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Skill Tips

By Eiger2112

Originally from: Skill Tips & Questions (

(Caution: this tutorial was written for modding Torchlight I. I included it here because many of the settings appear almost identical and so are worth a shot - Phanjam)

I’m working on modding some skills, and I wanted to share some tips that I’ve figured out, and hopefully get some answers for things I can’t figure out.

Skills pass AffixLevels to the Affix, and then the Affixes have a min and max value. I got inconsistent results (the final values of the affix when in game) when first messing with these numbers, but I figured out a way that always works. If you set Graph Override to “Linear_Graph”, then the final values are determined by the following equations:

Final Min = AffixLevel * Min / 100
Final Max = AffixLevel * Max / 100

So if you set the Min and Max values in the Affix to 200, then the you pass AffixLevel 1 for level 1 of the skill, and AffixLevel 2 for level 2 of the skill etc then the final skill will have a value of 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. This is exactly how block (Block and Parry) works, and how I figured out this method.

Another example for clarity.

  • If you want a run speed skill that increases at 6% per skill level, then set the min and max to 600, and pass the skill level for the Affixlevel.
  • If you have a skill that starts high, and then progresses at a smaller interval, say you want a bonus of 20% at skill level 1, but then increasing at 5% per level, then you can do that as follows: Set Min and Max in the Affix at 500, then pass AffixLevel 4 for skill level 1, Affixlevel 5 for skill level 2, etc.
  • Now if you want a skill to progress ‘irregularly’, say like 3%, 5%, 8%, 10%… like Magic Find in the skill Treasure Seeker, then set your min and max to 250, and send an AffixLevel equal to skill level. The 2.5 at level one rounds up to 3%, then 5%, 7.5% rounds up to 8% etc. I’m not sure if it always rounds up, or if it truncates when less than .5.
  • Finally, if you have a really odd skill progression, say 5%, 12%, 22%, or something else that defies a simple pattern, then you can create different affixes, like MySkill1, MySkill2 etc. Set the min max values of MySkill1 to 500, MySkill 2 to 1200, MySkill 3 to 2200 etc. For each skill level, call the separate affix with an AffixLevel of 1.

Hope that helps.

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