OedipusTex\\ 
-[[missiles|Missiles]]\\ +[[passive_skill_chaos_wand|Passive Skill: Wand Chaos]] ​ by OedipusTex\\ 
-[[triggerables|Triggerables]]+[[missiles|Missiles]] ​by gytfunke\\ 
 +[[triggerables|Triggerables]] ​by gytfunke\\
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