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Texture Overridevs. Texture Replace, When To Use

By: Anarch16sync

Previously, we have seen HOW to use TextureOverride and TextureReplace, now we are going to see when to use one or the other.

First, lets look at TextureOverride, this one is pretty straight forward when it comes to use. It's going to work RIGHT only when the mesh doesn't have more than 1 texture image in the material file.

For example, lets look at the material file of our mirka:

Here we see that, the mirka has 2 submeshes, but both point to the same texture image, making it possible for textureoverride to work right…

Now, prepare your eyes, 'cause I'm going to show you, what happens when Textureoverrite doesn't work right… For this example, we are gonna use a lovely Mimic.

This is the material file for the big mimic mesh:

Ok, here is a big difference, again 2 submeshes but this time they point to different image files. So if we apply texture override to the mimic, this is what happens:

Left the mimic with the mimic_chest_rare_01.png applied, and right the one with chest_rare_01.png applied. Kind of ugly,mmm… one looks a bit cool… but, that's what happens when TextureOverride doesn't work.

And Now, let's talk a bit about TextureReplace, as far as my testing goes… It will always work.

This makes TextureReplace look like the better of the two, but textureoverride is important 'cause it is the string used when you make skins for starting pets, since they use a Texture_override_list.

Lastly, there is one thing neither of this options can achieve, and that is to change the material properties.

For example: You want to have 2 monster, for example Dog and Ghost Dog, and you want the Ghost dog to be translucent… It doesn't matter how much alpha you put in your texture file, if the material file doesn't have alpha properties, it won't work.

So you will need to make a clone mesh to use a new material file. And example of this in the game files is the phase beast and the Jackal. So you could check that up for reference on translucent materials.

And that is all folks, hope you enjoy it, and find it useful.

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