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Skills - Dictionary

This page is in work... Feel free to edit! From time to time I'll add new knowledge after learning it myself.

A skill is the learned ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results 
often within a given amount of time, energy, or both.

This Page will define all properties for editing a skill in the GUTS Editor.
For skill creation check out this List of tutorials.
The SkillsEditor window can be found in the Data Editors menu in the Main Window.
Skills are located in the media/skills folder. If you are looking for a certain Skill use the find: Expression Filter or brows the sub folders containing classes and monsters.

Skill Pieces

SKILL - outer package of events
LEVEL - inner package of events
EVENT - trigger affixes and skills
EXECUTE_SKILL - trigger another skill
AFFIXES - package of effects
AFFIXESREMOVE - elimination of affixes
EFFECTS - ingame effects
EFFECTSREMOVE - elimination of effects
STAT REQ - requirement to trigger
note, for skill creation try to start from the inside like packaging a gift with several layers.


Skill Globals

activation type

Type of how the skill is activatedBold Text
- ANY - can be activated under all conditions (for monsters)
- NORMAL - can be activated through the players quickslots (for Players)
- PASSIVE - is activated immediately on unit creation
- PROC - can be activated by other skills
- WEAPON - needs testing

allows turning

Turn character model with the mouse while performing skill
- true/false

can approach

If target is out of range for attaks the monster will approach
- true/false

can attack fallback

If owner is out of mana a basik weapon attack is cast instead of the skill
- true/false


#of charges the skill has
- Value
needs testing

donts stop on death

skill continues after owner died

group name

Skills with matching group names can't be cast while another skill matching the group name is active
- (case sensitive)


Skill is hidden (usually as the proc of another skill) from player and AIBold Text
Hidden skills don’t show up as options for players to put on their quickslots, even if their activation type is set to NORMAL
Unhidden skills can show up even if the player doesn’t know the skill. This is caused by the player having ranks in a parent skill that calls the child skill in an EXECUTE_SKILL statement
Any skill that is unhidden that the player has access to, directly or as a proc through EXECUTE_SKILL grants respec points even if known through a parent skill execution
Recommendation: For parent skills, always false. For anything called via EXECUTE_SKILL, always true.
- true/false

ignores LOS

Skill ignores line of sight checks
- true/false

is trap

If it is a trap the effect to disarm traps can stop the skill
- true/false


internal reference Name of the skill used in GUTS for example as widget to link it in the Skilltreeoverride. Each skill needs a unique name
- “unique name”


add notes. No impact on the game
- “note”

requires pathable

Skill require viable path between caster and target
- true/false

requires passable LOS

Skill requires a passable line of sight between caster and target
- true/false

show in bufflist

Affixes or Effects applied by the skill will show in the buff List. Icon is the icon for the skill
- true/false

skill type

Type of skill - used by scrolls

stops when out of range

Looping skill stops IMMEDIATELY when out of range (ignores min time requirement)
- true/false

Skill Strings

base description



requirement description

tier1-3 description

usage description

seems like a note for developement, doesnt show up in the tool tip

Descriptions can be overwritten in the Level Strings

Skill Animation


animation file to use for this skill. In this context “animation” refers to the movement of the character model, not (usually) the particle effects of the power

  • Animation is only played for skills with an Activation of NORMAL
  • If a parent skill calls a child skill with EXECUTE_SKILL, only the parent’s animation is used

dual wiled animation

Override used only if the player wields two weapons of the same type

Loop Animation

Animation to use for looping skill

Loop DW Animation

combine the above


The cast speed is the speed of the associated animation for the skill measured as a decimal multiplier. Increasing this multiplier will make the trigger associated with the animation fire faster, but if there's a delay set into the triggered layout it will be unaffected. 1.0 is the default and means “animation*1.0”. 1.5 is the same as “animation*1.5” or “50% faster” .


A string that describes the trigger conditions of the skill. Rarely used

Use Weapon Animation

Skill use equipped weapon basic attack animation

Skill Requirements

Left Req List

An inclusive list of unit types, at least one member of which must match the unittype of the weapon in the player’s left hand

  • If both Left Req List and Right Reg List are set, and Req Duel Wield is False, then a weapon in either hand matching a unittype is considered a “pass”
  • If both Left Req List and Right Reg List are set, and Req Duel Wield is True, the player must have at least one weapon from each list. The two weapons DO NOT have to be of the same type

Level Req. Graph

Graph to use when calculating the player level requirement to unlock skills

Level Required

Flat level requirement to unlock the skill

Not Theme

If the caster is subject to the Theme it will block the skill from firing

Req Dual Wield Changes the Left Req List and Right Req List settings from being inclusive together to being exclusive. See above

Requires Target

If true the skill will only be fired if there is a target

Right Req. List

Theme Required

see Not Theme in reverse. Theme required for skill

Skill Settings

Breakout Threshhold

A threshold that allows players to break out of a skill animation before the animation is complete. Higher value will allow breaking out of the skill sooner (in seconds). Note that if the breakout occurs prior to the trigger in an animation firing, the player could break out of it prior to any effects taking place

Can Be Silenced

Can the Silence effect prevent use of this skill? -true false

Can Proc From Skill

This distinction mainly comes into play with effects of the CAST SKILL ON… variety. For example, CAST SKILL ON HIT will normally fire both for weapon attacks and for skill attacks if the attacking skill sets Apply Effects to true. Setting Can Proc from Skill to false allows the skill to only be castable from weapons. Note that the basic attacks of Shotguns and Cannons as well as some other weapons seem to be considered “skills” for these purposes

Continuous Looping

loop as long as the player holds down the activation button. In order for this to function, the skill must also have a Loop Animation set


Cooldown for the skill (milliseconds)

Duration Override

An override setting that forces Layouts called by this skill to end after a period of time. Mainly, this seems to be used by skills that use looping layouts and particle effects. See Embermage Flame Aura for an example. Note that this setting does not appear to affect the duration of Affixes or Effects, just Layouts
- (milliseconds)


Reference link to the base Icon used in game when the skill is enabled - Example

Ignore Cast Speed

If true cast speed will not affect the skill animation speed

Inactive Icon

Reference link to the inactive Icon used in game when the skill is unabled


If true, the skill can be interrupted by the interrupt effect

Mana Cost

The mana cost of the skill. Mainly used for monster skills with a mana cost and for skills that don’t have levels (eg scrolls)

Mana Cost Graph

A graph that autocalculates mana costs for a skill across all of its levels. Used for most player skills. For looping skills, this only sets the launch cost, not the cost to maintain

Mana Cost Over Time

The mana cost to maintain a looping skill

Mana Graph Scale

A multiplier for the Mana Cost Graph that can adjust the graph’s values

Minimum Time

Italic TextFor looping skills, determines how long the skill must operate before it can be released

Pets Allowed

The max number of pets the unit can have. after that the oldest pet is desummoned

Slowdown Duration

description needed

Stop On Target Death

If ture the skill will stop when the target dies

Target Corpses

Does the skill target corpses. Note that there are some things skills can’t do to corpses even if they can target them

Turn Rate Override

Runic documentation suggests this is used only for monsters, and that for players should be set to -1

Skill Targeting

Can Target Hidden And Disabled Units - true/false
example needed

Dont Target Smachables - If true, smashable units will be ignored by the skill
description needed

Find Target Angle - Angle in which to find targets
description needed

Ignore Target Unittype - Skill target ignore unittype
description needed

Ignore Unittypes - Skill will ignore these units
description needed

Max Random Position - Random position max distance
description needed

Min Random Position - Random position min distance
description needed

Range - Range of skill
description needed

Range Min - Minimum range of skill
description needed

Single Target - Skill is single target

Snap Target Type To Ground - If you use a position target type (see below) you can snap it to ground
description needed

<STRING>TARGET_ALIGNMENT: - controls who get hit by the skill
- all
- berserk
- evil
- evilberserk
- evilonly
- good
- goodberserk
- neutral
- neutralhostile
- smashable

Target Range - Range at which a unit can be targeted
description needed

<STRING>TARGET_TYPE: - psoition the Skill is cast
- everbody
- none
- item
- owner
- pets
- position - spell created at cursors location
- position random at target
- position random circle
- position flee
- position random
- self - the cursor has no impact
- self and pets
- target
- target position
- unidentified item

Target Units - Skill will target these units
description needed

Target Unittype - Skill target unittype
description needed


Level Strings


display name

set up a default skill display name per level

requirement desc.

set up a default requirement description per level

These will overwrite the Skill Strings

Level Animation

No differences to the Skill Animation

Level Requirements

No differences to the Skill Requirements

Level Settings

Only listed the Settings exclusive for LEVEL. Other settings are listed here: Skill Settings

Chance - Chance for skill to execute the EVENT
description needed

Max Duration In Seconds - absolute longest time a skill can go for before EVENT_END is called and all other events stop
description needed

Level Targeting

No differences to Skill Targeting


Event Attach

Attach Line Emitter -
description needed

Attach Line Emmiter Max Dest. -
description needed

Attach Only While Skill Active - Only update position while skill in in a fully active state
description needed

Attach Owner - Attach layout to ownder
description needed

Attach to Target - Attach layout to target
description needed

Attaches - Layout attaches to the skill user? true/false
description needed

Sollision Y Offset - How far above the ground should the line emitter/lino of sight ray collision check take place
description needed

Damage reqs. LOS - does the damage require line of sight? true/false
description needed

Dont Force Stop Particles - Dont force particle to stop when Event Stops
description needed

Follows - Layout follows the skill user? (Attach overrides this!)
description needed

Ignores Obstructions - Does the attach ignores Obstructions? true/false
description needed

Ignores Unit - Does the Attach ignores the unit? true/false
description needed

Line Emitter Collides -
description needed

Line Emitter Ground - The line emitter end point till snaps to ground
description needed

Orint To Target - Orients layout towards target
description needed

Scale Distance - Attach scales with distance
description needed

Event Event

Always Apply Effects - Apply effect in every update
description needed

Apply Effects - Apply skill effect in event
description needed

Builds Charges - If true the skill's damage will be calculated into the charge bar
description needed

Cant Be Blocked - Attacks cannot be blocked
description needed

Cast From Target - Subsequent skill fires from target of event
description needed

Charge Scale % - Percent charge gain modifier
description needed

Clonable - Event can be cloned
description needed

Clone Count - Number of event clones to make
description needed

Damage Type - Type of damage to inflict
description needed

Dmg Shapes Hit Once - If true, units will only get hit by the first damages shape that hits it if there are multiple shapes
description needed

Don't Target Smashables - If true, smashable units will be ignored by the skill
description needed

Duration - Duration override in milliseconds
description needed

Event Type

Tutorial about EVENT order

description needed

Execute Skill Count - How many skills to fire on this event
description needed

File - Layout file for the event
description needed

Fire At - Fire at bone
description needed

Fire From - Fire from bone
description needed

Hide Stats - Skill stats are hidden
description needed

Ignore Alignment - Ignore alignment check
description needed

Ignore Units - Event will ignore these units
description needed

Make Pet - Created units will be pets
description needed

Make Pet Of Master - Created units will become pets of the units master
description needed

Match Alignment - Pet will match alignment
description needed

Matchens Pet Duration - Lasts for duration of pet summons
description needed

Max Delay - May delay time (in seconds) between clones
description needed

Max Height Difference - The maximum height difference between caster and target
description needed

Max Units Hit - Maximum nubver of units the event will hit (0 means no max)
description needed

Min Delay - Min delay time (in seconds) between clones
description needed

No Damage Reflection - Whether to allow damage to be reflected
description needed

No Steal Effects - Can the skill hp/mana steal? (applicable when doing weapon damage)
description needed

No Strike Effects - Can the skill proc off hits? (applicable when doing weapon damage)
description needed

No Strice Particles - Whether to play impact partivles or not
description needed

Place On Target - true/false
description needed

Soak Scale % - Percent damage soak
description needed

Target Ahead - Distance to target ahead of target unit
description needed

Target Corpses -
description needed

Target Units - Event will target these units
description needed

Use DPS - Use damage per second
description needed

Use Master For Attacks - If true and the caster has a master the caster will roll the attacks damage based their master damage
description needed

Weapon DMG % - % of weapon damage ti add to skill
description needed

Event Missile

Pulse Distance - The pulse rate of the missile based on distance
description needed

Pulse Offset - The offset Time/distance to activate the first pulse
description needed

Pulse on ground - The missile will only pulse if there is collision under the missile
description needed

Pulse Time - The pulse rate of the missile based in seconds
description needed


Execute skill short description

Retarget - When the skill(s) launch they will attempt to retarget
description needed

Skills - Skill list
description needed


Affixes short description

Additional Desc. - Additional description for skill
description needed

Affixes - Affix list
description needed

Duration - Default duration for all Effects in Affix
description needed

Level - Level of Affixes
description needed

Target Type - Affixes Target
description needed

Target Unittype - Affixes target unittype
description needed





The stat requirement is a mathematical logic to decide if something can happen or not

Secondary Stat

Secondary Stat to check

Secondary Target Type

use VALUE to define the primary stats value to check

Secondary Value

any number


a list of all available stats you want to check

Target Type


Watch Type

simply the logic. Stat1 = (whatch type) to stat2? check true/false

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