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 +<fs 250%>​**Torchlight II Game Console Commands**</​fs>​
 +From [[http://​​torchlight-2-dev-console-commands/​|this article]] on
 +{{tag>​[console commands]}}
 +NOTE: Using the DEV CONSOLE risks having your account marked as suspicious to unmodified players of Torchlight 2 online. Use these commands at your own risk.
 +Except for the red exclamation point marking you as suspicious. Suspicion flags are not permanent, and no automatic actions will be taken against your account.
 +====== How to Activate the Console Window ======
 +Alter the file “settings.txt” found in your Torchlight 2 Save file.
 +The save file is found here: “C:/​Users/#​USERNAME#/​My Documents/​Runic Games/​Torchlight 2/Save”
 +Note: “#​USERNAME#​” is your personal username. On some operating systems, Torchlight 2 is saved under “My Games” instead of “My Documents.”
 +Open the file with a text editor, then press CTRL+F and search for “Console :0″. Change the parameter from “Console :0″ to “Console :1″ to activate the Developer Console, enabling use of console commands in Torchlight 2.
 +Now that the console is activated, you can open the Console window while in-game by pressing “INSERT“.
 +====== Dev Console Commands List ======
 +Note: Replace “###” with numbers, and remove all parentheses.
 +|GOD | Toggles invincibility on/off.|
 +|GODSPEED | Toggles invincibility and extra speed on/off.|
 +|LEVELUP | Gain XP to level up.|
 +|AIFREEZE | Toggles Monster AI on/off.|
 +|PLAYERNOTARGET | Toggles Monster targeting on/off. (Ghost Mode)|
 +|KILLALL | Kills all monsters.|
 +|ALWAYSCRIT | Player always hits critically.|
 +|ASCEND | Goes down a floor.|
 +|DESCEND | Goes up a floor.|
 +|MONEY ### | Sets amount of gold to “###”.|
 +|ALLITEMS | Spawns all items.|
 +|CLS | Clears console history.|
 +|SETTIME ### | Sets the time of day to “###”.|
 +|SETTIMESCALE ### | Sets the timescale for time of day to “###”.|
 +|ROOM | Returns the room the player currently is in.|
 +|FPS | Shows the frame rate and other information.|
 +|SPEED | Toggles additional speed for the character.|
 +|DAMAGE SHAPES | toggles damage shapes on and off.|
 +|STATPOINTS ### | Gives you stat points set to “###”.|
 +|STRENGTH ### | Gives you melee points set to “###”.|
 +|DEXTERITY ### | Gives you ranged points set to “###”.|
 +|MAGIC ### | Gives you magic points set to “###”.|
 +|DEFENSE ### | Gives you defense points set to “###”.|
 +|ALLSTATS ### | Gives you the count to all stats to “###”.|
 +|FAME ### | Gives you fame points set to “###”.|
 +|SKILLPOINTS ### | Gives you skill points set to “###”.|
 +|SETPETLEVEL | Sets the pet’s level set to “###”|
 +|DISABLEPET | Disables/​enables the player’s pet.|
 +|RELOAD | Reloads textures.|
 +|PATHING | Toggles pathing debug display.|
 +|COMBATLOG | Toggles combat log.|
 +|SOUNDDEBUG | Toggles sound debug.|
 +|CLEARHISTORY | Clears level history.|
 +|MISSILETRAILS | Shows missile trails.|
 +|DEBUGLOGIC | Toggles if the logic events are fired to the ogre log.|
 +|NOXP | Player doesn’t gain XP.|
 +|ANIMATIONSPEED ### | Changes the animation of everything to match the FPS.|
 +|HURTME ### | Reduces the player and the player’s pet HP by the given percent.|
 +|RESETSTATS | Resets the player’s stat points.|
 +|RESETSKILLS | Resets the player’s skills.|
 +|RESETPLAYERLEVEL | Resets the player’s level to 1.|
 +|RESETPETLEVEL | Resets pet’s level to 1.|
 +|RESETPLAYER | Resets player’s stats, skills, and level.|
 +|CAMERADISTANCE ### | The ### the camera will be from the player.|
 +|DIFFICULTY| Displays the current game difficulty.|
 +|SETDIFFICULTY ### | Sets the current difficulty, values range from (0) Easy to (3) Very Hard.|
 +====== More Commands ======
 +|SKILL name/index | type just skill to see a list of skills. Type the number or the name of the skill to make active on the player.|
 +|SKILLTEST | different in the command skill, this will allow you to execute any skill even if it wasn’t intended for your character.|
 +|ITEM index,count | the params are option. Type items to see indexes of all monsters in the game.|
 +|ITEM itemName,​count | creates count of itemName.|
 +|ALLITEMS unittype | spawns all items of a given unittype (use “_” for spaces)|
 +|IDENTIFYALL identify| all items in the player’s inventory.|
 +|ANY index,count | the params are option. Type any to see indexes of all units in the game.|
 +|EDITOROBJECT objectName,​count | Creates an object from the editor for testing memory use.|
 +|UNIT unitName,​count | creates a unit by name and count.|
 +|SPAWNCLASS spawnclassName,​count,​level | just type spawnclass to see all the spawn classes listed. Pass in Zero or a negative number for level will use the dungeon depth as the level.|
 +|MONSTER index,count | the params are option. Type monster to see indices of all monsters in the game.|
 +|MONSTER monsterName,​count | creates count of monsterName|
 +|MONSTERMEM MonsterName,###​ | the params are option. Creates and deletes a monster for memory testing.|
 +|MODEL modelpath,###​ | the params are optional. Creates and deletes a model for memory testing.|
 +|DUNGEON dungeonName | sets the current dungeon|
 +|CLEANUP | releases unused resources|
 +|CHARGEBARMULT | makes the charge by X percent easier to fill|
 +|UNITTYPES | displays all unittypes|
 +|RESTARTLEVEL | restarts the current level|
 +|QUESTS | lists all quests|
 +|QUESTACTIVE questName | sets a quest to active|
 +|QUESTSHOWACTIVE | Shows all the players active quests|
 +|QUESTCOMPLETE questName | sets a quest to complete|
 +|QUESTRESET questName | resets a quest to not be active or complete|
 +|QUESTSCOMPLETE | Lists all the quests complete|
 +|SHOWBLOOD | toggles blood particles|
 +|ACHIEVEMENTS | Lists the achievements and if they are complete|
 +|MEMORY | Dumps the memory allocation to the console.|
 +|TAGS | Dumps all tags used in the level and what got created.|
 +|ITEMBYMESH | Pass in part of a mesh name to spawn all items with that contain the string you passed.|
 +|UIREFRESH | forces a refresh on the UI.|
 +|MODIFYSIGHT | changes the sight distance of monsters activation. Pass 0 to reset.|
 +|MODIFYMOTION | changes the motion distance of monsters activation. Pass 0 to reset.|
 +|CHARACTER COUNT | returns the number of characters updating in the level|
 +|PLAYERANIMATION | Dumps to the console which animation the player is playing and stopping.|
 +|DOLLYMIN mindis | The min dolly distance for interaction.|
 +|BLOOM | Toggle fullscreen bloom.|
 +|LOGCONSOLE | Show the logging console.|
 +|CONNECTIONDATA | Dump a connection data file.|
 +|ADDFRIENDBYUSER | Add a friend by username or email.|
 +|DROPCONN | Drop the given connection id.|
 +Credit goes to [[http://​​viewtopic.php?​f=30&​t=34590|deoxys]] on the Runic Forums.
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