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A translation tool by Abramof and Kva3imoda

Note: This is a transcription of Abramof's original post at created January 24, 2014 and last edited by him on June 29, 2018.


The translation of modifications is not very common due to its complexity and the tediousness of the undertaking. I suggest you use this program - Torch2<translate> , which, I hope, will be the impetus in this noble cause. The program is intended to facilitate the preparation of a translation for any modification of the game Torchlight 2.

To receive a transfer using the program, just follow 3 steps :

1) Open the modification folder and scan files

Specify the folder with the unpacked mod and click the circle icon with “!”, This can take time if the modification is large enough. The program automatically scans all the files in the initial folder and displays the contents of the “<translate>” tag in the “files” table. Text that can be translated is also entered in the table, and if it cannot be translated, it is also entered in the table of the Translation tab. I recommend scanning large modifications step by step by double-clicking on each folder. With the full reading of a large mod and all of its files, you simply get a very long table, in which it will be difficult to navigate.

2) Translate the missing text

The missing translation is displayed in the Translation tab. To start the translation, just click on the Yandex button. Text translation is carried out using API-requests to Yandex.Translation. Translation may take a longer time than scanning the tag itself. Before translating, if you started the program for the first time, I recommend that you get your API key at . The key is indicated in the “settings” window on this tab.

Yandex has a limit:

  • for the number of calls to the Service - in the amount of 10,000 calls per day; (the program sends one request for each line)
  • for the volume of the translated text - in the amount of 1,000,000 characters per day.

This is not so scary, for reference: in synergies mod 11,200 lines and a current of 3,533 of everything need translation. It will take about 15-20 minutes to “fluently” translate synergies mod using the program (5 minutes to scan files + 12-15 minutes to request a translation). You can translate one line at a time, for this it is enough to right-click on the selected line in the table and select the appropriate action.

Yandex is responsible for the quality of the translation

3) Get the "Markup" of the translated text

To obtain the structural structure of the translation, there is a tab “Layout”. And there are two options for saving the result: a) save with the addition of the original translation (when you start the program, it automatically loads the translation that is in its folder, or you can select your own by clicking on the icon “specify the translation file”). b) save the current translated text (from version 1.2, you can load this translation into columns and continue working with it, and this helps to avoid re-scanning the mod)

That's all. It remains to add the translation file to the mod (drop it into the folder … \ Your_Mod \ MEDIA \ TRANSLATIONS \ RUSSIAN \ TRANSLATION.DAT) and repack with Guts again. It is possible, as Quasimoda suggested, to pack only the translation file and run it together with that mod in the game (the translation will act as a separate mod). It can turn out to be a very useful mod-translation and it can be completely published in the Workshop of Steam. Anyone who needs a translation will just subscribe to it.

The program may still be finalized, maybe I will add other services such as Google , Bing, Promt

Downloading Torch2 <translate>

  • Note: I didn't include the links from the original article, because some wouldn't work anymore

Mods translated using this tool

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