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The Torchmodders Wiki

Modding forum discussions are some of the most valuable sources of modding knowledge. Unfortunately, in a forum setting, that knowledge can be difficult to get to because it's scattered all over the place.

That's why we included a knowledge wiki, so we can preserve whatever we learn as we work on our mods. It's an important part of the plan to make this Torchmodders community one of the best resources for all Torchmodders, whether you're just starting to mod or have released several successful mods already. It isn't a seamless integration (yet) with the forum pages, but the wiki is a ready resource for capturing knowledge that we generate.

Any Torchmodders member can edit and add content to this wiki, so if you fee like contributing a tutorial please make it here! Also feel free to drop by the wiki thread in the forums if you have any suggestions about this wiki.


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