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Teleport Object


This Level Object is used to Teleport the Player to a location in the current level. The Position and Orientation properties determine where the Player is teleported and what direction they are facing. The “Activate Teleporter” Input event must be fired by a Unit Trigger, Player Box Trigger, or Player Sphere Trigger to properly pass the Player to the Teleport object.


Right-click on an empty space in the Layout Scene Manager and choose Logic > Teleport from the list.


Name Type Description Read Only
POSITION CVector3 Position by X,Y,Z world coordinates.
FORWARD CVector3 Forward by X,Y,Z.
RIGHT CVector3 Right by X,Y,Z.
UP CVector3 Up by X,Y,Z.
ENABLED bool Set the Teleport object enabled or disabled.

Input Events

  • Activate Teleport
    • Teleport the Player to the Position of the Teleport object.
  • Enable
    • Enable the Teleport object. The Teleport object will accept “Activate Teleport” Input events.
  • Disable
  • Disable the Teleport object. The Teleport object will not accept “Activate Teleport” Input events.

Output Events

  • Activated
    • This event will fire when the Teleport object receives a “Activate Teleport” Input event.
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