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Torchlight to Blender Import and Export

By: Wolven


* Blender version: 2.71

* Ogre Tools version: 1.7.2 Note: TL1 won't work with new 1.7.2 exported models. So use version 1.6.3 for TL1 models and version 1.7.2 for TL2 models

* Torchlight to Blender version: 0.6.2

Download and Install Blender

Download Blender here:

Install as instructed.

Download and Unpack Ogre Command Line Tools

Download Ogre Tools: here:

Now unpack the archive, and copy it to a directory with no spaces in it. It's also recommended to use a short directory structure. The Torchlight to Blender plug in is very picky about where it can find these tools.

On my system I've place the Ogre Tools in the root of my C: drive, in a folder named: 'ogre_tools'


Download and Install Torchlight to Blender

Download Torchlight to Blender here:

In Blender go to: Edit –> User Preferences –> Addons. Then click the 'Install from File' button, browse to the zipped archive ( and install it.

This should place the plugin in the this directory: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.71\scripts\addons\io_mesh_TL\

Next you need to tell the import/export plugin where it can find the Orge Tools.

Open the directory where you just installed the plugin. (C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.71\scripts\addons\io_mesh_TL\)

Edit the file named: '_init_' with a text editor like Notepad.

Scroll down a bit and change the path to the OgreXmlConverter.exe from the Orge Tools, so it points to the directory you placed it in:

# Path for your OgreXmlConverter
OGRE_XML_CONVERTER = "C:\ogre_tools\OgreXmlConverter.exe"

Note! The 'AppData' directory is hidden by default, so enable hidden directories in Explorer. Or type this in the Windows Search Field, and Explorer will open the directory for you:


Enable the Import-Export Plugin in Blender

In Blender got to: File –> User Preferences –> Addons.

Scroll down the list until you see: 'Import-Export: Torchlight MESH format' and tick the box to enable it.

You should now be able to Import and Export MESH files from/to Torchlight with Blender.

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